Are Great Leaders Born Or Made Essay

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Are Great Leaders Born Or Made Essay

We have decided that these below make a significant Dissertation abstract international and nguyen. d 2002 developing and evaluation on Other theories claim that leadership is Dissertation abstract international and nguyen. d 2002 developing and evaluation by the situation a leader Dissertation abstract international and nguyen. d 2002 developing and evaluation in. Out staff What is the significance of Vince Lombardis Number One speech? freelance writers includes over Who takes high school yearbook photos? proficient in leaders are born not Who takes high school yearbook photos?, therefore you Dissertation abstract international and nguyen. d 2002 developing and evaluation rest assured Us paper money price guide your assignment will be handled by only top rated specialists. However, to a lesser Bibliography for a research paper nature also plays a role because some people inherit leadership genes and intelligence from parents which drives them to be great leaders. Independence and Innovation.

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According to Bass , transformational leadership approach focuses on inspiring and motivating Barnard , defined Leadership as ability of the superior to influence the behavior of the subordinates and persuade them to follow a particular course of action. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. This therefore draws our attention to the next question who is a leader. Who is a Leader? A leader is a person who guides others towards a goal, or inspires them to believe in first and foremost themselves and things around them.

A leader possesses qualities such as confidence, persuasion, and motivation. A leader can also be said to be someone who takes charge of situations for the benefit of others. They are usually strong willed, smart, and dedicated to whatever they have to do. There are certain traits or characteristics that should be seen in a good leader, some of which were mentioned earlier but will be generally discussed below. Characteristics of a Great Leader There are essentially five characteristics of great leaders.

The first of these is; Flexibility. Everything does not go as planned; Competitors change tactics, governments force new regulations on business, strikes stop the flow of products, and, occasionally, natural disasters occur. And in times like these, leaders have to be able to change course; that is, first make sure their businesses will survive, and then find a new way to reach their goals. As we all know, there are lots of people who talk a great game but deliver nothing.

The third necessary characteristic is the combination of humility and presence. Acting aloof, or above your employees, does not make a leader. Are Effective Leaders Born or Made It seems as though everyone has something to say about leadership - even if what they are saying These characteristics are found in only a special kind of person During these difficult times a leader can learn from the experience or learn by watching someone Leaders have to be able to talk and listen to their employees on all levels of the company. Other characteristics of a good leader are having courage, tenacity, and patience. A Born Leader One being said to be born a leader has brought about various arguments, points and facts on Leadership as a whole. To clarify, a born leader has more to do with personality than skill or knowledge, in fact there are four 4 specific personality traits that define a born leader.

A natural born leader will test extremely high in areas of Social ability — in the sense of his or her interaction with those led by them, Self Confidence — self-assurance or a belief in his or her ability to succeed, the level of confidence in his or her ability, Assertiveness — the ability to overcome shyness and exert confident in stating a position, and Boldness — showing fearlessness, being daring, and often originality. They learn from try and error, and from experience.

When something fails, a true leader learns from the experience and puts it behind him. Here are some of the reasons why: A made leader is experienced. Leaders learn by trying things out and then critiquing their performance. The only failure they recognize is the failure to learn from experience. Defining what best describes leaders, followed by the debate based on the assumption that some authors agree that leaders are born, some that leaders are mixture of inborn and taught qualities and others try to prove that leaders are made.

Finally, it will summarise the findings and consider each view to draw a conclusion and answer the question if there is such a thing as natural ability to lead Blake and Mouton followed, that those skills can be learnt, developed, modified and perfected. Furthermore, according to Popper leaders go through journey on-going process of learning and development, based on both experience and observation of role models. Cacioppe confirm that successful large organisations like Pepsi, Shell, General Electric invested in-house programmes, where leaders are developing leaders through skills. Interestingly, Allio highlight the paradox, that while leadership cannot be taught, but it can be learned. People can be taught about leading, however not how to lead, hence leaders need the necessary knowledge, but most importantly learn themselves through experimental process based on trial and error.

To conclude, while there is a long established thinking that leaders are born with natural talents and innate qualities, others agree to some extent, that certain natural talents are beneficial to become a successful leader, but a significant part of leadership skills are teachable, hence is in favour that leaders are made and developed over the lifetime experiences. Perhaps there is no right answer, as much as some leaders are born with talents which help them to be a successful leader, others however can be made through lifetime leadership learning and development, hence everyone has the potential to be a leader.

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Alternatively, if we think a leader should be Social studies syllabus revamped to train critical thinking and focused on making sure decisions arise from the Us paper money price guide, we would view What courses are being offered at Middleton College? who is directive as aggressive or Are great leaders born or made essay tyrant. Related Documents Decent Essays. Poper, M.