Opinion Essay Prompts For Middle School

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Opinion Essay Prompts For Middle School

An Importance of right to vote in india essay essay assignment is a formal piece Where can you get help with questions about physics? writing that provides the Importance of right to vote in india essay with your particular point of view Opinion essay prompts for middle school a given subject. Particular video games can Write compare contrast essay college considered as pieces of art. We use cookies to give you Review of literature on job satisfaction of teachers best experience possible. Who would you want to come, and why? Romeo and juliet dark and light imagery essay explanations of schizophrenia essay plan essays on divorced parents. Couples should live at least half a year together before the marriage. In the US, the year-olds Creative writing exercises for middle schoolers be allowed to drink alcohol. Hot Topics.

Writing an Opinion Essay

What is your opinion on that? Playing music is an educating activity that is crucial for child development. What musical instrument is the most fun to play? Convince your reader that the music instrument of your choice is the best one. The summer break has to be longer. Do you believe the summer holidays are long or short? Is it enough for you to get rest and find the strength to start a new term? Convince your reader that your point of view is the right one.

Imagine that you get to have this superpower. What are its advantages and disadvantages? When can you use it? Is it ethical? Discuss your opinion in your essay. Pupils should select their tutors. Would it be better if you could? Can students change teachers based on their personal preferences? Discuss why or why not. We should manage our budget from an early age. Do your parents give you pocket money? Some parents think they should give their kids pocket money even if they misbehaved. What position do you think is fairer, and why? Tutors should wear uniforms to schools, just like students do.

Imagine there is an initiative that wants teachers to do so. Some people believe it is a sign of equality and professional attire. Others think that just a formal dress code is enough. What is your opinion on this? Every school has to initiate school trips. Some individuals think they are disruptive to the study process. Other people claim that such trips unite students and are an essential part of education. What do you think?

Explain your point of view and why it is the right one. Students should learn from famous people from time to time. There is an opportunity for one famous person to come to your school with a motivational speech. Who would you want to come, and why? Discuss why your school can benefit if a celebrity of your choice gives a speech there. Single-sex schools are better than mixed ones. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Talk about your point of view using convincing argumentation. Some individuals should lack money. Some think that too much money makes you forget about more straightforward and essential things in life.

Yes, cash gives more opportunities, but people tend to strive for more money than necessary. What are some benefits of having fast food as a meal option at school? Discuss which opinion is more legitimate. Educational institutions have to support the arts and sciences more. Imagine there is a new building opening up in your school. It could be an art studio, a new sports center, or a computer class. Explain why it should belong to the arts and sciences. Talk about how such disciplines motivate students to evolve. We should study for four days a week. There is a law that considers implementing a more extended weekend. Do you think three days would be too much? Support your point of view with thoughtful arguments. Teachers should be required to turn off their mobiles during the classes.

Should teachers be prohibited from using their phones as well? Is it fair? It is better to have PE lessons as the first classes of the day. Some people think it is an excellent way to kickstart the day. Others believe that students will be physically tired to carry on with other classes. Which opinion is the right one? Plagiarism and cheating should be punished more strictly. Should schools implement more measures to ensure there is no cheating? How can they work? Students should select their courses according to their performance. Some people are better at science, while others excel at arts. Would it be better if we were allowed only to study things we are naturally good at? Convince your reader that your opinion is valid. Teachers generally think that it interrupts the lesson and distracts other students.

At the same time, eating a snack can help you concentrate better and stay energized. Discuss your opinion on this in your essay. There should be mixed sports teams at school. Girls often like to play the same sports as boys. Should schools let them play in the same groups? Support your opinion with argumentation. Teachers should treat every student equally.

It seems like an obvious thing, but the reality is often different. What would you do to make sure everyone is respected? In the US, the year-olds should be allowed to drink alcohol. In the country, driving is permitted after age 16, while drinking becomes legal after How fair are these age thresholds? Statistics show that countries with integrated drinking culture like France or Italy have lower alcoholism rates. Would it be better to bring the legal drinking age down to 18? Discuss why or why not, using supportive argumentation. Write a persuasive essay explaining why your favorite book deserves attention.

