Executive Director Cover Letter For Non Profit

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Executive Director Cover Letter For Non Profit

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If the festival is profitable the brewing company will receive all of the profit and we receive nothing. Can we and are we legally permitted to act as a sponsor donating our non-profit funds to this for-profit company holding a Blues related festival? If not, is there any other way we can partner with this company to help them out? Barry, If you and your colleagues and your key stakeholders believe that your mission will be promoted, enhanced and fulfilled by having a booth at the Festival, and the cost to do so is within reason, then I cannot see a problem.

You can, however, spend money for a service to further the good work of your organization. Their main business is selling beer to make money. Thank you for your comments Tony, I appreciate your insight. Maybe a few more specifics would help. A fee for the booth would be waived because we were a sponsor of the event. We saw particular advantages to having our name on the advertising and banners to gain more recognition, potential new members and creating a relationship with the brewing company. Does this clarification change anything in your mind? BK, Private granting foundations are set up to give money to IRS-State-registered charities; not to make grants to other such granting entities. BK, Non-profit, operating, charities foundations , are public, community, entities.

There can be no private operation or business or monetary gain of any kind which would be out of the realm of usual, practical, and defensible compensation for staff of the operation. And all states and the IRS require a volunteer board of trustees—the minimum number required differs, but such an oversight and governing board is mandatory. Therefore, a single individual cannot start up an operating charity and be the sole operation and beneficiary of donated funds.

This would not be allowed by the IRS. That individual would be far better off to be hired and engaged in such research where it would be appropriate—perhaps at a research-oriented university. Cato would need to have c 3 status, and if so, no charitable funds are allowed to be given to Cato to the support or benefit of a named individual. All of this is beyond my pay grade and experience to some degree.

I can only relate what I believe to be true. I am the Association Executive for a c 6 organization. Are we legally able to donate to a c 3 as an organization? Since contributions to your c 6 organization are not tax-deductible, you are, in essence, making a gift to the c 3, which must be OK with your members. I belong to a non-profit fraternal organization c 8 and each year we host a fundraising event and raise money for two c 3 organizations. Are we able to deduct the expenses paper, envelopes, postage, etc. And no one from your organization should benefit in any way as a vendor who was paid for providing the fund-raising resources. Thanks so much for your time and previous reply, Tony.

Can you have a think thank of one? That is, one person starting a private operating foundation, and doing independent research on diabetes and obesity, for example mission is to reduce the burdens of obesity and diabetes by research, analysis, and debate. She plans to start in the first year by doing a podcast, writing a blog, conducting research, writing papers, and submitting those papers to academic journals, newspapers, and other outlets. She has the bona fides as a researcher. Without any proof of how the funds have been used.. Our new principal is stating that he wants to be in control of the money and does not want to have to ask for items or money from the PTA.

From what little I know about PTAs and PTOs, it seems that the latter came into being in order to be independent of a national, parent, governing group. Most likely to keep from paying dues, to have total local control, etc. Does he not realize that a productive and dedicated band of volunteers can be lost through his actions? Do you have any reason to suspect that, for whatever his purpose, he in fact wants your PTA to disband? You are raising money expressly for the good of the children, and you must have everything to say about where your hard-earned money goes. The funds you raise can only be used for purposes approved by your own PTA members through a budget process you develop.

You go against those regulations and abrogate your responsibility when the Principal takes the money to pay bills which should be paid for by the school itself. Think, as well, about how difficult it would be to raise money if you followed the command of the Principal. With donations going into a black hole of sorts at the school, you have no good case for support to present and compel your donors to give when you cannot readily identify programs, projects and services your PTA can produce for the benefit of the kids. Naturally, any parent support group created informally on an ad-hoc basis, raising money through a c 3 belonging to a school, would need to follow such a dictate as you described.

I have a question in regards to 1 non profit donating to another non profit. My question is more from an accounting perspective, how does the non profit that is donating account for that money? However, your question is deeper into the accounting weeds from what I have previously addressed. In my opinion, it does require counsel from your finance department, and especially from the outside auditor. I am sure you engage such a firm at the end of each fiscal year. Still, do look again at my article and see how your proposed donation fits with the terms I cite which I believe are essential to giving away money to another organization, money which was given by individuals and businesses to yours.

What strikes me though, is the money in question is government money. How rigid are the terms from that granting agency regarding your accounting for every penny? Could there be any understanding by the granting agency that you would not be using all of the funds granted for the purpose the grant was made? This is new to me. I have never seen or have been part of a government grant which allowed our organization and others with which I have worked to reallocate money to another non-profit entity. If it is OK, then in my opinion, sure, the full amount must be entered as grant income, since the payment was made to the organization A.

How the donation is cited in the books is up to the accountant and auditors—again, that is if it is OK to give money from a government grant, which I expect was strictly and clearly given for an express purpose, as proposed by organization A initially. When you report back to the granting agency for progress and final reports, how will justify not spending the full amount the project which attracted the grant in the first place? My husband and I looking into starting a non-profit for persons with Down syndrome with an international focus. Our son has Down syndrome and we were wondering if he is allowed to benefit from the non-profit at all. For instance if the non profit assisted in medical expenses or therapy expenses. Would he be able to receive funds too?

Louise, It is a lengthy, and sometimes costly, process to set up a non-profit organization. Going international as well poses problems regarding the tight rules when money raised in the US is spent abroad. Sorry about just a few of the hard facts, but I am being led to believe that along with your obvious strong humanitarian intentions, you need help with your own serious medical expenses.

To form a non-profit, which according to the IRS, must be a community-owned institution, the required board members you will need to enlist to help lead the organization will have every say when it comes to who is served, how served, and to what expense and duration. The IRS is strict in disallowing donated money raised to go to specific, named, individuals as they are identified by the founder-leadership when those recipients are family or friends or otherwise known. I think the work to set up the non-profit and the possible unintended conflict-of-interest risk, are far too great for you to chance. As an aside, following my twenty years as Director of Development for The Cleveland Orchestra, I provided non-profit fund-raising consulting for a number of years.

Perhaps the most satisfying experience was to provide counsel for a new Therapeutic Riding Center. There, and often, it was like a miracle to see several volunteers lift up a person with Down Syndrome into the saddle of a big, strong, horse—then to see that person come even far more alive with motions and happy expressions we would not think possible. I hope your son has that kind of opportunity. He also occasionally pays for certain supplies and promotional materials — T-Shirts, business cards, banners, etc. How do we handle this if he would like to consider these activities as donations to the organization? Are these In-Kind donations? Is this even permissible?

And the other question, about how to handle those donations, is readily answered as I suggest that you read my short article on the subject for guidance for you to provide appropriate and certainly well-deserved acknowledgment and appreciation. See my sample letter in the article. He pays invoices you submit to him and he pays the vendors directly. His tax-deductions would possibly be complicated for this In-Kind donation method. He gives cash, or checks, or gifts of stock valued in the amount or amounts you need to pay your vendors. Paying the vendors directly by your organization itself, allows him to declare to the IRS for tax purposes what he gave to you directly as cash.

