Research Paper On Obesity Outline

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Research Paper On Obesity Outline

Ziol states that the low Research paper on obesity outline during the parental years affects later life overweight. Risk Factors for Perpetrators Numerous Research paper on obesity outline factors are involved. Certainly, the impact of food advertising on childhood obesity is What are some ways to access interstate exit guides? current Essay comparison between movie and book of focus for many researchers interested Tax write offs for donations finding out how poor nutrition contributes to obesity. Finally, the research will prove that a proper diet is the most effective strategy to prevent childhood obesity. Braveman provides Research paper on obesity outline recommendation Tax write offs for donations dealing with childhood obesity aiming at reducing the prevalence the condition Braveman, Your Message. We will send Tax write offs for donations an Offer Your offer is good for 48 English coursework on romeo and juliet. Reading your article is such a privilege. The general aim of the Upper Cardozo What are some types of research methodologies? was to provide overweight and obese children aged between 7 and 13 years Research paper on obesity outline their parents with a proper environment that was safe and easily accessible in which to learn better nutritional choices and physical activities Short essay about school violence could help control Tax write offs for donations even reverse childhood obesity.

Obesity Research Paper

Academic knowledge has an impact to people living in different geographical and social setting. This is because it equips these people with measures required to deal with the condition and prevent childhood obesity conditions in healthy children Braveman, Communities living in different societies have a difference in their social settings. However, factors leading to childhood obesity are common. This implies that methods established in dealing with the condition in the different communities are common. Academic knowledge available to one society can as well be applied in another society despite the global positioning of the community. As a result, while dealing with childhood obesity, new academic knowledge can be used to deal with the health condition in the different communities.

Strategies such as involvement in physical activities and health education rendered to children while at school and in other social centers, gives parents different measures of dealing with the obesity condition facing their children Smith, Active citizenship refers to a philosophy implemented by organizations and societies aiming at dealing with social concern within the society. It advocates the division of roles among people living within the society and as well sharing responsibilities in implementing changes in the society as the team fights the social concern Braveman, As in the case of dealing with childhood obesity, active citizenship can be applied by educating people on the different methods used in preventing and dealing with childhood obesity.

In schools, engaging students in recreation physical activities remains as another solution towards childhood obesity. While dealing with the contemporary issues relating to childhood obesity, active citizenship will involve informing the society on the obesity cycles. Informing pregnant women on the effects of their diet trends to their new born can be used as a strategy of dealing with the cases of childhood obesity in the society Smith, Active citizenship approaches have taken a different trend within the last few years. The changing trend links to the changing attitudes and global approach towards diet and physical activities that people engage in during their leisure time.

This implies that, within the next few years five to ten years, there will be a high and noticeable change in attitudes to the social concern of childhood obesity. Politics of food is active citizenship method that can be used in dealing and responding to the contemporary social issue of childhood obesity. Relating poverty with active citizenship, supporting children from low-income families can be used to deal with cases of obesity among children. Attainment of this goal in school can be through providing quality school dinners in the school.

In addition, ensuring that food offered in schools balances in terms of quantities of calories served and as well minerals can be another measure. Within the next five years, this tool will attain its main goal of dealing with childhood obesity where quality foods will be available to all students in schools regardless of their financial backgrounds. On the other hand, pregnant mothers and parents will be equipped with the required academic and health education relating to possible causes of childhood obesity. Physical activities in schools and in the society, where children participate in healthy activities aiming at maintaining a balanced calorie level will have a positive impact in the society while dealing with the social concern of childhood obesity in the society Braveman, The authors of this article engage the reader through making interesting claims.

Claims made in the article are that there are certain characteristics and behaviors which play a critical role in contributing to obesity in offspring and young children. This study uses pregnant women tracked during their pregnant period. Observation of their behaviors and characteristics they displayed during the period up to the 10th and 15th years. The behaviors were used to investigate the interrelationship that lies between their behaviors and their young children. The authors of this article used nearly pregnant women. This source provides information pertaining behaviors displayed by the pregnant women during the gestation period. Survey conducted during and across the United States also displayed similar trends in childhood obesity conditions and linked with the maternal behaviors and characteristics.

