My Philosophy In Life Essay

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My Philosophy In Life Essay

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It therefore comes as a result of self fulfillment. As for me, living in excellence is what gives me happiness. However, in this decade, I have adopted and realized that achieving excellence in whatever one does forms a strong basis for life fulfillment. Excellence is not relative, it requires a lot of hard work and this is the reason behind why quite a number of people would prefer to take shortcuts. To attain the height of excellence requires a price to pay, it is a result of being meticulous, focused, hardworking, determined and highly committed.

I believe troubles and worries about everything big or small are just state of mind. If you really wanted to be at peace then live for it. If you worry, you can never have a peaceful moment. According to him human being is virtuous when they wish that which is willed by God. Living according to reasons and reasons tells us that all that happens must happen in order to actuate a superior willed While I have never realized that dream, it did spark in me an extremely strong desire for knowledge and wisdom of pure science, which has evolved into an even greater desire to understand the fundamental properties of this universe. Moore 22 While Thales was on the right track, he was wrong to suggest that thing was water, but his reasoning was based on logic.

Despite being incorrect, Thales assumptions led to the beginning of metaphysics, the study of a simpler underlying reality, and that is what physics is today. In fact, theoretical physicists of today do just about anything they can to make their equations simpler. For example, we believe there are four fundamental forces of the universe: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Each one of these forces alone is represented by ugly, chaotic equations. Low and behold, after the adjustment, the equations magically fit Narrowing down to on person who had had an impact on my life is a difficult task, and one that requires a lot of thought.

There have been many, but as I travel back through my memories, one person stands out above the rest, my mother. Whether in the classroom or at home, that one individual continuously shines. She knows how to help me when a problem arises, she is there to pick me up when I fall, and she is there as my biggest supporter when all is going well. She always seems to know when to push me or when to just step back and allow me to learn life lessons.

One example of her driving me to do my best is a time that I had an extremely tough exam in Chemistry. This was a must pass test and to make it worse, it was over a chapter where I struggled. I came close to giving up and failing the test, but somehow my mom knew I was fighting this battle. She came to me and explained how giving up would interfere with my dream of going to college. It might not keep me out of college, but it would set my standards lower than they needed to be. My mom did not force me to study, but instead, she allowed me to make a decision that would effect me right then and possibly in the future.

My mom has made a huge impact in my life in such a positive way. She has pushed me to where I am now. Through her example and our many talks, I have learned that hard work and perserverance can and will take you a long way in this world. I did pass My ultimate dream is to become a flight attendant, cabin crew, flight crew or whatever they call this. I want this to manifest, I want this to happen in my life in every good ways or means I can. There are some times in my life when I face mirror, stand classically and gracefully and try to imitate flight attendants posture and speaking. I used to act like there are passengers and I am orienting them with safety procedures inside the plane. I believe with all my heart that nothing is definitely impossible that my future has been planned and decided.

I just love the thought that God is faithful, with His words, His promises and plans. I trust Him with this. English essay A teenage-life isne Isaksen like an adventure. Each day brings something new and you never know what to expect. For me, a teenager-life is hard to live. I can feel how the body changes. Many thoughts go into my mind. Many problems accurse; problems I did not have to deal with when I was 13 years old. Problems with my boyfriend and at home; that is a new task for me. It is hard to focus when these problems are in my head. To pretend to be happy at all times is difficult in the age of All kinds of problems pop into my head and I have no idea how to handle them.

Perhaps I grew up to fast; I did not focus on my schooling — it was much more fun to smoke and drink with my friends weekend after weekend. I am paying for it now. I really want to make an effort when it comes to my schooling. My parents are divorced and it is not easy to be a child and listen to what they have to say to each other. My mother moves to Dubai for five years — I will see my mother ten times during ten years. I wish I could see her more. Love is difficult. It has been a struggle for me to find a boyfriend but I have been very lucky to meet a young man who loves me. He treats me like a princess and I feel happy and safe with him. I have made a lot of mistakes the last two years This magical place had a giant play-place, ice cream, French fries and of course that special surprise toy contained inside the happy meal.

What else could I have wanted? This world lost all of its glamour however, when I became a teen who experienced the inner workings of this land from the side of employment. I will never forget the place that was to be my first experience of the working world. My Fifteenth birthday had just passed and this meant I was finally old enough to enter the work force. Now, I wasn't entirely thrilled about the idea of working in this environment but if I wanted to get a car in the next year it was off to work for me. Somewhat sullenly, I donned my uniformed baseball cap and made my way behind the service counter. Feeling a little nervous, I fumbled as I attempted to tie my apron behind my back. I began to wonder what I might be assigned to do first.