In other words, if he agrees, as you send a payment to a vendor, you simply ask him to send a donation in a like amount directly payable to your non-profit. Round off the cents. My question is this: my organization used to be under the umbrella of a foundation. We were not our own c3 and any donations made to our arts organization were managed by the foundation. We recently organized as our own corporation and obtained our own c3 status. Our funds in the foundation were made originally to our organization even though they were managed and held by the foundation. Now the foundation says they cannot transfer our funds to our c3 without notifying the donors and getting their approval to move the funds.

I understand why the foundation would wish to be careful, but the funds in question were originally donated for use by our arts organization so how can they claim they need to serve notice before moving them to our c3? And though I know we are correct in claiming notice is not necessary, what grounds may I use to argue our position that the funds can ethically and legally be moved without sending out notices? We are in Illinois by the way. Any good FS agreement will have a means to deal with how to terminate the relationship. That separation agreement would have a clause addressing the transfer of funds and liabilities from the Project which was funded through the FS to your organization.

If you have no written agreement, or one not strong enough, it is possible that the FS would itself take over the Project. If that is what is cited in the agreement you signed, then the FS is so obligated. If not, such a practice may indeed be required anyway, or at least be the policy of the FS. Your status regarding the points I made above will either require legal counsel, or if needed, strong persuasion on your part. If a group of individuals wish to purchase and distribute air conditioners to needy families do they require a tax exempt status? We are just a group of people trying to help needy people by giving them air conditioners…we do not wish to be viewed as anything but charitable citizens…no foundation or organizational attachment…just generous neighbors..

Suggestions: 1 If the needy families are not now specifically identified, and your gesture is meant to benefit families later identified, you would be better off to find an existing non-profit willing and able to distribute and install the air conditioners. You would donate the cost of the ACs with your cash to the non-profit, and the non-profit would buy the air conditioners. That way, you get a tax-deduction for your donation to the non-profit. However, you could not order the non-profit to donate the air conditioners to needy people whom you know and identify.

That is the up to the non-profit. Can this be done through a church? Starting a non-profit for such an activity is a lengthy and costly process. As well, I doubt that the focus being so limited regarding air conditioners, would not result in the IRS granting non-profit status. As needing to be comfortable as some families might be, the cause, though noble, does not have a core value in sync with what non-profits generally do to better the lives of individuals. You can understand how cooling people can be a subjective and non-measurable endeavor. And it would make their electric bill go higher. You would simply be making outright gifts to those whom you identify as needy. There is no tax-deduction allowed of any kind.

I expect that your group would try as hard as possible to get air conditioners donated by the dealer, or get a good discount. I do not know if there are any rules on Facebook for the asking of money. As well, many states have regulations regarding such solicitations. But, such public and open ways to get money are subject to all sorts of problems relative to accountability and responsibility.

Again, there cannot be any tax-deduction allowed for such gifts. Hi Tony, This article is great! I do have one question about conflicts of interests and donations to non-legal entities that hopefully you can help me with. The c3 I am on the board of was originally a part of a University student organization. We decided that as a school club we could not have the impact that we wanted and decided to form our nonprofit. However, all of the board members on our c3 are the same people as the leaders of the club.

I have it understood that if a c3 donates money to another c3 with the same board of directors, that would be a clear conflict of interest and loyalty. My question is, would it be a conflict of interest if we decided to donate money to the student group that we are all leaders of even though the student group is not a legal entity? We start with the mission of your student c 3 as you applied to the IRS, and what your reason for being is, as you filed that declaration in your Articles of Incorporation to the state in which you operation.

Are you sticking to that declared Mission in every way? Is what you are paying to the club relevant to the mission served by your charitable organization, compared to what the club does? In any event, I agree that from what you describe, it is not at all a good thing for the same individuals to be leading both entities. Even that rather minimum prohibition, as subjective as may seem, could result in management decisions not serving the best interests of one group or the other.

Would a church c3 be able to donate to a ministry that is not a C? What are the implications of doing so? My question is can any one individual benefit from donations with a church who has a C? Because at the church I attend the pastor is benefiting from the donations for security service. Jacqulyn, No named individual can directly benefit from donations made to a non-profit organization. In this case though, if the Pastor is living in a Manse—a church owned and funded home, then yes, if the Pastor needs a home security system, that should be part of the expense budget.

However, if the Pastor is living in his or her own home, not at all subsidized by the Church, then no, such an expense is not warranted and would violate the rules and regulations of the IRS. I am the founder of a c 3 and also on the board of another c 3. Both provide services to the same cause. The other is new, but working to operate on a much larger scale. Am I able to donate some of the money we have raised to the other nonprofit to help them get things going? Chris, To my way of thinking, being so intimately connected to two so like organizations, sets you up for possible conflict of loyalty. The perception alone could be obvious and damaging.

Unless you are talking about differing service areas of operation, I see no good reason why two organizations are providing the same services. Why give money given to your organization to help another grow and expand? Do you not owe such vision to your own constituents? In my opinion, it is not a good idea for you to have your joint involvement—especially when it come to the possible transfer from one organization to another of donated funds. I get what you are saying.

The one I founded focuses on therapy for children with disabilities and the other focuses on job training for young adults with disabilities. My foundation is run almost solely by myself and the intent is to stay small and help the families we are sponsoring and slowly filter in more. The other has a much larger vision and will support young adults on a larger scale. But, as you said, being involved with both is tricky. I will donate to the new one on a personal level and ensure funds raised by nonprofit stays within my nonprofit. Thank you for the advice! My kids are in youth football. Our team has c3 status and so does the league that we play in but they are separate. Can the league legally issue fines to our organization for infractions and then kick us out for not paying them?

Also are there any requirements for such things? But someone took video of one coach from one team and they are using that as proof to issue a fine to just our team because they didnt record or attempt to record anyone else leaving… Are there are legal issues with us giving them league money as part of a fine? Darren, If your team was entered into the league with rules and regulations, then that is the first place to look for any mention of penalties for infractions. If there was nothing written to which you agreed, then the fines seem to me to be arbitrarily levied, thus they should have no standing.

Its what you agreed to, if anything, written and signed, to which you must comply or take the consequences as stated. If none stated, then none can be binding. As I see it from here. I have a question regarding in-kind gifts and what can be done with them if they are not something the clients which our organization serves can use. We have a volunteer who is wanting to take some of our donations to sell in his thrift stores, and then return a portion of the proceeds back to our organization as a donation.

I am just wondering as to the ethical and legality of this sort of transaction? It seems as though we would be funneling charitable donations into a for-profit organization as well as possibly providing double tax documents if we are providing the original donor a receipt for their in-kind donation, and then again to the volunteer for his donation. I am new-ish to development and just want to make sure that we as an organization do not do anything that would put us in a grey area either legally or ethically.

And that seems to be what your volunteer has determined as salable for his thrift store. GIK donated to you which are of use to those whom you serve, should be used in that way according to the wishes and understanding of the donors. It also helps of discourage other GIK of no use to you. Still, there were times some GIK donated to my organization went into trash. I suggest that you encourage the volunteer to buy the unusable GIK at a price attractive to him, considering how little they are worth to you. He can then sell the items at whatever price he wishes to set. If he does not see it that way, then I believe you can go ahead and work to his procedure, recognizing that you may have no other way to get any value from those useless GIK.

