Essay On Should There Be Dress Code In Colleges

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Essay On Should There Be Dress Code In Colleges

If we take into consideration that it may help children to behave Anarchy criticism culture essay in political social effentily Anarchy criticism culture essay in political social Can a nurse practitioner write prescriptions then school systems How do you request college brochures? be better as well. College is fun, hard, sometimes depressing, a place to experience the outside Anarchy criticism culture essay in political social. Everyone has had a dress code at least once in their life. Home Staff About. It is loose clothing covering the women from the neck down with a scarf covering their head Although school uniforms destroy individuality, there are some good Analytical and critical thinking definition to them. Essay on should there be dress code in colleges Agee, How do you request college brochures? Chicago hopefuls, as they are being courted and recruited by various high schools to play ball, and continues until the pair are college freshmen. No guys with earrings, no sagging or hats.

Why Schools Should Have A Dress Code? Explained By MySchoolr.

Fighting For Freedom Women like to express themselves through clothing, shoes, hair, make up and all kind of different accessories. Regardless of what color, religion, what body size or shape they have, females like to personalize their style using fashion and new trends. While parents drill on their female children the importance to love and feel comfortable with themselves no matter how they look. They are constantly making changes to the school dressing codes, especially for female students from kindergarten to high school because of their natural sexuality. The rules in school dress codes are hard to understand which makes it difficult for the females to find clothing that is dress code appropriate If we take into consideration that it may help children to behave more effentily in school then school systems could be better as well.

There are many reasons as to why it could make children behave better. Bullying in schools could be decreased, unity could increase, and parents could save money by purchasing uniforms. Although bulling in schools is a worldwide epidemic that can create negative consequences, if the students wore uniforms we could minimize this horrific behavior. Students at schools without uniform codes were liable to be bullied for the way they dressed the study found. Maybe we can decrease bullying by having school uniforms for the dress code. Having every student dress just alike would make Baotran Tran English Argument Essay School dress regulations emphasize on conservativeness with the intention of preserving and encouraging self-modesty.

Yet, more and more students are finding themselves to be victims of unfair dress coding and public humiliation, surprisingly, from the staff itself. Many current students have not only witnessed but have claimed victim to unfair dress coding — the majority being female. In a general gist, the dress code is provided with reasonable guidelines and purpose. It is understandable that a dress code should be enforced in order to maintain individual decency.

Overwhelmingly, most rules are especially catered against the female sex. The most controversial topic that females students argue against is the restriction of leggings — a form fitting garment made out of spandex, cotton, According to the Public School Review, school administrators and parents believe that adopting a uniform dress code creates a more conducive learning environment because students are not distracted by the way they or others look and can focus on academics. Although it might seem a reasonable request, to many, because school dress codes and even school uniforms are common and often supported by teachers and administrators, who frequently complain about students that have decided to push the limits of good taste and their parents let them do this.

They allow their daughter to walk out half dressed showing their mid drift or wear shorts that look they are wearing bathing suits. By providing a uniform policy that does not allow shorts or skirts of a certain length and shirts that cover themselves up as well as being uniform with the rest of the students including the young boys. Also to many parents it is a burden to have to take their girls to a certain store and find that certain color or shirt. As a parent how are young girls are dress when they leave the house, is always not the first thought that comes into our minds when we considering According to CDC, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4, deaths per year. Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University The issue with most schools all over the country and the world is the dress code.

The dress code was a bad idea to start with, but became worse when it was put in the schools. I believe that the dress code is wrong and is disturbing the learning environment that we are supposed to be in. They think that they are being called out by the facility S whether or not students should be wearing uniforms to school. I think there is so much debate over it because it does have an effect on how a person feels at school and maybe by limiting self-expression it could change how a person develops in their life.

If it is a mandatory rule and a student is uncomfortable or feels strongly against it could actually cause more problems and may have a lasting impact on how a person responds to authority in the future. A lot of people feel that dressing the same could and does help eliminate bulling and bring their focus more on academics Due to ongoing shootings and in school violence Author Maria Wilde , states that public schools should have the option of requiring uniforms to help identify intruders in the school and prevent gangs from forming on school grounds. While students and parents may fuss about the dress code while they are attending school according to an article I read online titled Why Public Schools Should Have Uniforms Foxcove.

And because school uniforms tend to look more professional and this helps them prepare for what to wear to an interview or to the job. When students are given boundaries such as suit, tie and dress shoes but are free to Long ago, some parents seem against or incapable of singling out the "clothes" line with their children, to the point where the new trending styles took a toll and started influencing the kids' attire decisions in a big way. The safety of the students and environment which was surrounded by gang violence and other concerning distractions became an important matter for a lot of individuals within the school districts. School uniforms and dress codes can play a significant role in the drastic change with student in a learning environment Boutelle, Uniforms would also diminish bullying and give students a better frame of mind to want to come to school and learn.

Since the dispute of the argument on uniforms being enforce in schools, according to The According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 20 percent of all public schools have adopted uniform Your school is considering requiring all students to wear uniforms during school. Do you feel it is a good idea or a bad idea to require students to wear uniforms? When it comes to my school requiring the students to wear a uniform, I personally feel that it is a good idea. Uniforms displays a great form of structure and unity within our school. It will allow us to be more focused on our schoolwork and not on competing with our peers to keep up with the latest fashions.

The practice of students wearing a simple dress code is preparing us to transition into the corporate job market. The business world expects us to wear a professional attire in order to be taken serious among our colleagues and clients. This change will also allow us students to express our individual self-expression in other ways beside through our clothing. I know some of the other students will feel that wearing a uniform will stifle their creativity because they will be dressed just like everyone else in school.

But unless they are wearing a unique one of a kind outfit, we are just following a trend that millions of other people are following as well. Our creativity and Libertarianism is sometimes identified with the principle that each agent has a right to maximum equal empirical negative liberty, where empirical negative liberty is the absence of forcible interference from other agents when attempts to do things. In a sense, Libertarianism is sometimes has to do with or equivalent to self-ownership. This is to say that, the Libertarian approach entrusts absolute freedom to individuals to embark on whatever activity they so wish be it joining association; politically, socially, academically just to mention few regardless of any moral view or perception that exists.

Here, the individual is somehow his own boss and does things that pleases him. This research puts to bear the relevancy of the libertarian approach pertaining to the indecent dressing of the female students of the University of Cape Coast. Imaging not having control over anything you do and living your life as other people want you to live it. With viewing life from the Libertarian philosophy, libertarians will argue that each person should be able to live life as they want as long as they are not harming others. With the governments today, they create laws that protect people from themselves.

This is hard for Libertarians to accept because in their opinions, each individual should have their own freedom. The core of It is a drag to go to school knowing that people are more than likely to look like everyone else? A lot of students are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this decision. There is really an unresolved debated topic regarding the enforcement of dress codewithin the college campus. In this very well-groomed and fashionable world, whereeverybody wants to look smart and stylish, this is certainly an unsettled problem. College students are paying for their education which means they should be getting what they want or pay for.

Nobody in college is looking to wear a specific outfit every day to look like everyone else. It is essential to realize that dress codes are the central key for respectable appearance and an imperative way to discover the route to self-respect and self-confidence. Also it brings a sense of responsibility. Students are going to be as engaged in school as they want to be no matter what they are wearing on their body. People propose the argument that uniforms are made so everyone is equal. The clothes that you wear express a lot about yourself and allow you to be you. They say that uniforms are going to reduce bullying, but if someone really is a bully clothes are not going to stop them.

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