How Do You Estimate The Cost Of Building A Roller Skating Rink?

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How Do You Estimate The Cost Of Building A Roller Skating Rink?

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Opening a Roller Skating Rink - Part 1

This includes roller hockey , speed skating , roller derby , and individual recreational skating. Roller rinks can be located in an indoor or outdoor facility. Most skating center facilities range anywhere from under 14, square feet 1, m 2 to more than 21, square feet 2, m 2. Massachusetts businessman James Plimpton 's invention of an improved roller skate led to a boom in popularity in the late 19th century, particularly in cities of the American East Coast.

At first, people roller skated at home, but within twenty years businesses dedicated to the activity began to spring up. Plimpton himself is credited with opening the first roller skating rink in New York City. Patrons who enjoyed ice skating during the winter months participated in the similar activity, now year-round. Early roller rinks varied greatly in size and type, both indoor and outdoor. Many consisted of simple wooden platforms that sometimes doubled as dance floors or ballrooms.

While primarily an activity of eastern cities, a few enterprising individuals toured the rural areas of the Midwest and South with wagon-loads of roller skates. These entrepreneurs went from town-to-town, often in conjunction with circuses or carnivals, renting out skates and using whatever locally-available surface as an impromptu rink. Having a roller skating birthday party became something of a rite of passage for American children in the s, s, s, and s. Roller rinks in the United States underwent significant changes in the s. New plastics led to improved skate wheels—ones providing a smoother, quieter ride—and easier-to-maintain skate floors. The Disco craze from popular s culture led to another increase in the popularity of roller rinks—or roller discos , as some became.

For a roller skating rink business to be taken seriously, business and credit card accounts will need to be opened. There are several benefits attached to opening such accounts. A few include having an organized business accounting record, as well as keeping your business and personal transactions separate. This improves your loan favorability. Additionally, creditors are unable to pierce the corporate veil. In other words, your assets are safe. Opening a business account for your roller skating rink also gives it an appearance of professionalism.

This step is crucial to how effective your cash flow management is. It involves recording all expenses incurred by your roller skating rink business in addition to identifying and recording all sources of revenue. That way, the financial performance of your business is closely monitored and improved upon when the need arises. More so, setting up business accounting enables you to keep accurate accounts or records which in turn simplify your annual tax filing process. There are different types of licensing and permit requirements for all types of business. Now, every state has its unique licensing requirements. In other words, there are not uniform licensing requirements for roller skating rink businesses across all states. Without permits and licensing, your roller skating rink business will be operating illegally which in turn attracts heavy fines or penalties.

A release of liability form not only benefits your business but also the client as it provides access to a wide range of legal complimentary advice. If this seems a bit sketchy, consider consulting a legal expert for further details on this. Other legal aspects of your roller skating rink business operations should also be discussed at length to help avoid future problems that may arise. During a covered loss situation, your business insurance provides financial safety. The type of insurance policy you choose also matters. There are several to choose from. One of the most basic includes General Liability Insurance.

You may later find that more insurance coverage is required based on the needs of the business as it grows.

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