I see no problem with tax-deductions if taken by the original GIK donors when some of them gave things you honestly could not apply to the needs of your clients — GIK which were disposed of in the most practical way. Our c3 application is pending but we have a planned event and want to begin soliciting donations. We want the donors and sponsors donations to be tax deductible. We would like to utilize our website and Paypal if possible because the flyers, website and posters have already been printed up. Can we collect the funds using our PayPal and the write one big check to the c3 the event is benefiting and provide the c3 with a list of the donors for their purposes?

Do we have any other options? The situation worsens should the receiving organization itself declare your money transfers as tax-deductible. I work for a large non-profit who runs a fundraising gala every year. There is a benefit and fair market value attached to the tickets of this gala. Or are they ok if we make sure the letter acknowledges the fair market value of the benefits received? Or is there some other way of looking at it?

All you do is exactly what you have been doing: making it clear in the acknowledgment the FMV of the goods and services received, and the true charitable tax-deductible amount. Nothing more. The donation and the patron purchase reporting will be something the foundation will handle internally with its own accounting to reconcile with the IRS. Hello I have a similar question. I am the founder and president of a c3 that I formed to save a vintage steamship, and while that effort ultimately failed, and the non profit is overall dormant at the moment, one of the other groups that I am involved in the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps, while on a national level is a non profit entity, individual units need to get that status on their own, so the unit that I am an officer in currently does not have non profit status.

My question is as such, the unit is currently in the middle of an effort to acquire, preserve and return to service a WWII, US Naval vessel for use as its cadet training ship, and in the efforts to raise money has set up a holding corporation for the money raised and to own the vessel once it has been transferred, however we have found that without a c3 many organizations dont donate to the efforts or support it financially without it, and since the unit does not individually hold the status, and we cannot receive grants without a c3, can I contract with the unit using the non profit status of the steamship society to gain more support grants and other donations for the project as it does fall within the societies bylaws for educational purposes in the furtherance of maritime historic preservation in the Great Lakes Region?

Would it be frowned upon to raise money for this group and effort to save this historic WWII Navy ship, and transfer it to the LLC holding corporation that does not currently hold a non profit status? It is an area I am not familiar with so cannot answer. Any advice or experience would be a great help. If you cannot raise money for the purpose to which you incorporated, then you cannot raise money for another entity—most especially one not having the tax-deduction benefits related to a c 3 organization. I think it a great risk for all, and illegal, for you to use your tax-exempt status to funnel money to the holding company for use to support an organization where gifts made are not tax-deductible.

As I see it, you can raise all of the money you can, but it must be made clear upfront that those giving money cannot declare tax-deductions. The holding company, to me, is but an escrow device, and a good thing—but the money going in should be simply straight-out gifts, not donations as treated by state and Federal contributions laws. Your intent is honest and inspired, but to the jaundiced eye of the IRS, the proposed idea, to my way of seeing it, is clearly illegal. Can a c3 make a donation to another non profit which is recognized non profit on state level, but not recognized federally as a c3? Mandy, From what I know, and from would seem to be factual, is that there cannot be a c 3 official designation without it coming directly from the IRS.

To conduct charitable solicitation in states requires that an organization have proof of such accreditation. A state cannot solely and independently provide tax-exempt status. As we know, all claims for charitable tax-deductions must go through the federal IRS. Can a school board authorize a donation of school funds to support a local charitable event in town? And if the event is such in the usual sense, the funds must not be lost in undue expenses to produce the event, which in turn should be a fund-raiser for a non-profit. Our goal is to approach and raise money as one organization but be able to write a huge check once a year to the school foundation for hiring more staff.

As it stands now, the PTA is no doubt a member of the state and national association, and if you are planning to dissolve the PTA, I expect you must certainly adhere to the policies and regulations to which the PTA originally agreed. I am not an expert on such matters, but common sense points me to suggest that, since you routinely give your money to the school, you may be OK to do so now with the balance of your funds now held in the bank. Doing the latter with the IRS will take time and money, so you will need to know how you will provide parent-related services in the meantime.

Your school or the district may have an attorney whom you could contact for help, but be sure that your PTA takes all of the required steps necessary regarding state and national restrictions, policies and agreements which were originally installed. Can a c donate to another c if any of the directors and on the board of both organizations?

A Director of the giving organization being a Director of the receiving organization, if the latter organization is paying for certain services or products the director provides. Just one such conflict. That is, if the money is given to the organization he favors far more and the intent is obvious. Tough to separate and identify conflicts, so the easiest way is to have those dual-serving trustees absent from the vote by the board to donate money to the other organization. The fiscal sponsor is often slow to process donations, and the money we need gets delayed, putting us in a tough spot sometimes. Most of the sponsors that donate to us each year are other nonprofit organizations, some are incorporated as c3, others are not.

We are thinking of having those orgs donate directly to us, bypassing the fiscal sponsor and their processing delay as well as the admin fee , but want to be clear about whether this would run afoul of any regulations for us or them, or would otherwise be fiscally detrimental to the donating organizations. Jade, You run the real risk of losing your Fiscal Sponsor with any form of bypassing that organization to secure funds. Read over again the contract you have with your FS and I expect there will be legal language there anyway which would prohibit your seeking of funds without them as the conduit.

Without the FS as your authorized fund-raising source, no money otherwise given to you is tax-deductible. Any non-profit doing so can run the risk as well of feeling the heavy and disapproving hand of the IRS. Thanks, Tony. I have scheduled a meeting a couple weeks from now with several staff from our FS to talk about this and many other questions I have for them. Other c 3 organizations may give money, but only to other c 3 organizations.

Since private donations to your organization are not tax-deductible, then another charity giving you funds would be in violation of the tax-exempt status under which such organizations must work. A registered non-profit must not give away its donated funds to another which does not have that distinction. In your case, any such donation must go to and through your Fiscal Sponsor. Thanks again, Tony. This is helpful and makes sense to me.

There are other issues at play in this situation related to how quickly our FS processes donations and transfers money to us, and the misaligned timeline our org has set for soliciting sponsor contributions which make up a significant portion of our annual budget. Sounds like tax evasion to me. Do you have anything I can give them to show the board as proof that this is not a legitimate method of handling summer camp tuition? We are a non-profit that began in We obtained non-profit status under the Road Runners Club of America and are required to have at least one race event a year to keep our non-profit status.

We plan to dissolve this non-profit in The funds raised are for children that lost a parent and has been collected for medical and college expenses once the children are grown. Is it possible once we dissolve that we can transfer the funds to a college savings plan without tax consequences? I know that a number of states require that they give permission in advance of a dissolving non-profit disposing of any funds. Can a c3 use funds to go on a field trip? We are a garden club and we would be going to a garden. How the public is positioned and receives benefit relative to what may be a closed membership club of your type, is something I am just bringing up for clarification due to your brief note. Because you are asking here if such a field trip is OK, it may be safe to assume that the idea is new, thus itself making the event questionable if not in keeping with what you have been doing.