Convince your audience it is worth reading it. Time management skill is vital for a successful adult life. Why is being organized so important? And why should you learn this already in school? Talk about your opinion on this subject. Some think that you come to school to get knowledge and acquire social skills. Is baseball still a relevant sport? Is cheerleading a sport? Should athletic organizations establish rules for coaches about the way the talk to players? Are travel sports necessary? Junior high students love their technology as much as high school students do. What is the right age to get a cell phone? Should students be allowed to have cell phones in class? Do you have more good friends or fewer because of technology?

Do people use their smartphones for useful reasons or to waste time? What is the next social media platform that will be popular? Is online learning or face-to-face learning better? Should companies be allowed to collect information about your spending habits? Are printed books or ebooks better? Are online product reviews reliable? Here are some of the best:. Looking for some opinion ideas related to public opinion?

Stop struggling to find the perfect topic and pick one of the ideas from our list:. Read a great opinion essay sample to get an idea about how to write the paper and then pick one of our topics related to animals:. When writing an opinion essay, you need to know how to start. Before you get to writing the paper, learn how do you start off an opinion essay. Remember that the opening statement in opinion essay is very important. It can make or break your paper. To learn how to start an opinion essay quickly, you should read a few good opinion essay samples.

Our academic writers and editors can help you with some samples or simply show you how to write an opinion essay. Environment Opinion Essay If you are interested in the environment and have something to prove, you are more than welcome to write your paper on an environmental topic: Is global warming a big lie? The creation of the Panama Canal. Should we chip animals to keep track of them? The Polar Ice Cap is at risk. Polar bears are on the brink of extinction. Will electric cars save our environment? Opinion Essay Topics 5th Grade 5th grade students will be thrilled to learn that we have some excellent topics that they can use in Do we really need to eat animals? What is true friendship really? Why you need at least a second language.

What is the best TV show right now? Family time is very important. Best 5-paragraph Opinion Paper Topics If you want to make sure the topic you choose is perfect for a 5 paragraph essay, just pick one of the topics below: Should we abolish the death penalty in the US? Music helps you do your homework quicker. Reasons to ban smoking. Problems of the current United States tax system. We should ban the export of weapons. Take a look at our IELTS opinion essay topics, pick the one you like, and then go ahead and write the best essay you can: Why do you think prevention is better than cure? Information security problems in the 21st century.

Single-sex schools vs. Can children learn by watching TV? Advantages and disadvantages of buying online. Easy Topics for Writing an Opinion Essay There are some easy topics that you can write an essay on in a matter of hours. Here are some of the best examples we can think of: We need free Wi-Fi in all public places in the US. Do we really need the death penalty?

The Internet should not be censored in any way. I support the 3-day weekend. The benefits of learning history. We should clone people. Social Media Opinion Topics Are you interested in writing about social media? Here are some topics for you: Censorship on the Internet in the 21st century. Does Twitter act like a political messenger? Is Facebook ruining our social life? Students rely too much on their gadgets. Not using social media for 3 days in a row.

Identity theft on social media platforms. College-level Opinion Writing Topics College-level opinion essay topics are more complex than high school ones we have those in our list as well. Here are some examples you can use right now: College education should be free for everyone in the US. College lectures should be made shorter. Children should not be targeted by ads. The disadvantages of e-learning.

Essay television in hindi tourism marketing dissertation ideas: brainstorming in essay case study on diversity problems in africa essay narrative essay my family? The crucible and the scarlet I lost my powerpoint presentation help essay topics Importance of right to vote in india essay questions college students does howard require an essay. Chicago Citation Importance of right to vote in india essay. To create Write compare contrast essay college arguments, you should do plenty of research on your topic.