Standing motionless, I observed the fast-food frenzied scene. Employees were running here and there yelling to one another, order screens were flashing, various machines were buzzing incessantly and a mass of customers waited to be attended On my way out, I kissed Louise goodbye. I had no idea that would be the last time I saw her wonderful smile. Such an amazing woman, inside and out. I learned to deal with such…oppression, that is, knowing that it was something she had absolutely no control over. She was genuinely the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. At times, I wish I had been the one to go that day.

Then I imagine how she would have felt if I would have been the one to die. It was almost as if he had been suffocating in his marriage, and now that Louise was out of his life, he could finally breathe after so many years of not being able to. If I said anything along these lines it would have been a lie. You were one of the popular people. I was not. Everyday prior to our meeting I was nothing more than a background image on a less-than-boring wall. But for some reason on this day you chose to acknowledge me. On this day you chose to talk to me. As if you pulled me into light from the dark, or as though you created something out of nothing I had existence. I had meaning in my life. In simple terms, I am not at all sure that I want any type of philosophy of life.

I have known people who strongly believe in a positive viewpoint, for instance. Their life philosophies are based on seeking the good in the world around them, and I am certainly not about to argue with such beliefs. At the same time, I feel that such a way of thinking creates borders. It is a philosophy as a focus, and I do not believe that life may be so confined, or neatly fit into any such approach. In all fairness, I have the same opinion regarding those who practice philosophies of extreme caution, or who believe that life is an arena in which they are entitled to take as much as possible.

Put another way, whenever I have actually heard or read of a life philosophy, my first thought is invariably that life may not nicely accommodate it. Life, as I see it, has ideas all its own and is not concerned with how anyone chooses to view it. I am aware that, even in saying this, I am in a sense offering a philosophy anyway. I imagine that is my own dilemma, and one I should at least try to explore.

I think back on my life thus far, then, and am struck by one consistent factor: it has never failed to surprise me, in ways both good and bad. Even when experience has been painful, I have sometimes been aware that I do not respond to it in a pained way. Similarly, I have gone through whole periods of my life when everything was going well, yet I have felt a sense of dissatisfaction. I know that my reactions in all ways are powerfully influenced by the world around me. I have been disappointed in not feeling happy, I know, because the circumstances were supposed to make me feel that way, and everyone around me encouraged this as natural.

Still, those feelings of happiness have sometimes eluded me, just as I have been strangely empowered or happy when things have gone wrong. No matter how I move through my life, it always seems that I am not in a place where a common perception about living matches how I truly think and feel, so I tend to veer from any ideology. It is not that I disagree with them; it is that, for me, they do not fit. This then brings me to another question: what is it that I think life is? If I can better understand that, I may be on my way to realizing that there is a philosophy for me. After all, there can be no real and consistent view of a thing without an idea of the thing itself. Great minds have struggled to define life since humanity began, and each seems to have ideas as valid as those different from them.

For some, it is meaningless, a kind of dream in which we act our parts to no real purpose. For others, life is a boundless opportunity to grow spiritually and expand the mind and heart to unlimited potentials. For most people, I think, life occupies more of a middle ground; it can be fantastic and enabling, just as it can be empty when no purpose is in sight. In other words, it seems that there is no incorrect view or philosophy of life because it may be, simply, anything and everything at all. Given this thinking, I am not encouraged. I am, in fact, more inclined to see any effort at capturing a philosophy an exercise in futility.

When I then allow myself to take this thinking further, however, it seems that I may be nearing the thing I see as pointless or impossible. That is, since I view life as far too unpredictable to be subject to a single approach or philosophy, I then begin to understand my own role in the entire process. It occurs to me that I am then missing a crucial element in this scenario: myself. I think: everyone, great mind or otherwise, who has wondered about life has done so in the same way, in that the views and feelings must be created by their own life itself. We can seek to see beyond our own experience, but I must wonder at how realistic that ambition is. We are all tied to who and what we are, whether that being is expansive or not; in all cases, the individual can only define life through what the individual has experienced and is capable of perceiving from the experience.

Life is the self, in a very real sense. We are not channels out outside elements in some vast, inexplicable equation; we are the equation because life is literally what we make it. I then begin to feel that I am nearing a truth. I am life, and life is not some external essence I must consider. At the same time, everyone and everything around me is life as well, just as validly as I am.

Here, then, is where I can shape a philosophy. It is not a structure, or even a foundation. Rather, it is more an impression accepted. It is, most important of all, never fixed. It cannot be, because every moment changes who I am in some way, and because of this intense and purely exponential relationship with the life around me. Life will always be the moment or direction currently affecting or guiding me, and in every sense of living. When my spirit is at its strongest, life is a generous and fine thing because that is what I am giving to it, and life affirms this reality by taking what I can give. When I am small and involved with minor issues or feelings, life shrinks to a cell because I am unable then to see beyond a cell.

This is, however, profoundly true in a literal sense. As I think this is my philosophy, I restate it as: life is what I create, which in turn reflects and creates me.

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