Essay School Holidays Too Long

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Essay School Holidays Too Long

Personally, I think they are to short!! Friends, Thesis statement for research paper on slavery is the Indian culture essay in tamil language where Essay school holidays too long can enjoy and relax. English Grammar. Megan, 9, West Thesis statement for research paper on slavery, England. A shorter summer Immanuel kant 1795 essay toward perpetual peace would be awful!

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In summer , it was too hot in the cities and the winter too cold. As school was a bit more casual back then, with a drop in and drop out culture, when families left for more amenable climes, shutting the school for a period was seen as a no-brainer. There is an argument it would be less stressful for parents, children and teachers if we cut back on school holidays. Working parents in Australia have to rely on a hodge-podge arrangement of care for their children. These arrangements include relatives, out of school care and, sometimes, extracurricular activities. But, what about the children? Studies have argued the long summer break contributes to summer slide in some subjects. Summer slide is the loss of, in particular, literacy and numeracy skills that occur with the long summer break.

Read more: How to prevent your child's summer brain drain. Parents also have a role to play in choosing intellectually stimulating activities that prevent summer slide, if they can get some time off work to do them. And, the existence of summer slide, and programs aimed at preventing it , are usually measured by standardised testing, which they claim is a dubious measure of learning. A US Professor argues if children can forget something they just learnt over a short summer period, the learning must have been pretty shallow to begin with. He cites research to argue, in terms of numeracy, while mathematical calculation declined over a summer period, reasoning increased. Read more: Should Aussie kids go on US-style summer camps? However, debate continues about how long is long enough, with some saying they should be longer and others arguing for them to be shorter.

It seems the jury is still out on whether the long holidays have had their day. Head teachers in the UK argue teachers and children benefit from school holidays, as it motivates them to work harder during the term. Edition: Available editions Global. Become an author Sign up as a reader Sign in. The long holidays give you time to do things you wouldn't otherwise get to do, like in my family we go to Ireland and see relatives and friends. And it might seem long to some people, but time flies when you're having fun. If it hadn't been for the long summer holiday, I wouldn't have come into teaching. It's crucial for teachers to do other things as well as teach, whether it's painting, trekking or, as in my case, writing books — it adds such a lot to what teachers have to give.

And as for all these worries about pupils forgetting all they've learned — in the independent sector, where I work, children have up to nine weeks in the summer, and their exam results don't suffer. We all know that some of the most valuable learning experiences take place away from the classroom. I like the summer holidays because I like to relax. I can get up late, stay in my pyjamas and play on my bike.

Some days I go to holiday club, where I can go swimming or make cakes with my friends. Other days I play on the trampoline or Xbox with my cousins. If the holidays were shorter, I wouldn't be able to do all of those things, so I wouldn't like going to school as much. I have good memories of my own long summer holidays, and I love the chance to have days out and that different pace of the summer with my son. I think many parents, especially single parents like me, have made career choices based on being able to have time off for the summer — and now we've done that, we don't want to see things changed. Having worked at a school that had a four-week summer break instead of the usual six, I'd say longer holidays are definitely better. Teachers are under so much pressure now to reach targets and get good results; most put in lots of extra hours in the evening and at weekends and feel exhausted by the end of term.

There is a dip in learning after a six-week holiday, but it only takes a few weeks for students to get back up to speed. And this is much easier to do if both teachers and students have had the chance to recharge their batteries. Summer marks the break between one school year and the next, and you need the long holiday to make that divide so you're properly into your new phase by the time you go back. You build up loads of memories and you have all these days stretching ahead to just hang out on the common or sit on the beach.

A shorter summer holiday would be much better.

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