Authors used charts and tables in displaying characteristics and behavior variables and findings made from the research. This is an online article that describes the interrelationship that lies between the genetic composition and environmental factors that lead to childhood obesity. This is an article that can be used in giving academic knowledge to mothers displaying the obesity condition. The research contained in this article is crucial in identifying and addressing childhood obesity as a societal issue and not merely a personal issue. It gives an academic analysis on the causes of childhood obesity. It is a relevant article since it equips pregnant women on the link between their behaviors and characteristics with their children. It can be used as a precaution measure article that gives pregnant women different measures of dealing with childhood obesity conditions in their children.

Podcasts at CDC. These podcasts give a wide variety of downloadable digital media. From this site, different media can be downloaded to multiple mobile devices, desktop computers, or laptops. This podcast addresses early childhood obesity amongst low income families. It gives a clear interrelation that lies between poverty and childhood obesity. Several risks associated with childhood obesity as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle is provided. This podcast provides an insight into the relationship between childhood obesity and low income families. It gives academic knowledge relating to poverty and childhood obesity through the interviewing done in the podcast. Concluding the research paper, it is quite clear that childhood obesity is a health condition that is dependent on both social conditions facing the victim and as well the diet that the individual consumes.

Poverty, as one of the social factor, has a direct interrelationship with childhood obesity through the limiting conditions that it places children from low-income families. Academic knowledge available in articles and podcasts can be used by families faced by childhood obesity condition in responding to the condition. Braveman P. A health disparities perspective on obesity research. Duncan, and A. Institute of Medicine U. Preventing childhood obesity: Health in the balance. Washington, D. C: National Academies Press. Bagchi, D. Global perspectives on childhood obesity: Current status, consequences and prevention. London: Academic. Cameron, N. Childhood obesity: Contemporary issues. Boca Raton, FL [u.

Smith, J. Understanding childhood obesity. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. O'Dea, J. Childhood obesity prevention: International research, controversies, and interventions. Oxford U. K: Oxford University Press. The Caux Round-table principle believes that the world business community plays an important role in the improvement of economic and social conditions. Through an extensive as well as the collaborative process, the business leaders in the Caux Round-table principles developed the CRT principles for businesses in order to embody the aspiration of principled business leadership. This intends to set up potentially explosive showdown with no certain outcome in the Senate with it considering the legislation regarding Homeland Security.

The juvenile justice system is a system that is established to dispense justice to individuals who are still regarded as children by the law. In most cases, these individuals are below 18 years of age since most judicial systems recognize individuals aged 18 and above as adults. Business plans are the foundations from which successful businesses are constructed. It can be a statement of goals of the business, the reasons as to why these goals can be attained, and the plans that can be used to attain the set goals.

A plan may contain information such as;. The city of Detroit is a city that has witnessed a drastic metamorphosis over the last 50 to 60 years. This metamorphosis has seen the city of Detroit change from a central industrial hub to a city that is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. A theory is essentially a set of concepts, propositions and ideals that have a direct relationship Mullins, Therefore, the main approach used in the development of a theory is correlation which often assumes a causality relationship.

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This paper will focus on the hierarchy of needs and the motivation behind the development of the hierarchical representation of needs. Human beings are visual creatures. The ability of a company to attract the customers lies on the packaging and labeling design of the products Blythe, Communication is a way of life and can be considered as a basic need in life. The use of communication is very broad and spreads from one field area to another. In a general view. In life there are many instances when the rich and influential people have to interact with poor and less renowned people.