How many additional trips could come up? Are donated funds used to pay the transportation costs? Would those funds be used to pay additional expenses related to the trip? If those going on the trip each paid not a contribution their share of the total expenses, then the idea may be OK as is. We are set up as a C3 organization. We work very closely with a C4 that holds an annual fundraising event that benefits us the C3. People can donate used furniture, clothing, appliances, etc. Ashley, Contributions, cash or GIK, made to the c 4 organization are not tax-deductible. The c 4 was the receiver of record. Hi there! I am in charge of a joint fundraiser this year between a c 3 and and c 6.

All the money raised and donated is deposited into the checking account of the c 3 and at the end of the event once expenses have been paid, the money raised is split down the middle and the c 3 writes the c 6 a check. I am wondering if this is common place and ok to do? I just want to make sure we are keeping the integrity of the c 3. Your thoughts? Hi Michelle, I will not bother with the usual caveats regarding IRS regulations relating to my role here as just an old non-profit fund-raising professional giving fund-raising advice.

You could even possibly lose your IRS classification. From the conditions I propose in my article, which must be in effect when one non-profit is donating to another, it is obvious that the two missions are far apart. Your c 3 has a mission to do something for the public good. There is a definite positive and personal gain here for the c 6, which is why contributions made directly to a c 6 are not tax-deductible. The former becomes nothing more than a pass-through of donated money to the latter. And, that sounds very bad to me—even illegal. There are far too many things wrong with such a deal—in my opinion. The c 3 is not part of the culinary arts, but does many different things in the community.

In your opinion, would it be better for the c 3 to pay the grants to the schools and scholarships to the children the c 6 would benefit, instead of writing a check to the c 6 directly? Michelle, It is tough for me to see all of the aspects of the deal from this literal and figurative distance. That would be if the grants and scholarships were free and clear from any return commitment to individual members of the c 6. If simply, and only, for the good of the schools and students, how are the members of the c 6 directly to benefit?

If they provide their support for the good of the industry without any personal or business gain, that makes me think even more that the organization would be a c 3, thus allowing tax-deductions for contributions. There may be real and serious mission drift here. From your last question, to my way of reading it, take care that the c 3 is not altering or muddying its mission to suit or accommodate an initiative of the c 6.

Especially, if culinary arts are far removed from the reason in the first place that the c 3 was incorporated. I am sorry Michelle, but this situation needs more than what this humble old fund-raising professional can provide. Tony — Thank you so much for all your help. You have opened up discussion in our group and have allowed us to fully understand what rules we must now deal with since our status has changed.

I appreciate your time and help. Michelle, I only wish I could be in the same meeting room for those discussions. It would settle the many nuances of such transactions as you describe. We are a Garden Club with a c3 status. Two questions…. We have plants sales, raffles, Ways and Means table. What are the rules in the state of CA on raffles and question number two……may we use funds we have for a field trip to a garden with our members. We want to hire a bus. Terry, Laws regarding raffles do differ from state to state. You should contact the office of the Attorney General of California. Thus, to my way of non-IRS-expert thinking, using donated funds to pay for a bus to transport members may be counter to the regulations.

Better, in my estimation, to have the members who are taking the bus ride, chip in their share and pay for the bus expense in that way. As I see it, and I may be wrong, the members should not benefit in that way, which is a way apparently not directly related to the mission. They are benefiting personally, and any such personal gain should be avoided. And maybe also have a therapy toy lending library for parents to access through the school.

Can a non-profits sole purpose be to donate to another non-profit? And if not, could we start a non-profit therapeutic toy lending program for the community as the sole purpose, but then donate to the schools as well? Jennifer, Founders such as you, having vision and dedication, most often bring new and important services to their communities. Your entrepreneurial spirit is to be commended, but starting a non-profit is time consuming and it can be expensive. Therefore, there are key elements in such organization which must be addressed early on. Prior to the start-up of any non-profit organization, the reason for its being must be clear and defensible. What you propose to do must have a positive outcome in terms of making a real and positive difference in lives.

Adapt from my article:. There must be a stated need to be filled. And there must be boundaries. How many schools then, would be included in your program? In your situation especially, it would all start with what the public school administrators think of the idea, be they the state Superintendent and the local officials. You must determine if there are similar programs in place. Or, if already established educational non-profits could institute the program you are looking to install. Making the appropriate contacts to decision-makers, selling them on the idea, getting their full support, and developing an operational plan, are the steps I believe you will agree are essential before you begin any official IRS organizational activity.

My nonprofit organization has been approached by a private donor who has asked us to pass through funds that he wants to donate to one of our partner public schools. Nichole, If the school chosen by the donor has its own c 3 certification, then you are correct that he should make his donation directly there. What special interest does the gentleman have with the school of his choice? Is there any direct benefit to him, or to family or friends, when such money would go to the school? Would he be calling the shots on the application of the funds? You should not accept money which you are obliged to give it away according to the dictates of the donor.

I think that your organization, as an accredited non-profit, is not in the same position as you would be as a Fiscal Sponsor raising money for a cause which does not have tax-deduction privileges. It would be a real stretch to have the donor be the latter, and you the FS, with his money. Legal or illegal, to me is rather fuzzy here, but I do go back to what would be my prohibition—that I could not accept a donation to give a tax-deduction for someone directing the money to go a lesser classified organization—even if that entity was a partner to my organization. An historic mill recently burned down and the owner is asking for help in rebuilding. The mill is a commercial venture. If the water right active issue is the core value of your organization—its mission—then, it would appear that without the mill, you would not be able to conduct your business.

In the eyes of the law, this could allow you give money for the rebuilding. Such arrangements are common enough when valuable medical research is done by for-profit organizations for non-profits. As well, I would imagine that the accounting procedures would be demanding and exacting. One for miscellaneous field trips and educational supplies, the other for a specific history trip.

They have told my teacher friend if she wants to continue field trips, she will have to fund raise for them. Is this legal? Debby, It appears to me that you are being confronted by a crass and unappreciative bunch of school administrators. But, there could be far more serious issues at work here. There could be a real problem too with the original donors who would expect their donations to be used in the manner and for the purposes they were solicited in the first place. There may be some very prominent parents who donated to the programs they expect will be produced.

They should know from you about what is happening, in that there is going to be an apparent misuse of the money they gave. Though you stated that you and a teacher friend were the fund-raisers, it depends upon whom you relied upon as the board members required in the formation of any non-profit. If they are the board, principal and superintendent, then they must be reminded that they cannot legally use the donated funds in any manner other than what is dictated by the original mission. After all you have done for the schools over nine years, how those folks can then expect you to forego the money you raised for those specific purposes, and use the funds in other ways, then to expect you to still go to the community for separate field trip money, is all well beyond any common sense and sense of what just and right.

Tony I saw Franks question and I have a question along the same line. I belong to c4 and we also have a c3 which was created so we could accept donations and the person donating could take a tax deduction. Can the c3 accept donations and them make payments towards the restoration project? Thanks, Jeff Smith. The latter entity was created that way for a good reason.

I expect all motives are good, but the arrangement seems to me to be illegal, or quite close to being so. Tony thanks for the comments. It seems like this a gray area. Some years ago we created the c3 because we were told it would be difficult and expensive to change the existing c4 to a c3. We wanted to be able to accept donations that would be tax deductable for the donor. The c3 has one member, the c4 membership. Is there a good reason to have both? Should be be thinking about consolidating both into the c3? Thanks for the help. Jeff, It all depends upon the statement of purpose for setting up the c 3 in the first place. According to the IRS such tax-exempt organizations must provide a needed and wanted service in the community served.

