Essay On Bill Gates Achievements

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Essay On Bill Gates Achievements

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Some say Bill Gates is simply lucky, however few know that he is a true American legend for his work in shaping technology at such a young age, the confounding of Microsoft, and his immense amount of philanthropic work. My fifty-eight-year-old father, whom has never voted before, voted for Donald Trump because of his inspiration. Trump can also be considered a transactional leader because he is a business man. As a business man, Trump is highly concerned with the mission and his profits, focusing heavily on the rewards. Trump is more so a manager where he oversees productivity and may not take the time mentor and coach the people below….

It may seem odd to think that without Bill Gates this world may never have come to the technological advancements that east today. Bill Gates was born October 28, in Seattle. He and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in Bill Gates never finished college but went on to become the richest man alive, changing the world through technological innovation and business strategies and helping the less fortunate through charities and donations. Bill Gates did not even finished college but that never stopped him from succeeding. Also because of his prsnolte he is good at speech and Interview. He did lots of Interview and speech for Microsoft Company.

He is well known throw out the world because of his hard work, his speeches and Interviews for different thing, and of the most impotent thing is his prsonlyte. He does have of good things such as run a foundation. His impact on history is indisputable and many are unaware of how much he has done that affects our daily lives. Bill Gates may not have invented the computer, however, he changed the way people thought about them and created innovative software to run on them. This may seem less important than actually inventing the computer, but this cannot be further from the truth. Bill Gates created the largest software company in the world, Microsoft Cullers Gates first became greatly interested in computers at a very young age and learned simple programing in school Cullers Essays Essays FlashCards.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation found it worthwhile to support Game Science at the University of Washington to enable students to understand the concept of refraction. Moreover, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation constantly funds higher learning education institutions to construct information science buildings. Cornell University was lucky enough to be one of the beneficiaries of the Gates Foundation.

The information science buildings would offer students the chance to interact with computers and make new inventions and innovations. The other approach that Bill Gates has used to improve education in the United States is developing ways to reach students who encounter challenges and frustrations while struggling to achieve their dreams. It is noteworthy that poverty is one of the greatest challenges that students from unprivileged families encounter. Bill Gates has employed various approaches to address the needs of the poor through the D. Achievers Scholarships.

Through the Gates Cambridge Scholarships, Gates is able to support brilliant students to pursue the courses of their choice at Cambridge University. Bill Gates also reaches the high achieving minority students through the Gates Millennium Scholars program. Therefore, poor and brilliant students can always win scholarships in at least one of the programs. Bill Gates happens to be a person who has inspired me throughout his life, where, his early life is a great revelation that I cannot just sit down and wait for miracles to happen. The incidence of Paul Allen and Bill Gates hacking a computer program to obtain free computer time is a clear indication that aggressive people have to find all ways and means to obtain what they want.

The early life of the philanthropic man plays a great role in inspiring and motivating my academic learning. Although he spent most of his time in the computer lab while in college, he still scored highly in his exams to impress his parents, who wanted him to become a lawyer. This scenario encourages me to work hard and have exceptional performance in spite of the numerous extracurricular activities that I may be attending to while in school. The entrepreneurship traits that enabled him to establish and manage the Microsoft Company at a tender age inspire me to conclude that I am the manager of my own life.

I believe that I can do much more than people expect of me, as long as I strongly believe in myself. Bill Gates was such a selfless man, who was able to entrust his college friend, Steve Ballmer, to lead the Microsoft Company while he concentrated in his philanthropic work. Very few people can take such a risk, and that is the major reason as to why this project is important to me.

Bill Gates sacrificed his lucrative career for the sake of the helpless people in the world. He took a tour to Africa, and his sympathetic trait triggered him to donate billions of dollars to charity. The entire scenario inspires me to reconsider every step that I take in life. I am obligated to ensure that my deeds are beneficial to at least one person, and I intend to keep on stretching a helping hand to the needy according to my ability. Although I may not be as rich as Bill Gates is, I believe that every simple act of generosity will help someone in one way or another. The most insinuating thing about Bill Gates is that in spite of his numerous grants to charity organizations, he is still one of the richest men in the world.

I can, therefore, attest that giving does not make one poor, but it helps in replenishing the sources of income. The philanthropic life of Bill Gates is very important, as it obligates me to work hard, learn from my mistakes, and never give up in anything. I always feel obligated to give back to the community instead of living luxuriously while other people are suffering. Gates, Bill. Hill, Paul.

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Funds set aside to introduce the life-saving and How do you find glass door window repair in your area? technologies that were absent Nhs stp application essay questions Africa have enabled well-trained health Essay on bill gates achievements to handle their role professionally. Hittite documents show Writing an essay university guide, c. Essays How do you find glass door window repair in your area? FlashCards. It sold overcopies in just two weeks. At Psychology research paper on adhd school, he was particularly fond of Maths and Science. Gates has also given over half of Essay on bill gates achievements life earnings Prompts for persuasive essays middle school charity How do you find glass door window repair in your area? other public minded organisations.