Where Can You Search For Artists By Their Last Names?

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Where Can You Search For Artists By Their Last Names?

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Nasir Jones became Nas. Dwayne become Lil Wayne. Andre became Dr. Country musicians tend to do a couple things. This works well, as it is easy to transition to going by your middle name. You would be surprised by how many artists go by stage names. Do a little bit of research into how some of your favorite artists got their stage names, and then try a few of those methods on yourself. Working with family names is a good place to start when choosing a stage name. First, if your stage name includes part of your real name, fans, friends, and family will have an easier time with your transition. It also may be easier for you to accept the new name. Second, family names offer you an opportunity for a good story.

If you are going by a stage name or moniker, you will inevitably get asked about the origin story of the name. Using family names gives you a chance to create a story for your artist career. You can also consider going by just a first or last name. Did you have a nickname growing up? How did you like it? It may be time to bust out that old nickname! Nicknames are unique, catchy, and short. Nicknames often have a good story attached, whether it is a family story or not.

My only word of advice on using family names or using just one name, is to make sure it is searchable and memorable. It is just too common! It is also worth giving your name a quick Google search. Make sure that your name is not associated with anything you would not want to be asked about in an interview. You do not want to be mistaken for some famous criminal or notorious historical figure. Earlier, I mentioned Wynnona. When she and her mother were in The Judds, they both chose stage names.

Her mother changed her name to Naomi, which she always liked. Wynonna became massively famous, and went by only her first name, which was also a stage name. Looking to your favorite books, songs, movies, and TV shows is a great way to come up with name. Characters are often named after their personality. This can be a great way to come up with a name for your artist brand or personality. Start looking out for potential names, nicknames, or even cool town names in art. Once you decide that you need a stage name, start brainstorming right away. It can take a long time to find something that feels right. Write down every idea that comes into your head.

Even if it does not seem like it is the right idea at the time, an idea can sit with you for a while and take on meaning over time. My friend goes by the moniker Field Guide, which was not the first or only idea he had. We were on tour and someone was reading a book with Field Guide in the title. Someone mentioned that was a good name for his project. He wrote it down, weeks later deciding it was the most fitting option. It is important to let your stage name or moniker sit for a while before committing. It is a big change.

Get feedback from friends and people in your music community. See what they think of the name and if they have any criticism, take that into account. You should also note how you feel when you tell them your name. If you are feeling embarrassed about the name, if you hate saying the name, if you have to repeat the name a few times for them to understand it, these may be red flags.

While you are brainstorming, ask yourself these questions to start thinking outside the box. This is important. You need to have an idea of how you would like to be perceived by potential fans. If you want to be perceived as edgy, you have to be able to own an edgy online presence, edgy name, and an edgy look — whatever that means to you. Speaking of Instagram, you need to make sure that you can fit your name into an Instagram handle, or a TikTok handle, or a Facebook page for that matter.

How does the name Google search? It is not essential, but it is handy if your name is unique enough to be searchable. It is also important that the name be memorable enough and easy enough to spell, that someone who hears the name on the radio could Google your name or look up your Instagram. There is nothing wrong with having a shocking or surprising name. However, you should take care to be socially self-aware when you are picking a name.

Remember, this is your art. You do not want people to write off your music because they find your name distasteful. You also do not want to be denied opportunities shows, showcases, media ops because your name is too offensive to be aired or given a platform. Consider your audience when you pick a name. Picking a name that has some sort of relevance to the people that like your kind of music will help them remember who you are. If you are not sure about the name, I would recommend going by your real name until you come up with something you can commit to.

These are a few questions you should ask before deciding on an artist alias and you decide on an idea. If you plan on your music taking you to new cities, meeting new people, and moving up in the industry this will most likely be the 1 question you will be asked. So it is best to have a good answer for this. Example: Deadmau5. His alias derived from a screen name on a forum. He literally found a dead mouse trapped in his computer. He tried to change his name to DeadMouse in that forum but it was too long so he had to shorten it to Deadmau5. That is a great conversation starter and gives his fans something to talk about outside of his music from the get-go. Your alias is the foundation of your brand. Once you get an established body of work and your fans learn what your music sounds like it will be tough to disassociate the two if you have to change your name later on.

However, you may fight to compete for Google search results. First, check to see if they have the name trademarked. If not, you can trademark the name so you own it. A friend of mine recently found out that the alias he had been using for 6 years was trademarked by someone who was only using it for 4 months. In order for him to fight it, he would have had to hire an attorney and spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours to get it back.

Do you have a hard time explaining to your friends what your name means and how it is pronounced? There is always an exception to this rule. Someone might reference an artist with a difficult name to pronounce, spell, or search for it on social media and point to them as a rebuttal to this question. The point here is to make it easier for your audience in every way to become a raving fan. You want your grandma to be able to pronounce your name , if she can so can everyone else.

The only time I would make an exception is if the story behind the name is so powerful and it fits your brand like a glove. So if you are still unsure of what direction you want to go when choosing your alias. Here are a few different naming styles you can choose from. This one is the most obvious direction. A name literally describing what it is you do.

This one works well with companies but can also be good for a musician. This style implies a specific attribute about yourself or your style. If you want to convey a message about your work in the name alone this is the style for you. Metaphors compare unrelated subjects by referring to one thing and meaning another. The name typically has a subtle connection to what your music conveys. Coming up with your own word can be a great approach. Your name could have a historical connection. This is what companies like McDonalds use — name after the initial restaurant owners. This one is where you can get creative.

You can name yourself any word made up or not. After picking one of these styles you will want to really think about the name you choose thereafter. Picking an artist alias is almost like getting a tattoo.

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