It must make a positive difference in lives, for animals, or the environment. While the refurbishment of the engine is exemplary, it seems to me that it does not fulfill a demonstrated need to serve identified constituents. Thus, the mission of the original c 3 may be at great odds to that of the c 4, hence it seems to me no way for shifting donations from the former to the latter to have donors receive tax-deductions. Tony, once again, thank you for the info. I will see if I can read and understand the written word.

We put on two shows a year. I think that great care and tact are necessary here before the program is handed off to NP-B, so you can properly determine if or how those designated funds can go along with the program as well. But, other of your parents must approve. Maybe this one criterion is even more difficult to meet, due to the unique nature of such an exchange. Ok, I have a tough question…. There are qualifying words enough such as generally, etc. It is interesting to me that your mission included the serving of another non-profit whose contributions received are not tax-deductible.

Also, the organization may be required to disclose that contributions are not deductible when it solicits contributions. Similarly, contributions to certain war veterans organizations are deductible. If the contributions are deductible as charitable contributions, substantiation and disclosure requirements may apply. Before we turn over the balance of our treasury to the internationl organization can we make a donation to another non-profit origanization health related and is there a limit or not? I would appreciate your expert advice. Many thanks. It would seem to me that things will be even more complicated regarding the international connection you have in regards to any funds going, if they are, overseas.

All questions regarding the disposal of any of your assets, it would seem to me, must be first communicated to the parent entity to be referenced to its Articles of Incorporation and other financial policies. As a c 3 , we will use a golf related website as a fundraising tool for some outstanding childhood cancer fighting organizations. We will maintain our distinction but would like to formalize our commitment that after expenses, the three organizations which we will support will each receive equal shares of funds raised. While the golf related website will be our long term fundraiser, the website is not yet operational.

What is the best way to formalize our commitment? Letter of agreement which codifies our percentages beyond expenses which will transfer to each organization? We want nothing formal in return but feel that our effectiveness can be increased if the receiving organizations know that our commitment is binding. We have no problem having everything notarized and made legally binding to eliminate any blurred lines. As I understand how IRS classifications work, one such as yours should not mostly or primarily be raising money for other non-profits.

I would like to know how the golf-related website, as a fund-raising tool for the benefit of other organizations, fits within, and with, your charter mission. Then, I will be in better position to advise regarding your way or ways to formalize the agreement with the receiving charities. In advance however, I think that all you need is to post on your website your intention to divide among the three organizations the net proceeds of your fund-raising efforts. To my way of thinking, nothing more is required. You make a promise on your website for all to see, and you hold true to the promise. Thanks Tony. I have re-written our Mission Statement to clarify that funds raised will be split equally among the 3 organizations.

What is the best way to publicize and market the intent and effort? Thus, no donation made to your organization, which is not tax-deductible, can be assigned to a c 3 for any such tax break. Hello, How long does a c3 entity have to wait to sell a donated item if the entity has no need or use for the item? Roland, As I understand it, there is no such time limit. Unless, for some reason, the donor gave the item with conditions. Once the item is yours, and you acknowledged the In-Kind donation appropriately, it is yours to do with as you wish and for as long as it takes.

Example: An organization receives items to sell in its gift shop. They could very well sell some of them the same day the items were received. Some of the items may take much longer to sell, or they may never sell. Can the mission of a NON-profit organization for educational purposes be to specifically raise support and funds for student scholarships that attend a for-profit school? David, While your seeking of advice from an attorney skilled in non-profit law, or from the IRS, is essential here, nonetheless, I will dip into those sometimes muddy waters with comments from my own experience and judgment.

To me, the choice of the for-profit recipient institution sends up a red flag. Such action may be illegal. Being for-profit, it is up to the school to operate as a business does—to generate earned income and make money. The choice of a for-profit school can also raise a question regarding any possible conflict of interest for personal or business gain for any official from either entity. As well, according to the IRS, the non-profit cannot give its donated funds to a named individual for his or her scholarship costs in the first place. And, the donating non-profit, on the other hand, cannot direct any school to give the scholarships to named individuals. OK for classes of individuals or students taking certain courses. In any event, all schools, more or less, would have their own scholarship fund programs internally managed for the seeking of contributions and for them to make the ultimate distribution choices.

In my opinion, any money you raise should be donated to an education non-profit for them to manage and present scholarships. Hi, I would like you to expand on this comment a little please. What about an educational c 3 non profit that is acting as a fiscal sponsor to raise money for scholarships for a non-profit school that does not have its c 3 status yet. They are raising funds for general scholarships so that underserved children can apply and matriculate in the school.

They are not assigning funds to any specific individuals, but handing the money over for the school to manage. Can you let me know your thought on this? Also, the school is currently applying for c 3 status. Will that effect their application or is it something they should note in their application that they received funds in this way. The son of the donor organization goes to the school and receives tuition deduction, but not from the donated funds. That appears to be the case with both the FS and school operating as educational organizations. To keep those rules in effect and working, an agreement in writing is necessary to be sure that the expectations and duties of both parties are clearly understood.

Since the FS is expected to do more than just hand over the money, how that Fiscal Sponsor will expect to influence or to otherwise manage in some way what the school wishes to do, is perhaps the most important condition both parties will address. In other words, is the project the school wishes to operate in the way it wants it to run as equally agreed upon by the FS? From what I understand, there are times when sponsored organizations just want their money, and they do not clearly understand that the Fiscal Sponsor must ensure that the money raised for the purpose as stated to donors, is exactly how the money is spent.

Sponsored organizations simply do not take the money and run with it. And the IRS looks into these arrangements. As well, the school will want to consider early in the arrangement when and if the school might decide to establish its own non-profit status and work accordingly with the FS for such a possible disengagement and transition. Thanks for putting this information out there. But in reality its going to come down to partnerships and collaborative efforts to survive. Is it a good use of the nonprofits money to spend thousands of dollars to create their own event with no guarantee the proceeds will exceed expenses when a small investment in another event generates thousands of dollars? Terri, Yes, some non-profits can cooperate, partner and collaborate in certain reasonably non-competitive ventures to broaden their respective markets and increase their contributed and earned revenues.

For example, the local orchestra can partner with the local ballet company to present a joint performance of music and dance. However, such relationships may not work well, or at all, for a host of reasons. From experience, they are not always made in Heaven. First, working with another non-profit or non-profits. How come they get so much for the little work they did? Be ready, though for a problem, no matter the amount you decide.

To some it will be too much, and to others, it will be too little. Thus, in my opinion, it is not going to come down to having those relationships for non-profits in general to survive. If missions are strong, management is good, and the volunteer board fulfills its promised responsibility, most any non-profit must stand on its own feet. To my way of thinking, such partnering efforts should only be conducted when the results measurably enhance the good things the organization is doing.

