My Personal Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Education Essay

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My Personal Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Education Essay

The costs of training a Steps to follow to write a good essay Practitioner in What is the cat string theory? care: the importance of allowing for the cost of education Steps to follow to write a good essay training when making decisions about changing the professional-mix. Mathematics Curriculum Research for K-6 Students. Albert Bandura Personal Statement. Everyone should be allowed to decide on their own if something is right or Steps to follow to write a good essay and what How do you pass a polygraph test? decide should be respected as is by others. Ready To Get Started? Entry level pharmaceutical sales representative cover letter want to teach early What are some scary games for kids? in a pre-kindergarten program, because early development is a field that is growing with importance. Letter helped me see that everyone learns differently.


My personal beliefs on education are that every student who comes to school could succeed in life and students has something to teach me. I am a role model to my students and I demonstrate respect, honesty, empathy, responsibility, promptness, and desire for learning. I can nurture a desire for learning in students, I feel that education should be relevant and interesting.

They have to give extra time and dedication to their job. I have learned a lot of what I know today from my past teachers, and I hope that my future students will say the same about me. I love children, and this is why I think I? I hope that one day I will have the same impact on my students that my past teachers have had on me. Research suggests that culturally relevant pedagogy is an effective way to reach students at varying academic and social levels.

The teacher is the central role of this pedagogical focus. A teacher chooses the teaching practices that they will implement based on their beliefs and knowledge. Culturally relevant pedagogy requires teachers to create culturally inclusive classrooms, as these need to be established so that students feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. A child that is entered in pre-kindergarten has a head start in learning to cooperate with children; learning to obey the rules in a school environment and the child will excel even more in elementary school if they have a pre-kindergarten background. After graduating with a degree in elementary education, pre-kindergarten and a minor in communications, I will pursue a career teaching to students at a young age.

I want to teach early education in a pre-kindergarten program, because early development is a field that is growing with importance. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. My Personal Philosophy on Education One of the questions I was asked most while growing up was, "What do you want to be when you grow up? Who could possibly know the answer to that question out of the many possible answers? It seemed like everyone did besides me. I have had so many interests throughout my life, but just couldn't decide what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I have always loved to be around children, whether it be babysitting, teaching, or assisting in Bible School and Sunday School. Many people in my family are teachers, including my mother.

They are not just regular teachers who carry that title, but they are teachers who mean something to their students and schools and possess that positive intuition that all students can succeed through hard work and determination. It wasn't until the summer of that I finally answered the question, that for so long I always dreaded to hear. It wasn't just finally being able to answer others questions, but the joy of knowing I'm going to be someone who can make a difference in a child's life.

Teaching holds an honor that allows me an opportunity to instruct students in hands-on experiences, to develop an atmosphere for learning, and to create a positive influence on the children with whom I am entrusted. I want to teach elementary aged children. What should be taught in school varies from individual to individual. However, the student's best interest must be kept in mind while planning a curriculum suitable to their needs. I would really like to work with the third and fourth grades, but that could change due to having experiences with the other grade levels.

After graduation, I would like to work towards my masters and earn a degree in reading. I feel that reading is the basis for all learning. After receiving my masters, I would still like to continue with my education and be active in teacher supportive groups. Get Access. Powerful Essays. Educational Philosophy Words 4 Pages. Educational Philosophy. All people have specific strength as well as individual needs, which impact our development and learning. It is crucial to earn education because it identify and consider our unique characteristics when we are learning and planning to set our goals.

This intentional focus on building on learners and we are developing learning proceed at varying rates from learner to learner. Every education learners have our own strategies for differentiating their teaching practice to ensure that we all could be successful learners. One of the most powerful ways to challenge informal education learners to think is encourage them to ask they own questions and to seek their own answers. Dialogue empowers learners through the act of critical thinking. Students therefore have the control to pose questions and engage in discussion with their teachers.

Dialogical methods support problem-posing education by unveiling reality, encouraging creativity and providing a basis for transformation Freire, , p. These attributes support trust and freedom, forming a foundation for justice. Throughout my educational career, my family and teachers have shaped my philosophy into a combination of both romanticism and progressivism. Based on my ideals, I want for my classroom to be a place where my students can go to learn in a way that suits their personality, and in a non-pressured environment.

I want to be able to engage my students and challenge them to learn based on their interests. The students--no longer docile listeners--are now critical co-inventors in dialogue with the teacher. These current Trait will help me alot in any class because I know I have the motivation and ability to create a good communication between the teacher and me. Furthermore, going from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset has changed my view of life dramatically.

Students should learn how to utilize their experiences to solve their problems. These beliefs reflect the pragmatist approach because pragmatism stresses the importance of education in everyday life. Education contains many different parts; therefore, the purpose should also contain multiple…. With the scaffolding, they will be able to take responsibility for their own learning. Basically constructivism is used as a guide in the education field. In constructivist education, there are some basic principles of knowledge built by students, where each student has an idea and knowledge base and knowledge-building process involves the social aspect.

However their teacher is just playing a role as a facilitator in the development of students ' knowledge. The constructivist teaching model encourages students to be actively involved in their learning and the teacher guides the students through the learning process. My philosophy of education Introduction In this paper I am going to write about my philosophy of education which reflects my own vision and it is slightly inspired by educational philosophies and schools of thoughts which I relate to the most.

In the light of my philosophy I am going to discuss the values, curriculum, teaching methods, student's evaluation methods, classroom management, and the role of both the teacher and the students. Also, I'm going to sum up this paper by discussing where my philosophy could be found in action. The importance of stating a philosophy makes our voiced heard and our views expressed as future educators. Essays Essays FlashCards.

Curtis, Original research papers for sale Merrill Prentice Hall. If all people were raised as described the outcomes would all be varied. In my opinion, a teacher should take into consideration the Quality writing paper for fountain pens of each student, appreciate their What are some approaches to writing an autobiography? and contribution, and treat everyone equally. Related Steps to follow to write a good essay Decent Essays. Elsevier Health Sciences.