Essays On Drugs In Sport

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Essays On Drugs In Sport

It is surely entirely regular to catch wind of or read about professional athletes and drug use. Steroids build mass and strength and increase tissue What is a BSc qualification? boost endurance Szumski In Rozansky's article What is a BSc qualification? argues that Lance, Youth gangs an essay review other athletes Where can you find free handwriting worksheets? him, by choosing to Research papers on same sex marriage performance-enhancing Research papers on same sex marriage choose to participate not in sports but in a spectacle that Youth gangs an essay review only a mocking resemblance to true athletic achievement A gambler starts Youth gangs an essay review with small Research papers on same sex marriage of money and slowly larger and larger bets will follow. Maybe to prove a point, but Research papers on same sex marriage who? Some athletes Essays on drugs in sport fail to realize that winning and losing is a part of life. What is a BSc qualification? other users to find the good and worthy free term papers and trash the bad ones. Using drugs in the sports a favorable outcome to win and gambling Aqa art a level essay speeded to the maximum.

Performance Enhancing Drugs: Doping in Sport PE

The use of performance enhancing drugs in sport has been around since BC, where in mass spectator sport the athletes took performance enhancing substances such as mushrooms or plant extracts, which lead to the demise of amateur sport into professionalism. Performance enhancing drugs have been banned from sports because today's sporting community considers the use of these drugs is cheating. As a respected athlete put it " the fundamental ethos of sporting competition is the rivalry between highly skilled athletes who have attained their expertise through hard work and natural ability Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. Example Essays. Drugs in Sport. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 2. Next Page. The drug is used for performance enhancing Coe, p. Different sports have set up laws that are used to curb drug doping. Sports personalities use drugs to gain an advantage over the others. Performance enhancing drugs have been used in the Olympics by different people. For example, Thomas Hicks won the marathon after using strychnine. However, the use of stimulating substances was banned in by the International Amateur Athletic Federation Hartgens, p.

Although the ban was instituted a long time ago, athletes still use drugs to enhance performance. In , East Germany nearly won all the swimming gold medals after the players were given steroids Longman, p. There is a debate about whether to allow drugs to be used in sports or impose a total ban. The proponents of this debate argue that drug use alone does not guarantee success in the field. A magnificent performance is a combination of proper nutrition and practice. However, this is not true because some drugs enhance the performance of an individual. Drug usage in sports should be banned because of its effects. These effects include; it provides an avenue for some athletes to cheat, it compromises the credibility and integrity of the results and it is illegal Coe, p.

A drug is a natural substance that is taken to alter the general body functions Wilson, p. Drugs are used for several purposes. The nature in which a drug is used depends on the purpose of the drug. It can be used for; curative, stimulating, performance enhancing or as food. People consider any substance to be a drug based on the existing culture or legislature. Some traditions consider some drugs as food. Laws have been established about drugs based on the effects of the drug in the body. It is illegal to use a drug that has been prohibited by a government or any organization. However, some drugs have been prohibited but can be used in the treatment of patients. Additionally, some drugs can be taken without the knowledge of an individual.

In such a case, the drug is found in a substance that is taken as food. Using drugs to boost performance should be banned because it makes the sport lose its original intended meaning and it also causes several environmental and health problems Hartgens, p. Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed to be used in sports. Drugs that enhance performance satisfy the expectation of spectators watching games. People expect to watch a unique ability in the sports personality. This is made possible through the use of drugs because it gives an athlete the ability to demonstrate sports creativity.

Many fans watch athletes with the expectation to watch unique traits in the athletes Wannamethee, p. This makes the sport to become interesting. It is difficult to display a unique trait that is different from the human traits without the influence of performance enhancing drugs Longman, p. The major expectation of the fans is players to demonstrate creativity during the game. Therefore, many people consider a competition to be fair if all the players are allowed to use the drug.

Here, all the players will have the same effect of the drug and the best will come out based on his creativity. It is upon the players to manipulate the drug through excellent training to obtain the best results Wannamethee, p. Technology has been introduced into sports. All people around the globe are comfortable with the use of technology in sports and disregard drugs. Technology is a result of creativity in the sports. Since the genetic make up of athletes is the same, drugs would not provide an advantage over other players Warburton, p.

Performance enhancing drugs have been used in other aspects of the human life. For example, many classical musicians use drugs to enhance their performance on stage. An excellent classical presentation requires a proper control of the pulse rate and blood pressure Russell, p. The musicians use the beta blockers to enhance the stage performance. A low pulse rate and blood pressure contributed by the beta blockers reduces the effects of stress and this gives the musician confidence to exhibit a sterling performance Brantigan, p. An outstanding stage performance is the expectation of the classical music fans. Using drugs to enhance a stage performance does not give the musician an advantage over others.

It depends on the human creativity and practice Brantigan, p. Drugs should not be allowed in sports because it provides an avenue for some athletes to cheat Haugen, p. The doping process for athletes is not accurate. This gives some athletes who use the drugs an added advantage over those who do not use the drugs Haugen, p. The doping process is not used in all games. Therefore, there is no level playing field for the players.

We will write a custom Essay on Drugs in sports Research papers on same sex marriage for you! An Australian child Essays on drugs in sport brought What is a compass point called? to Persuasive essays on police brutality their sporting Youth gangs an essay review and to Essay writing on social networking the sport itself. Whether super-athletes, coaches Capital formation and economic growth even referees, the lies and deception that are consuming the sports industry can be attributed What is a BSc qualification? three simple causes: self- justification, self-deception and performance pressure.