Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Bowling For Columbine

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Bowling For Columbine

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Historia de las armas en EEUU (de Bowling for Columbine)

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Newer Post Older Post Home. In American society, violence runs rampage throughout the country that cause its citizens to be afraid and discouraged about their homeland. One of the major parts of American violence is from guns. In the documentary, "Bowling for Columbine", a famous filmmaker, Michael Moore addresses the ubiquitous situation in America. He argues that the use of gun in America co-insides or correlates to the recent massacres and that America, as a whole, should have stricter gun control laws. Throughout the film. These techniques are composed of visuals, sounds, editing, interviews, political messages and many more. Camera work is used in a manipulative way in Bowling for Columbine. There is a purpose for every camera angle used in the documentary.

For example, a. He conveys this through informative facts, images, and comparisons. Throughout the film Michael Moore throws many cold facts on the screen that makes it obvious that the strong nation of America. While his argument is persuasive, its impact is lessened with his use of logical fallacies, such as hasty generalization, post hoc, and appeal to doubtful authority. The documentary format obviously does not allow every person in the population to speak or give. From this quote alone it is apparent that Moore structured Bowling For Columbine in a way that would rally the people of America behind tighter gun control.

However although probably the biggest ethical issues. Bowling for Columbine won the Academy Award for best documentary film and has stirred up quite a bit of debate amongst its viewers. Thousands hail Moore for his ingenious creativity and are ready to take a stand to change America after seeing it. The main purpose of this film is to persuade American people to change their ideas about guns and gun laws. Moore constantly refers to other countries such as Canada and their gun policies to back up his arguments for increased gun regulation. He is successfully able to counter argue any reason given by pro gun supporters as to the reason.

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