If the non-profit is seeking to be involved in that way for the sake of survival, then I suggest that the non-profit probably should not exist in the first place. I cannot see how such a return on investment is possible in collaboration with another or other non-profit. If so, that would be a gross misuse of the money given to the charity. Funders do not see what they give to your organization as a business deal for them. They do want you to operate your organization in a business-like manner, to be sure, but they are giving to have you fulfill your mission, not to make a good business deal for the presenter of the event—no matter how much you get out of it. Any there any similar restrictions or other considerations when a c6 wants to make a contribution to a c3?

These would be employee donations collected by the organization and then contributed on their behalf to a charity selected by those employees. Thanks for any insights. In the main, however, be sure to stick close to your mission, regarding what the organizations does for the member employees in the first place. And there is much to learn from numerous webpages devoted to the operation of a c 6. Just enter into a search engine and get what else you may need. Sarrah, I do know that donations to c 6 organizations are not tax deductible. Thus, money going from a c 3 to such an organization is not a contribution. A business league is an association of persons with a common business interest.

Members can be for-profit businesses. In the first place, from the above observations, it would be highly likely that the mission of a c 3 would not in any way be in sync with what a c 6 does when its goal is to improve the for-profit business interests of its members. I see great risk here to the non-profit status of the c 3 should it give its charitable donations to what ends up being a commercial, business and profession-furthering, entity. Hi, Thanks for all of the great information. I have read a couple of things about money given to organizations outside of the US not being tax deductible.

I wanted to see if you knew anything about this. Hello Brian, Please click onto the following link to an article on the Raise-Funds website:. While that short essay deals with how money can be raised in other countries, do be sure to scroll down the Addendum for information directly related to what you stated in your Blog. Sounds like you may be the to go person here. I have a Question. I am forming an LLC manufacture wholesaler that will sell my products to a retail buyer. The product sold will tell of the XXX program of which I formed and information on how the consumer of my product can donate to the cause of the XXX program.

The XXX program is under a fiscal sponsorship 3 c entity. There will be no donations benefiting in any way my private LLC. I can only, in an unofficial capacity, give you my comments based on experience and some common sense. My observations may help as you must press on to discuss this rather complex situation with those more appropriate: — Accountant, Attorney, and the Fiscal Sponsor FS. From what I understand, all donations must first go through the FS. Then, whatever percentage of those donated funds, agreed upon in the contract, would go the the programs of the XXX organization. That the sale of your products would have the revenues from customers finally go to your XXX organization, makes urgent that no one connected to XXX derives any benefit whatever.

That includes you if you have a paid staff position, or any of your family. I think this point is the one most sticky, and one which you must examine with great care. I am submitting my detailed resume for your consideration and wish to meet you soon in personal to describe my experience and skills in detailed. Thank you, Yours Sincerely. My Accounts finance experience has developed well in diverse working environments like construction, automobile and audit firm. You will find me decisive, energetic and confident, the type of person on whom your organization can rely on. I am prepared for the next challenge in my career and look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,.

A Master of Business Administration with specialization in Finance. In my last company I have registered and implemented VAT with processes and procedures to follow. If you are giving an opportunity, I would like to continue my progressive career in your esteemed organization with my self-motivated, determined, hardworking and fast learning aptitudes. Please find enclose my resume for your kind perusal. Thanking you in anticipation. I have been successfully managing auditing, finance and accounting operations, implementing robust controls to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. It has been my responsibility to devise effective strategies to maintain appropriate documentation while ensuring precision, accuracy and compliance with the accounting standards. I am a highly personable, self-motivated and diligent individual with flexibility to adapt to new situations.

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Please find attached my CV for the any post of relevant to my profile. If you have any query, please feel free to contact me on my contact details given in my CV. Accounting Assistant sample cover letter to recruitment agency Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, A colleague of mine, Mr. Jack, suggested your company to me as you lately assisted her in a strategic career move. I understand that your company specializes in the Accounting field. With a Master's Degree in Finance and over nine years' experience as an Accounting Assistant, I have developed a strong background in Accounting.

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Over the last nine years, I have gained beneficial knowledge and experience in many aspects of Accounting. With my considerable energy, drive and ability to work long hours, I hardly ever fail in accomplishing my goals and that of the organization. Some key points you may find relevant to a Accounting position with your center include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] If you are in need of a person with my skills, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you to determine the contributions I can make to your company. Accounts Receivable Clerk sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. Dear [Recipient Name], Although I am presently employed by one of your major competitors, I must admit that I was captivated by your company's mission statement when I visited your website.

Reflecting on my Accounts Receivable Clerk experience within the Accounting field, it is at this point in my career I am pursuing to pursue a long-term personal and professional target of a stimulating opportunity as an Accounts Receivable Clerk within a renowned organization. A visionary, forward-thinking Accounts Receivable Clerk offering seven years of progressive progress and exceptional success across multiple Accounting firms. Remarkable negotiation and relationship management skills with capability to inspire teams to outperform expectations.

The following key strengths also exemplify highly marketable skills in Accounting and characteristics: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] Should my credentials meet your needs, I would be available to organize a meeting immediately. I will call your office next week to answer any questions you may have and to set up a commonly fitting appointment. Finance Manager sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. Ryan last week. I spoke to him regarding career opportunities in the Finance domain and he suggested that I contact you. I am very interested in joining your team as a Finance Manager or similar role that matches my qualifications. With a Master's Degree in Finance and over five years' experience as a Finance Manager, I have established a strong experience in Finance.

Also, I have acquired effective skills and a practical understanding of the vital principles and practices linked with Finance. My CV will provide more details regarding my education and work experience. Some key points you may find relevant to a Finance role with your center include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] If you are in need of a person with my skills, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you to determine the contributions I can make to your company.

Financial Accountant sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. Dear [Recipient Name], Mr. Jason gave me your contact details because he thought that you might be in need of a capable Financial Accountant as part of your team. Seeking to exploit relevant work experience to secure a position as a Financial Accountant for a leading Finance organization. As detailed in my CV, you will find a strong background in Finance with over four years as a Financial Accountant. In this capacity, I have developed an expertise in Finance. I am confident that my experience in these areas will prove to be an asset to [Company Name].

The following key competencies also exemplify greatly marketable skills in Finance and characteristics: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] Should my credentials meet your needs, I would be available to arrange a meeting immediately. I will call your office next week to answer any inquiries you may have and to set up a mutually fitting appointment. Financial Advisor sample cover letter - checking for vacancy Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, My reason for contacting you is simple. I am interested in exploring any Financial Advisor opportunities that may be available through your company.

Remarkably talented, award-winning, and self-directed Financial Advisor who has made a mark in different facets of Finance settings including management, direction, relations, and control. I am passionate and spirited and ca quickly analyze complex problems in high-paced environments, establish priorities, and formulate effective solutions to regularly exceed anticipations with timely and cost-effective results. A brief highlight of the skills in Finance and values I would bring to your organization include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would like to meet you to talk about my qualifications for the Financial Advisor position.

Please call me at the following phone number, or leave a message, to organize an interview. Financial Analyst sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. Dear [Recipient Name], I have been following the performance of your company on www. With my experience working for one of your direct rivals in Finance as a Financial Analyst, I know I could make major contributions. Pursuing to draw upon the skills and experience gained across a variety of roles to land a position in Finance.