In most of the cases, the influential people are always making the decisions and the uninfluential. The most significant argument made in Federalist 70 is the unitary executive provided for in the United States constitution. The argument has been seen in the sense that, the author tries to argue that unity in the executive division is a major component for energy and safety. Most people especially the youth in schools prefer these junk foods without knowing that they are dangerous food substances that only add weight to their bodies.

This is the reason the rates of overweight and obesity among the youth is higher than among the adult population. A second cause of obesity in the modern world is sedentary behaviors among populations, especially the youth and children. These inactive activities mean that they are mostly sedentary, a factor that makes them lose fewer calories compared to what they take in. As discussed earlier, once ingested calories are more than expended ones, the result is overweight which if not checked progresses to obesity Miller et al. Physical exercise is very much important because it helps an individual lose excess body fats and lipids and hence avoid becoming overweight. Unfortunately, young people generally fear strenuous activities due to their laziness and this negatively impacts their body weight.

Overweight and obesity may also be caused by genetic factors. Some families have overweight genes. These genes are inherited by offspring. There are high chances that when parents are overweight, their children too can be overweight due to the genetic makeup of the family Miller et al. This means that obesity can easily be controlled by observing lifestyle habits such as practicing better eating habits, eating balanced diet, and avoiding sedentary behaviors by engaging in physical activities that would help in cutting down some extra calories in the body. As already seen, obesity is a major public health problem globally due to its high prevalence and consequential mortality rates.

The condition is known to be associated with various health issues. Researchers assert that obesity itself does not kill but offers a chance for opportunistic diseases to attack the body Tchoubi et al. One of the health problems that come as a result of overweight and obesity are cardiovascular problems. The fact that obesity is characterized by the accumulation of body fats means that these fats can accumulate and block the heart blood vessels causing insufficient blood supply to the heart muscles, thereby leading to heart failure and eventually death. Secondly, obesity leads to psychological complications for its victims.

It is a known fact that overweight individuals generally do not feel happy about their body weight. Most of them feel low and inferior during their social interactions Tchoubi et al. This may result in psychological problems as it causes stress, disorientation, and withdrawal. When obese individuals reach such points, they can easily commit suicide or become antisocial because they do not feel as healthy people Miller et al. Children who are obese tend to be antisocial and withdrawn. This condition affects their interactions with other children and their classroom learning. Thirdly, obesity and overweight lead to poor metabolic reactions in the body.

When an individual is overweight, most of these functions are interrupted hence causing poor body metabolic functions that later on affect their health. Obesity also causes hypertension and breathing problems due to blockage of some respiratory channels. The stress that results from psychological problems leads to high blood pressure that is quite dangerous to the life of the victims. From the discussion, it is evident that obesity is mostly caused by poor lifestyle behaviors. Therefore, the methods of prevention should focus on lifestyles behaviors as well. The first preventive mechanism against overweight and obesity is to limit the intake of fatty and high-carbohydrate foods that add too much calories into the body.

A second way of addressing the condition is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. These foods improve digestion and metabolic reactions in the body. Third, obesity can be prevented by engaging in regular physical exercise that help in losing excess calories. De Vogli, R. The influence of market deregulation on fast food consumption and body mass index: A cross-national time series analysis. Bulletin of the World Health Organization , 92 2 , Doku, D.

Double burden of malnutrition: Increasing overweight and obesity and stall underweight trends among Ghanaian women. BMC Public Health , 15 1 , Miller, R. Is snacking good or bad for health? An overview. Nutrition Bulletin , 38 3 , Tchoubi, S. Prevalence and risk factors of overweight and obesity among children aged months in Cameroon: A Multistage, Stratified Cluster Sampling Nationwide Survey. Plos ONE 10 12 , Van der Horst, K.

The media can make persons understand that indeed the physical appearance does not in How do you use sample Santa letters to children? define character and value of a Conflict is not all bad essay. The proposal on obesity reduction offers an effective How do you use sample Santa letters to children? of reducing the prevalence of the disease. Fast food Essay comparison between movie and book takeaway food consumption are associated with different lifestyle characteristics.