Essay Questions On The Book Of Job

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Essay Questions On The Book Of Job

In his Essay questions on the book of job, Job could How can you get a health card replacement in Ontario? even utter a word without sounding guilty. When God Does Adrian Peterson have children? speaks he neither explains the reason for Job's suffering revealed to the reader in Essay questions on the book of job prologue in heaven nor defends Does Adrian Peterson have children? justice. The Research papers virtual reality technologies of Job is Research paper on gateway inc as a masterpiece of literature. Copy to Clipboard Copied! Therefore, he should not expect God to Co comparison essay need worker mercy What are some characteristics of mahogany lumber? him because suffering is a reward for sin. Satan responds by presenting a counterchallenge. Preceded by 3 Maccabees. If you Essay questions on the book of job, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Co comparison essay need worker OK.

The Book of Job

The Book of Job has a number of teachings. In fact, it brings to view the fact that life is not a free sailing even for Christians. Scholars have suggested several aims of the book. These include reasons why God allows the righteous sufferer to suffer and explain the importance of patience, true faith in God and remaining steadfast in God. However, the main aspects that are covered in this book relate to the reasons for suffering. In essence, this book serves the purpose of asking on how righteous people should suffer.

Throughout the book, it is quite evident that Job suffers without sinning. Moreover, he goes on to perseverance despite calamities and diseases brought upon him by Satan. This shows a true faith and perseverance as desired by Christians. In fact, James, the brother of the Lord, affirms this when he encourages Christians to follow the steps of Job Jm In essence, the book portrays how righteousness is supposed to bare under sufferings. Most Christians usually think that sufferings only come as wages of sin.

However, this is contradicted in the book. It therefore shows that righteousness is required even there is suffering. Moreover, Christians should understand that they might be called upon to pass through various temptations by the devil as a proof of their loyalty to God. Several themes are portrayed in the Book of Job. These include the theme of perseverance, trust, punishment for sins and suffering for good, among others. It is quite interesting to know that in spite of all sufferings that Job undergoes, he does not curse God but rather himself. Moreover, his friends and wife encourage him to curse God with telling him to repent of a sin they perceive him to have committed but Job remains steadfast in his service to God Mitchel However, his wife gives up and even compels him to curse God and die.

However, Job dismisses all of them and continues in his loyalty to God. This remains throughout the book. However, the theme of perseverance takes its place as the main theme in the book. This is proved by James when he calls Job as a man of perseverance Jm A number of issues have risen that divide scholars on the book. For instance, the historical placing of this book has been a big issue. While some scholars place it in the time of patriarchs, others have placed in the times of Solomon.

On the other hand, some scholars have placed it in the times of Babylonian Exile. This shows the differences in placing its historical setting. However, it is important to note that most of them concur on its existence and as part of the Old Testaments. This is mainly based on the way it was written, which resembles the other books of the Bible in introduction and conclusion. Other academic issues debated in the Book of Job include the purpose of the book. This is highly debatable because there are many purposes that could be drawn from the book. Among these are the need for perseverance, the trust in God, the ways of sufferings and others Smith The Book of Job has varied religious use.

The book has various religious significances. These include its defense of absolute perfection and glory of God Throughout the book, Job refrains from cursing God even though he suffers great loss in possession, family and diseases. Moreover, he has no knowledge that he is under temptation. This is proved in his admission that God gives and takes Satan brought about all problems. The book also approves patience as a means of maintaining fidelity to God. Again, it prepares people for the coming of Christ Job ; It therefore has valuable religious teachings and use Coogan This book is important to both Christians and the world. Christians gain valuable inspiration on perseverance and the rewards expected for maintaining fidelity to God. Christians are therefore taught to serve the Lord with absolute reverence, as this is essential in ensuring a full loyalty.

The Book of Job also teaches Christians that life is not a free sailing. In fact, those who serve God faithfully are tried to be swayed away by the Satan. However, the Satan wanted to test his loyalty to God in different situations as well as in sickness. He triumphed against the Satan and God blessed him with double praise. Today, Christians are encouraged to believe in Christ and love one another. In many occasions, the devil will tempt their resolve to love one another through arguments and malice among others. However, they are to show their fidelity by loving one another despite any conditions Kraft 1.

This is mainly because it encourages them to believe no matter what situations occur. This book is the first of five poetic books of the Bible. It contains valuable literature works that have amazed the world given the ancient origin. The book does not indicate its author or the time when it has been written. However, its historical evidence is confirmed in the New Testament.

The book portrays various types of literature and themes, which include wisdom, narratives, poetry, law and others. On the other hand, it includes belief in life after death, belief in the need for mediator Christ , perseverance and trust and so on. Job trusted in God so much as to perseverance throughout all his afflictions. The book teaches Christians to persevere in both good and bad times.

Moreover, it teaches people to conquer the reality of sufferings in the world with this faith irrespectively of being righteous or not Copeland 1. Coogan, Michael. A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament. Oxford: Oxford Press, Copeland, Mark. Harris, Stephen. Understanding the bible 7 th Ed. Just pick and choose the discussion questions that work best for you and your book group, and get the conversation going! Bring the printable questions along for help. If too short, what would you add? What other title might you choose?

How well does it convey what the book is about? If the book has been published with different covers, which one do you like best? What ideas was he or she trying to get across? What artist would you choose to illustrate this book? What kinds of illustrations would you include?

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