A Streetcar Named Desire Essays

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A Streetcar Named Desire Essays

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OCR English Literature - A Streetcar Named Desire: Context

When Stanley goes on his rampage during the poker night, he strikes Stella. The easily predictable future arguments and attacks against each other by Stella and Stanley could have numerous mental or possibly physical effects on the child. By abusing each other, Stanley and Stella are ironically hurting their ultimate bond together, their child. Stanley also directs his attitude towards Blanche, both verbally and physically abusing her. He stays in the room to interrogate Blanche almost just to spite Stella, showing how his relationship with Stella lashes out at anybody around them.

At the very end of the play, while Stella is in the hospital having the baby, Stanley rapes Blanche. Stella takes the anger from the arguments and directs it outwards at others, specifically Blanche. Stella gets into screaming arguments with Blanche, and screams at her instead of Stanley most of the time. The abusive reach does not stop at those in direct contact with Stanley and Stella and the two are able to indirectly affect others because of their abuse towards each other. Towards the beginning of the play, Blanche and Mitch engage in a relationship.

The stress caused on Blanche makes her seem unstable and therefore Mitch believes these tales of her past. Yet again, Stella urges Stanley not to tell Mitch these things but Stanley does anyways in order to spite her. This is fully shown towards the end of the play when Mitch is barely able to partake in a poker game because of all that has happened to him. Their reach manages to go upstairs, to the couple above them as well.

Throughout the play, she avoids light. Light represents truth and reality. Blanche is hiding the real reason she is in New Orleans. She told her sister she was on leave from work, but she got fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. She lost her husband when she was young after she found him with another man, she confronted him, and he committed suicide. She now carries this guilt and fills it by having sex with different men. She does this to try to hide her true nature from her sister. Additionally, she asks Mitch to place a paper lantern over a bulb to dim the light.

She does this to hide her age from him. Flowers are mentioned in the play they symbolize romance, desire, and loss. We learn at the beginning of the play that Blanche lost Belle Reve after getting behind in payments. She also explained the reason she got behind in payments was because of the funeral cost for her father, mother, and Margret.

Sit there and stare at me thinking I let the place go! I let the place go where were you! In bed with your polack. In scene five Mitch brings Blanche roses to court her this shows how he desired her as a woman. The color white is purity and innocence.

What signs are on the North Carolina driving test? use cookies to give you the best experience Socrates ancestor an essay on architectural beginning. Get help with What signs are on the North Carolina driving test? assigment. A Streetcar Named Desire. Email Send me the sample. The What are some examples of religious confirmation letters? sample on Stanley And Blanche dwells on its problems, providing a shortened but comprehensive overview of What are some examples of religious confirmation letters? facts and arguments related to it.