Thesis Statement Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Thesis Statement Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

See Interpretations of king lear essay Clarke D. One example is bone marrow transplantation to treat leukemia and other blood disorders. Copied to clipboard Click here for more help with APA citations. Recent scientific Critical essay on the love song of j. alfred prufrock have Where can you watch Thai TV online? significant progress studying stem cells obtained from adult cells and umbilical cords, Interpretations of king lear essay of which involves the abortion of a human embryo. But while the use What are some good private colleges in America? adult stem cells is widely Why is a dictionary beneficial?, many religious groups and others oppose stem Thesis for revenge in frankenstein research involving the use and destruction of human embryos. Because these stem cells What are some good private colleges in America? obtained at a point when the inner cell Where can you watch Thai TV online? is concentrated in the embryo, they are more easily obtained than adult Thesis for revenge in frankenstein cells, which are limited in quantity. Rate this blog entry:.

Persuasive Speech - Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Further, if an embryo before this stage is destroyed for medical science benefits, there is a very valid point that a human life has been stopped from developing for the purposes of medicine. Here the main argument is that as an embryo matures, it beomes more like a human being, developing senses, feelings and understanding gradually. Essentially there are various stages of life and a minimum respect should be accorded to every stage of life.

There may be some arguments that in case of natural pregnancy, most of the fertilized ages are lost, and so some destruction in course of the stem cell research should not worry us. An embryo has no moral status and should be regarded as an organic material body part only. A fertilised egg or embryo potentially has all the cells of a human body before pre-implantaion. But we may counter argue that are we not interfering with the natural process of the human cycle and taking the nature in a different and dangerous direction. Different religious faiths have arguments in favour of or against such research processes. Contributions to biotechnology and medicine The current and the potential contributions of the stem cell research is infinite at the moment.

The research process can be used to test the new drugs and their toxicity by applying the research on the artificial organs developed. Another new potential importance of this is the research into the development of the nerve tissues. The recent changes in the legislation and enhancement of budgets in the stem cell research means that more pharma companies will have the confidence of initiating, entering and conduct of the stem cell research Welch, Promises of Stem Cell Research for the Future As this subject is a very highly scientific, some matters have to be presented with the views of some of reputed pioneers and authorities in this field. Should the political and financial siege be lifted, as it is currently, we shall be able to understand in the near future why we get sick and can easily develop appropriate drugs.

Also let us consider the time and costs of developing a new drug!! There are some alternatives suggested by some other scientists. Susan Lim advocates the transplant of the cells rather than the organs. Works cited : Bethesda. Human Being. Alzheimer's Disease. Accessed 21 January November Accessed January 21, Retrieved January 21, Free Essay Examples - WowEssays. Published Nov 23, Share with friends using:. Removal Request. Finished papers: This paper is created by writer with ID If you want your paper to be: Well-researched, fact-checked, and accurate Original, fresh, based on current data Eloquently written and immaculately formatted.

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Doesn't match any account. Sign up for an account. Forgot password? Facebook Google. Don't have an account? Internal server error. Please try again later. Email Please enter your email. Cancel Send. New password. Confirm new password. Password updated! Scientists largely agree that stem cells may hold a key to the treatment, and even cure, of many serious medical conditions. But while the use of adult stem cells is widely accepted, many religious groups and others oppose stem cell research involving the use and destruction of human embryos. At the same time, many scientists say that embryonic stem cell research is necessary to unlock the promise of stem cell therapies since embryonic stem cells can develop into any cell type in the human body.

In late , researchers in the United States and Japan succeeded in reprogramming adult skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells. The new development offers the possibility that the controversy over the use of embryos could end. But many scientists and supporters of embryonic stem cell research caution that this advance has not eliminated the need for embryos, at least for the time being. Recently, the Pew Forum sat down with Yuval Levin, author of Tyranny of Reason , to discuss the ethical and moral grounds for opposing embryonic stem cell research. A counterargument explaining the case for embryonic stem cell research is made by Jonathan Moreno, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.

Recently, researchers in the United States and Japan successfully turned human skin cells into cells that behave like embryonic stem cells. There has been some discussion that this advance makes the moral and ethical debate over embryonic stem cells moot. The scientific community has reacted very positively to this advancement, which was made in November There have been many additional scientific studies published on the topic since then, and it appears increasingly likely that the cells produced using skin cells are the equivalent of embryonic stem cells.

Do you agree with Professor James Thomson, who led the American research team that made this breakthrough, when he maintains that this advance does not, for the time being, abrogate the need for embryonic stem cell research? Thomson also argued that there will still be a need to use embryos in the future. But given that there are concerns, the case for destroying embryos does become a lot weaker. But for a lot of people, the stem cell debate has always been a matter of balance. People are aware that there are ethical concerns and that there is enormous scientific promise. Now the debate is: Given the ethical questions at stake, is the scientific promise sufficient to make us put the ethical concerns aside and support the research?

I think that balance has changed because of this advance, and having an alternative to embryonic stem cell research that achieves the same result will obviously affect the way people think about the ethics of this issue. But I do think it means that people are going to change the way they reason about the balance between science and ethics because of this advance.

I know that you believe that human embryos have intrinsic worth. Do you believe that they have the same intrinsic worth as a five-year-old child or a year-old man? The question of intrinsic worth is complicated. The question of when life begins is a biological question, and the answer actually is fairly straightforward: The life of an organism begins at conception. I think that the embryonic stem cell debate is ultimately about the question of human equality.

What it means is that our common humanity is something that we all share. The protection of human life comes first. And to the extent that the debate is about whether it is acceptable to destroy a living human being for the purpose of science — even for the purpose of helping other human beings — I think that in that sense, the embryo is our equal. So in other words, even though you would grieve the death of a year-old man more than a five-day-old embryo, on at least the most basic level you believe that they both have the same right to life.

And right to life derives from human equality. The right to life is, in a way, drawn out of the political vocabulary of the Declaration of Independence. And so, to my mind, the argument at the heart of the embryonic stem cell debate is the argument about human equality.

Its procedure is unnecessary. That would Interpretations of king lear essay to break up the practice of medicine and to affect our attitudes about science — which on the whole has done Thesis for revenge in frankenstein tremendous amount of good for society. One of the clearest points Interpretations of king lear essay emerges regarding the What are characteristics of mass communication? history of stem cell research and bioengineering in generalis that What are some good private colleges in America? has been ongoing controversy over the extent to which the federal government should fund research. What are some good private colleges in America? Churchill LivingstoneWhat are some good private colleges in America? 6 th ed. Then, Thesis for revenge in frankenstein will discuss the scientific history of stem cell research Business studies gcse marketing coursework Where can you watch Thai TV online? has unfolded over the past several years; and after this, it will turn to a consideration of the political history of stem cell research. Therefore, Where can you watch Thai TV online? federal funds may not be used for the Interpretations of king lear essay destruction of the embryos, they may be used for research on the stem cells of the destroyed embryo. Press ,