Essay On Health Is A Wealth

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Essay On Health Is A Wealth

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We should exercise every day. There are other things also that we must be aware of keeping good health. We must drink clean water and maintain cleanliness around us. We must also sit and stand in good posture. Our backbone should be straight when we sit or walk. Everybody must take bath and brush his teeth daily. Being positive and happy is important for good mental health. We must spend time with our friends and family. They bring us joy and happiness. Mental and physical well being are worth more than gold and silver. Living in poverty in the first world can mean subsistence and struggle.

Which is rough and is never to be downplayed. Young kids in poorer parts of South America for. But anyway, I digress. If one does have all the money in the world and has not done all they can to be the best version of themselves which they can be, the money doesn't matter because they are in mental sickness which will be followed by physical sickness. She was very lucky and was successfully transplanted and is subsequently still alive at this time, but with an endless litany of various physical health issues. Such as eating fecal filled fast food barf in a bag, binge drinking out of red plastic college party cups, sleeping. So you never have to have a traditional medicine doctor quack or not give you a diagnosis of a dark and stormy rain cloud one day.

So you then only start really changing your bad habits when the grim reaper is knocking at your door. Food industries need to be incentivized to provide healthy natural foods and not high fructose corn syrup, factory farmed, chemical sprayed, process crap to maximize their output and profits. Same story as every private industry, bla bla bla, while healthcare systems need focus on induced health over just corrective healthcare. Imagine a country where you get paid every time you do anything to increase mental or physical health such as meditate, get cardiovascular exercise, do yoga, or go to the gym, for example. So everything is focused on prevention rather than back-end treatment. Which would cost less than the current black hole money pit, works fabulous if your wealthy but bankrupts you if your not, dumpster fire that is the American healthcare system.

And since our esoteric development comes to show us many things are mirrored back to front, we know much if not all of the healthcare system is actually an American sick care system. Not to mention the potential to decentralize industry innovation and creativity in providing many alternate healthy living solutions. So although it sounds a bit corny and slightly syrupy, its really true that health is wealth. Life of a healthy woman man is they long-lasting wealth.

It makes him able to enjoy life to the fullest. This is an immersive and simple phrase which has very deep truth to it. Ultimately, this really boils down to quality of life vs standard of living. Whether you play a game or take exercise, it will keep you fit, active, and healthy. To maintain good health, the environment also plays a vital role. You can notice a huge difference between the healths of two persons; one living in a perfect and relaxing environment and others living in a depressed and noisy environment.

A healthy environment is pollution and noise-free and has greenery. If these elements are not found naturally, you should adopt environmental guidelines and try to maintain your environment clean. Nowadays, all sorts of steps are being taken to make human life better, but we do not care about our health at all. In the present era, the smoke coming out of various factories and factories has spoiled the fresh air, due to which the supply of fresh air is decreasing day by day. Air, water, environment, and food have been affected and polluted.

If we want to keep our environment clean and tidy, we need to plant as many trees as possible and keep our environment clean. Similarly, hygienic conditions also define your health conditions. If your environment is clean and you adopt hygienic measures for yourself as well as your environment, it will leave a positive effect on your health. In earlier times, life was not so busy. Life was much easier and healthier with a healthy environment than in those days.

People were healthy because they did all the work of their daily lives with their hands and there was a lot of physical activity. But today in the world of technology life has become very easy and comfortable but one of its disadvantages is that people have forgotten to work on their own while using machines and not being able to move the body much.

That is why diseases are very common today. Some physical activity, proper rest, hygiene, healthy environment, fresh air and water, personal hygiene, etc. You should also sleep at the right time at night. And you should get up early in the morning and take care of walking or running and resting from time to time. Maintaining good health is a good habit to reduce congestion in front of hospitals, and it should be learned from childhood with the help of parents.

Good health helps us to lead a balanced Clinical research project manager cover letter. Maintaining What are some examples of caveat emptor? safe and disciplined lifestyle is American views essays american art because there is no happiness or success without fitness. And they do not focus on making the What are some poem titles from mom to son? money; rather, they focus on building their businesses Clinical research project manager cover letter Cover page format for research paper mla their passion. It is not a math question with just one Essay on health is a wealth answer. A American views essays american art health reduces the stress level and promotes healthy life without any sufferings. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! Meditation provides peace to our minds.