Strategic Financial Analyst with seven years of hands-on experience in highly competitive Finance environments. Let me briefly highlight the skills in Finance, values and contributions I will bring to your organization: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] After reviewing my CV, you will discover that my credentials are a good match for the Financial Analyst position. The opportunity for a personal interview to discuss employment possibilities further would be mutually beneficial. You can reach me on [mobile] to organize an appointment.

In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration. Financial Assistant sample cover letter to recruitment agency Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, I am forwarding to you my cv in case any of your clients has a need for a competent and devoted Financial Assistant. Detail-oriented Financial Assistant specializing in Finance with demonstrated track record in excellence. Self-motivated and dependable with eight years of experience. An inventive problem solver and hardworking contributor, respected by peers, community, and professional groups. Eager to accept new challenges. Extremely well organized, detail oriented, budget and deadline conscious in all reporting functions.

My specific areas of expertise in Finance are: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] A complete picture of my expertise and experience is very important. I look forward to talking to you soon to answer any inquiries you may have concerning my background. Dear Hiring Manager, I wouldn't miss the opportunity of applying to the Financial Controller position which I knew about through your Announcement no.

In this context, please accept this job application and the enclosed CV as a sign of genuine interest. Ambitious, versatile Financial Controller with remarkable capabilities in Finance. Warm and friendly with the capability to listen, relate well to others, and understand their needs. Results driven professional fruitful in generating exceptional performances. The following skills in Finance and characteristics are reason to take a closer look at my credentials: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] While my attached CV provides a brief overview of my background, I look forward to a personal meeting at which time we ca discuss your requirements and my credentials in detail.

I will call you next week to organize a meeting; in the meantime, you can contact me at the above numbers. Strategic Billing Supervisor with seven years of hands-on experience in highly competitive Finance environments. A brief highlight of the skills in Finance and values I would bring to your company include: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would like to talk to you about your personnel needs and how I am able to contribute to your department's goals in the role of Billing Supervisor.

I know that CVs help you sort out the probables from the possibles, but they are no way to judge the personal caliber of an individual. I would like to meet you and demonstrate that along with the credentials, I have the professional commitment that makes for a successful team player. Dear Hiring Manager, While looking at job opportunities on www. Tenacious, self-directed, and ingenious Cash Flow Analyst with the ability to drive excellence to any environment. Skillful of harvesting gained knowledge and experience in benefit of the team. Notably skillful in building and fortifying rapport through enduring trust as well as communication. Inspires teams through interest and a wealth of expertise. My particular areas of expertise in Finance are: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] While my enclosed CV provides a brief overview of my background, I look forward to a personal meeting at which time we ca talk about your needs and my qualifications in detail.

I will call you next week to arrange a meeting; in the meantime, you can contact me at the above numbers. Dear Hiring Manager, I learned about your need for Cost Accounting Manager with great interest as my qualifications match your requirements for this position. Therefore, please accept my CV for your review and allow me to explain briefly how I can contribute to the future success of your company. An intelligent and committed Cost Accounting Manager with nine years' experience in the Finance field. Prospers on working in fast-paced, challenging and highly ambitious environments.

Energetic, focused, passionate and inspired with a reputation for working with high-performance teams. The following key strengths also exemplify highly marketable skills in Finance and characteristics: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would welcome the opportunity to meet you for an in-depth interview. Thank you for your review and consideration.

Please take a moment to brush over my CV to find out how I would fit into this role. Astute, tenacious professional with broad experience in Finance. More than seven years of experience as a Fraud Detection Supervisor. Strong ability to conceptualize new initiatives and sustain existing ones. Confident presenter, able to reach the unreachable and interact with individuals from all walks of life. My experience and achievements in Finance include: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] If you are looking for a Fraud Detection Supervisor who is dedicated to the highest standards of performance, relates well with others, is self-directing and highly motivated, and is looking for a long-term employment relationship, please contact me to organize an interview.

I will make myself available at your earliest convenience. I look forward to the opportunity to speak to you soon. Payroll Manager sample cover letter to recruitment agency Job Application Letter. Please spare a moment to brush over my CV and share it with clients who are looking for such talent. Renowned Payroll Manager with performance excellence, an unrelenting results focus, and aggressive implementation for more than six years, highlighted by n permanent commitment towards ethical business practices. My experience, enforced by robust educational background, has been refined in carrying change that realizes business objectives.

The following key skills also exemplify greatly marketable skills in Finance and characteristics: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] Since I am currently weighing up numerous interesting opportunities, please contact me immediately if you are conducting any searches that might be a good fit. Relocation is no problem. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Dear Hiring Manager, Your job posting no. I thought a good way to exhibit my drive and creativity was to deliver my CV in this priority email as it perfectly relates to the vacancy. Extensive knowledge of Finance principles and best practices.

My experience and accomplishments in Finance include: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I hope you will contact me in the very near future. You'll find my address and phone number above. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my skills to the success of your team and look forward to learning about any available opportunities in your organization. Dedicated, results-orientated Risk Manager with ability to build rapport at all levels. Fruitful track record in inspiring coworkers to obtain maximum performance. Enjoys working in a fast-paced stimulating environment. My particular areas of expertise in Insurance are: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would very much like to talk about with you how I could contribute to your organization.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I can clarify my background and enthusiasm for the Risk Manager position. Assistant Accountant sample cover letter - general purpose Job Application Letter. I am confident that my experience in these areas will prove to be an asset to [ABC Company]. Reflecting on my Assistant Accountant experience within the Finance field, it is at this point in my career I am seeking to chase a long-term personal and professional target of a challenging opportunity as an Assistant Accountant within a notorious organization.

Some key points you may find relevant to this opportunity include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] It is hard to summarize my work in writing. The only way I can imagine offering you the opportunity to examine my credentials is for us to talk to each other. I look forward to hearing from you to talk about the Assistant Accountant position. Please call me at [mobile]. Certified Chartered Accountant sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. Dear [Recipient Name], The manager of your company, Mr. Wesley, has suggested I contact you regarding the opening for a Certified Chartered Accountant.

I am looking for Finance position that will capitalize on my experience and training as a Certified Chartered Accountant where background and specialized training would make an asset to others. Competent Certified Chartered Accountant with outstanding Finance background. Ability to maintain control of work of any scale and complexity. Ability to function independently and a willingness to make decisions quickly and effectively. I am accustomed to a fast-paced environment where deadlines are a priority and handling multiple jobs simultaneously is the norm.

I enjoy a challenge and work hard to attain my goals. A robust achiever with outstanding interpersonal skills. My particular areas of expertise in Finance are: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the Certified Chartered Accountant position and how I might make similar contributions to the success of [XYZ Company]. I look forward to hearing from you to organize a personal interview. Chief Accountant sample cover letter - checking for vacancy Job Application Letter.

Growth-oriented Chief Accountant with more than nine years of experience in the Finance domain. Deep understanding of core disciplines pertaining to the Finance domain backed by extensive practical training. The following skills in Finance and characteristics are reason to take a closer look at my credentials: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would welcome the opportunity to be interviewed for the Chief Accountant position and to talk about the results you can expect from me as a member of your team. Executive Accountant sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. George, your office manager and my neighbor, thought I should contact you about the upcoming Executive Accountant opening in your department.

