An Essay On The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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An Essay On The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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How to write an essay about The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Salam was most notoriously known for the Salem witch trials. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible as a representation of the Red Scare in the s, which greatly affected America and ultimately his career. As a writer, he was accused of communism, and it cost him…. The Crucible, a historical fiction play written by Arthur Miller, focusses on the horrific Salem Witch Trials that ran rampage in The disastrous events which took place shattered the Puritan society, and destroyed many of the religious values that the Puritans hold so dear. Even though this play was written in , Arthur Miller includes many stylistic devices to give the play an authentic feel.

Miller uses a plethora of these devices in order to make readers feel as if they are actually in…. In the play, The Crucible, there are many different elements to the plot that make the excerpt unique. Arthur Miller uses the Salem Witchcraft Trials to show how manipulative people can be by only using their words. Abigail holds her back, not out of concern to what she might do to Betty, but for the fear of being found out. Mary Warren enters a servant to John Proctor, she is described as a subservient, naive, lonely girl.

Her naivety and loneliness make it easier for people to influence her, as does her subservience. She falls easy prey to the demands of Abigail and Mercy. Abigail shakes Betty furiously. You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor! This is an important allegation made by Betty. As Betty whimpers away again, the spotlight turns onto the arrival John Proctor. The relationship between Abigail and John Proctor is suggested in many ways. John Proctor is curious to know what mischief Reverend Parris is brewing. Abigail is seen in many different emotional conditions. She is volatile and therefore very dangerous.

Abigail thinks she knows John Proctor only after having had sexual relations with him, she is certain she knows what he thinks. John Proctor does become angry. Abigail may have found love in Proctor. After having seen her parents killed finding love in him could leave her bewildered and infatuated with John Proctor which it does. Abigail accusation against Proctor shows the true nature of their relationship. He may be regretting his past relations with Abigail and has no answer for her accusations or disgusted by the imaginings of his dismissed servant.

Mrs Putnam another villager whose own daughter is not well makes the very dangerous connection between the crying out because of the singing and witchcraft. Reverend Parris calls Reverend Hale to come to Salem. He is called to answer many questions the villagers are desperate to know. He comes to examine Betty after Abigail made accusations against Tituba the slave from Barbados. Abigail makes hysterical accusations against various people accusing them of witchcraft. Abigail is only accusing people to take the spotlight off herself, and nobody could rouse suspicions that she may be involved in witchcraft.

When Reverend Hale discovers of the dancing in the forest, Abigail is under direct attack from him, which she tries to find her way out of. Tituba is brought back into the scene and used as a scapegoat for the other girls who were in the forest that night, but first Abigail tries to wake Betty and get her to admit what actually happened. As Abigail talks about the devil constantly and associating the devil with various people, it makes her centre of interrogation which makes her desperate.

This is the exact action of what Abigail had done. Abigail stretches her story with details that leave Tituba in a very awkward situation. Abigail is clever to use her own failings to implicate Tituba. This accusation satisfies Reverend Hale and having made his mind up that Tituba is behind the whole affair. Abigail is merely only trying to protect herself. Reverend Hale sees this as proof that the girls were bewitched and now the spell had been broken. Abigail takes this moment and enjoys it. She is no longer under interrogation or under the threat of getting a whipping. She takes everyone attention and it is now them who are under her influence.

The witch-hunt now begins and will rapidly include the whole of the community. Miller handles the issue of integrity and honor by bring the character of proctor. The reason as to why proctor was hanged, it was because he chose to uphold his integrity at the end. If proctor had chosen to compromise his integrity by confessing thus lying, he would not have been blamed by the audience.

Proctor realized that by compromising he would betray his close friends therefore he chose to sacrifice his life for his conscience. By following his conscience, and sacrificing his life, proctor became a real martyr before the audience eyes Miller 3. This trend repeats itself even in our day to day life. We are very quick at applauding those who chose to uphold their integrity but we do not have enough strength of moral fiber to do so. The death of proctor turns out to be a moral exclamation point, and the modern audiences would be affected profoundly Archer 5.

A large part of the play is dominated by the issues of power. Domineering criminals in the play have power possession and this prompt Miller to sound a warning on the corrupting qualities behind power. This is depicted clearly when Abigail and the other group of girls after realizing that they posses great power, they seek to use it for their own benefits. Danforth possessesthe greatest power in the play, and he had the capacity to declare the proceedings at any one given time for the irrationality they were in Archer 7.

However, even at the final point when his actions were plainly and clearly not upright he preferred to proceed with his judgment. The crucible playdisplayed how excess power is harmful and dangerous, since the temptation is ready waiting to be abused. The individuals in power in Salem, when scrutinized under theocratic government justification are found to absolutely abuse power, and in process destroying innocent people. This gives a clear illustration of how the law is not always correct, and if that is the case, we are supposed to stand up to it Bly 2.

Proctor did exactly that by challenging the court. Power does not usually land on the principled or the prudent, but rather in the control of self centered individuals. Today In our very democratic governments, the authorities are responsible to the entire society for the things they decide to do, and therefore, are under control to a given degree. From the play, we can see clearly that a position assuming excess power and having no oneto be responsible to tends to be corrupted by that power. It has always been noted that,numerous societies come up with some sort of scapegoat for any atrocity that they face.

At that particular time,Salem was notan exception Bly 5. At that period, the population was becoming uncomfortable with the extreme measures taken by the government to ascertain that they never deviated, and this caused general crisis. Danforth might have desired to show the population how rebels like Proctor were punished and the execution through hangings could have acted as warning to anyone planning to carry out a social upheaval.

I personally came across The Crucible through my English What are some examples of refined sugars? class. Mccarthyism In The Cold War. This evidence correlates with Abigail's 1malaysia concept essay malaysia only hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy Thesis statement for history and memory