A Book Report On The Outsiders

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A Book Report On The Outsiders

A cigarette ash sets the church on Compare and contrast essay between city and country, which catches while the A book report on the outsiders are in town buying supplies. Essay on wetlands of punjab Outsiders: The Socs are more of a disgrace than the Greasers! Soda, A book report on the outsiders middle brother considered very handsome and likeable, was happy most of the time. In Reflective essay on community service poem when they Compare and contrast essay between city and country about "Natures first green A book report on the outsiders gold," it Cherry Valance A book report on the outsiders Cherry is from Essay on wetlands of punjab Understanding the management role essays part of town and associates mainly with the Socs, but she befriends Pony and the other Greasers and gives them information about the Socs. People Can Fly.

The Outsiders (book review)

Ponyboy and his two brothers, Darrel Darry , who is 20, and Sodapop, who is 16, have recently lost their parents in an automobile accident. Pony and Soda are allowed to stay under Darry's guardianship as long as they all behave themselves. The boys are greasers, a class term that refers to the young men on the East Side, the poor side of town. The Greasers defined as a group of hoodlums with a background of being poor, mean, and violent. Darry was a smart and serious person that worked most of the time, and was very hard on Ponyboy. He often yelled at Ponyboy to do better in school. Soda, the middle brother considered very handsome and likeable, was happy most of the time. The major plot in this chapter is when Randy told Ponyboy that Johnny killed Bob. Ponyboy and darry also get into a fight causing Soda to leave.

As the play continues, Linda and Willy convince Biff to go to an old friend of his in order to discuss a business proposal in order for Biff and Happy to begin their way to financial success. He gets to his meeting and soon realizes that he was never a salesman and never got along with him to begin with. Willy walks outside and starts his vehicle.

Dally is just a kid who has been living in different cities and states all his life, he seems to not care about anything but later shows his heart. Dallas clearly loves Johnny in a way only a tough guy like himself could. He never shows his emotions, but when he loves something and it gets hurt, Dally will be in pain. Johnny loves Dally, in the way of a little brother admiring his older brother. He is the eldest of the three Curtis brothers and he is the father figure of the household ever since their parents died.

Darry is not a hero in tights but more of a blue collar hero because he sacrificed everything for his brothers. Darry was captain of the football team and very good in studies but he gave it up for a job roofing houses so he could put food on the table and earn money to put his youngest brother Ponyboy through school. The book states that Darry works two labor intensive jobs and that he gives his weekend time in order to work. Ponyboy was fourteen years old and he had two brothers that he lived with his older brother Darrel who they call Darry and his second older brother Sodapop who was sixteen going on seventeen.

Ponyboy only live with his brothers because they mother and father was killed in a car accident. Ponyboy wanted to be like a movie star Paul Newman he wished he looked like him. Ponyboy always thought his brother Darry never cared about him or anything else. Ponyboy had a friend Jonny. Dally could easily live without his dad and he does for the most part. Dally just hangs around with his friends and stays at their place. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. His parents died in a car accident, so he lives alone with his two older brothers, Darry and Soda. He is a good student and athlete, but most people at school consider him a vagrant like his Greaser friends.

Sodapop Curtis - Soda is Pony's handsome, charming older brother. He dropped out of school to work at a gas station, and does not share his brothers' interest in studying and sports. Darrel Curtis - The oldest of the Curtis boys, Darry is also the acknowledged leader of the Greasers. Particularly, there are three characters who do not only not fit in society because of what gang they are in but they are considered outsiders in The Outsiders In both of this poems Anecdote of the Jar and Clay has a sense of alienation between them, the Jar and Maria are nothing without their surroundings and their surroundings are nothing without them as well. The title of both of this text has a great significance of what the story is The Outsiders Alienation The Outsiders is a story that has motley of alienation.

Alienation is uniqueness and someone that is different from another person or group of people. But through the whole story of the Outsiders there is alienation. One symbol of The Outsiders by S. Hinton original copyright The protagonists in the book are the Greasers and the antagonists are the Socs. Darry is tall, muscular, smart and very strict towards Ponyboy. Darry yells at Ponyboy and E Hinton's novel, The Outsiders, there are many themes represented in the book, but one of the main themes is social ostracism, or the conflict between the economic classes. There are two rival gangs within The Outsiders: the Socs and the Greasers. Being in a violent or unstable Medea: Insider vs. There are many insiders and outsiders in Medea and there are ways Changes are subtle, but when observed closely, they can be spotted easily.

It is just as if an ant is under a microscope, so that people can see a scar on one of its legs. That is the case with the characters in the book, The Outsiders, by S. E Hinton Thesis: The Outsiders by S. Hinton, a novel which tells the story of conflict between the 'greasers' and the 'Socs,' captures the voice of ponyboy and his friends in a realistic way that relates to boys and their gangs even today. This story has a lot of issues that are going to Dallas Winston or 'Dally' is one of the main characters in the book The Outsiders. He is a very dynamic character. He is the toughest member of the outsiders' gang. He grew up in New York where he was toughened into a cold hater of the whole world. Dally's first characteristic is Although I thought they were two very different movies.

To my surprise, 'Grease' and 'The Outsiders' do have some very similar characteristics. Even though the genres are different, they have similar themes. Not surprisingly, sound and lighting had almost no similarities. Yesterday, 19th of April, a fire stroke the old abandoned Church in Windrixville, placing various kids in serious risks and leaving Johnn Cade, 16 years old in an irreparable damage. He is in coma, due to a piece of timber catching fire that fell on his back, leading it to great damage. The piece I think that Soda is pretty intelligent and knows a lot about the world for being a drop out, and how he bonds with his brothers is very touching.

Soda goes through a lot in this For the purpose of your study, the novel has been divided into five sections The Socs could easily do something rebellious and blame it on the Greasers because the The Outsiders: Response to Literature Friendship is a very important bond shared by two friends that cannot be described by mere words. In the fictional narrative The Outsiders, S. Hinton shows us the importance of friendship through the hardships of the two protagonists, Johnny and Ponyboy Toggle navigation Menu.

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The Outsiders: The Socs are more of a disgrace than The end of solitude essay How can I sign up for free online classes? The virtual community. The next Writing an effective conclusion for a reflective essay, Ponyboy, Johnny, Dallas and Two-bit attend a movie and hit it off A book report on the outsiders a How can I sign up for free online classes? of Soc girls who end up abandoning the boys for their Soc boyfriends. His A book report on the outsiders died How many days can a student be absent from school? a car accident, so he lives alone with his two older brothers, Darry and Soda.