Reputed Executive Accountant armed with a commanding track record in Finance within fast-paced and highly competitive landscapes. You will notice one common thread throughout my career: I am a lateral-thinking negotiator and issue solver who knows how to identify requirements and achieve department and company-wise business objectives. With this dynamic approach, I have successfully acquired recognition for consistent first-ranking achievements in Finance.

Highlights of my achievements in Finance include the following: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] My CV is enclosed for your consideration. I trust that I can make a positive contribution to [ABCD Inc] and look forward to discussing my credentials in detail. I will call you next week to arrange for a meeting at a mutually fitting time. Forensic Accountant sample cover letter - general purpose Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, Strategic Forensic Accountant with seven years of hands-on experience in highly competitive Finance environments.

Currently, I am exploring opportunities in the Finance field where I can contribute in the capacity of Forensic Accountant. The following key strengths also exemplify highly marketable skills in Finance and characteristics: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] A CV is attached that covers my experience and qualifications in greater detail. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials in a personal interview.

Inventory Accountant sample cover letter when you know the company or person Job Application Letter. George last week. I spoke to him regarding career opportunities in the Finance domain and he advised that I contact you. I am very interested in joining your team as an Inventory Accountant or similar position that matches my qualifications. As listed in the attached resume, I bring ten years of Finance experience that you need. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Finance from a prestigious university in Liverpool. The following skills in Finance and characteristics are reason to take a closer look at my credentials: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I look forward to speaking to you at your earliest convenience and appreciate your time in reviewing my qualifications.

Dear Hiring Manager, Your job Advertisement no. I believed that an exceptional way to showcase my abilities was to send my CV in this message as it closely relates to the job. Professional Receivables Accountant with ten years of working successfully in Finance firms across the country. I am a hard-working person who always looks for ways to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy. I am devoted to the principles of quality and continuous improvement.

My supervisors have noted my record of 'excellent attendance and dependability' and praised me as 'reliable and highly inspired '. A brief highlight of the skills in Finance and values I would bring to your organization include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I would like to talk to you about your personnel requirements and how I am able to contribute to your department's targets in the role of Receivables Accountant. I would like to meet you and demonstrate that along with the credentials, I have the professional commitment that makes for a fruitful team player.

Dear Hiring Manager, I saw your job post on your website on 22 July for the Treasury Accountant position and sensed that I had to reply given my credentials match precisely your needs. Senior-level Treasury Accountant with nine years of experience in multinational Finance institutes. Broad experience base with robust record of making key contributions that increased value, reduced costs, and minimized risk. Highly skilled at examining and creatively exploiting business opportunities. Among my achievements in Finance I include: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] May we meet soon to talk about your needs for the Treasury Accountant position?

I will contact your office next week to arrange a commonly fitting appointment, if that is agreeable with you. Cost Accountant sample cover letter to recruitment agency Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, My solid background in Finance supported by extensive experience as a Cost Accountant are key assets that I can contribute to one of your client's future success. Flexible Cost Accountant with a total of eight years of Finance experience. Consistent peak performer with advanced skills in strategic planning, resource allocation and development.

Some key points you may find relevant to a Finance role with your center include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] The enclosed CV summarizes my credentials and achievements. I would be glad to discuss any of this info with any of your clients if any suitable opportunity arises. Thank you for taking the time to review my CV and for your consideration.

I'm seizing the opportunity and lending myself as the perfect fit for the above-named post. Accomplished, well-rounded Tax Accountant with track record that speaks for itself. Self-motivated, innovative, and hard-working individual. Dependable, with an ability to lead or be part of a team. The following key abilities also exemplify greatly marketable skills in Finance and characteristics: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] My motivation is indeed genuine, and I look forward to the possibility of discussing the opportunity with you.

I will happily make myself available for a phone or video conference interview. I am very interested in this position as it is an excellent match for my experience. Talented International Tax Director with more than seven years' experience with all sorts of Finance practices. I am confident that I possess the expertise and devotion that will make an immediate and substantial contribution to the efficiency of your organization. Highlights of my achievements in Finance include the following: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I have attached a CV that will highlight and support my objectives. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and exchange ideas.

I will call you over the next few days to make an appointment. If you prefer, you may reach me or leave a message at [mobile]. I'm very enthusiastic about this opportunity as it is an immaculate match for my capabilities. Capable Tax Administrator offering four years of expertise in the Finance field. Awarded repeatedly for exceptional job performances. Goal-oriented, dependable, and analytical individual with broad knowledge of many Finance functions. Some of the key capabilities that I can bring to a new opportunity include: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I welcome the opportunity to elaborate on how I could make a significant contribution to your organization as a Tax Administrator.

Tax Advisor sample cover letter to recruitment agency Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, If any of your clients requires a tenacious and well-versed Tax Advisor, then you may want to consider me as a serious prospect for the role. Devoted Tax Advisor with a long and fruitful history in increasingly responsible jobs within the Finance field, gaining extensive experience through working with greatly skillful people. My greatest strength lies in my capability to communicate with all types of people and different levels of professionals.

Highlights of my achievements in Finance include the following: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] I am assured that my experience and professional diligence could be an asset, and would appreciate any referrals you might be able to give me for potential employment opportunities. Please feel free to pass my CV on to anyone who may have a fitting opportunity, or give me a call on [mobile]. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Tax Analyst sample cover letter - general purpose Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, My professional and academic background, along with my sincere interest in helping others, has enhanced my sensitivity to a diverse range of cultures.

As a highly inspired Tax Analyst, I enjoy the challenge of compound challenging assignments. My well-developed writing and communication skills are assets to any environment. Looking for Tax Analyst position within Finance, in a position that will best utilizes robust analytical skills. Key abilities that I possess for the success of the Tax Analyst position include: [List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] Thank you for your consideration. I possess excellent hands-on knowledge as well as supervisory expertise, and I look forward to meeting you personally so that we ca talk about how I can make a positive contribution to your team.

Tax Consultant sample cover letter - checking for vacancy Job Application Letter. Dear Hiring Manager, Because of current market conditions and high unemployment, I am sure you have several applicants and few Tax Consultant jobs to fill. Please allow me to give a few reasons why you might want to call me ahead of other competent applicants should a suitable position become available? Forward-thinking Tax Consultant with diverse experience for more than seven years. Because of this range of experience, I am able to bring insight and the ability to relate well to individuals at all levels and from diverse backgrounds. Incredible as it may sound, I appreciate and welcome change. I am known for my competences as a change agent.

Highlights of my achievements in Finance include the following: [List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights] After reviewing the enclosed CV, please contact me on [mobile] to arrange an interview. Because 'proven skills' are best described in person, I look forward to discussing how my qualifications can meet your personnel needs and contribute to your company's important mission. Tax Director sample cover letter to recruitment agency Job Application Letter. I am a seasoned, result-driven, and greatly proficient Tax Director with over six years of experience. I have sound knowledge of all aspects of Finance.

I look forward to your favorable response. With these What are some good fire-resistant boxes for storing important papers? Cover page for lab report mind, I have attached for your consideration and Executive director cover letter for non profit a CV that briefly summaries my credentials as a How to format mla works cited and Loans Reflective essay on community service. Allow me to present myself and the expertise I can offer to your organization.