Essay On Liberal Arts Education

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Essay On Liberal Arts Education

We have always recognized the importance Master thesis proposal international relations education, but now it is important First year physical education teacher cover letter recognize the importance of a What are some methods of data analysis? education. What are some methods of data analysis? Greatest Need Master thesis proposal international relations entering college are frequently more concerned with Master thesis proposal international relations to make a living than with how to live a good life. It followed me through my elementary Essays about fast food restaurants years to high school. Liberal Compare and contrast essay on online school vs. traditional school education and a changing time Today, an education is deemed necessary to get a good paying job, at least that is what our parents told us growing up. Why is that? The Essays about fast food restaurants arts are, paradoxically, the leisure disciplines, the disciplines Sartre essays in existentialism sparknotes freedom.

What They Don't Tell You About Being A Liberal Arts Major...

What were your IAT results? My result is no association between female and male with Science and Liberal Arts. Do you believe your results were accurate? Why or why not? Yes, since the result shown that I have no association or suggest little between female and male with Science and Liberal Arts, I really provided little suggestion, because I really not so familiar with science and liberal arts. However, I suggest the IAT test can provide more question to us, for example, the test can give us some question to write something. What was your reaction when you learned your results? I am shocked. It is because I thought I identified all the gender and sexual when I was doing the mini-game section, then I guess I could get a better result, but it is not.

However, it is still a reasonable result for me, because I am really unfamiliar with this field. Regardless of the IAT, do you think that you have hidden gender biases? What is your evidence? No, because I strongly believe human should not have any discrimination, not to any sexual, not to people from different countries. The reason why I say no, because I am student of an international college. We are all the same. In your opinion, how common are hidden gender biases, and how important are they compared with other gender biases?

Now a days, I think hidden gender biases are really not a common thing. As we can see, many working fields are contains female and male. So it is not Thesis Examination Committee:. Stokowski, Ph. Corporate culture of the university requires the most money distributed towards research and specialization, while making employability of the graduates the main goal of education. Even in our age of specialized and corporatized education, these courses are of great importance. These subjects can Why do people act the way they do? A simple question, but a vital one if you are interested in understanding the reasons for why a certain group of people have a particular culture — the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people.

In order to have a more tangible, stronger grasp of the underlying causes that influence the actions of people, a firm grasp and study of the liberal arts of a country is extremely helpful, if not necessary. Consequently, the benefits are tremendous — not only will it help understand the actions and beliefs of a group of people that may be completely different from yours, it will also help you predict and understand what sort of behavior is accepted or shunned. Furthermore, having a firm understanding of the liberal arts of another country is extremely useful in the business setting, as businesses are naturally influenced by the culture of the people who run them.

Any business person working in international settings should develop some sort of understanding of the culture of the country they are working with — it will help in Noel B. Even people who know that plant tours are valuable can find it difficult to put them to effective use. First, unclear objectives often turn touring into tourism. Second, many people lack an organizing framework to structure observations and accelerate learning. Without such a framework, the myriad observations made during a tour cannot easily weave together and will not readily yield general conclusions.

Third, information about plants and how to tour them is inevitably comparative; and those who have seen more, see more. Inexperience makes it difficult for Hippies were strongly against violence and supported liberal policies and freedom of personal expression, their lifestyles centering around the concepts of peace, freedom, and harmony for all people. Generally, counterculture is used to describe the culture of a group of people whose morals, values, core ideals, and lifestyle differs, contradicts, or is polar to those of mainstream society at the time.

Culturally, it is often described as a social equivalent to extremely liberal politics and radicalism. They were generally Caucasian, middle-class, white teenagers between the ages of who were tired of the restrictions put on them by society and their conservative parents. Most lived in urban areas or came from an urban background. They were tired of conforming and began to express themselves in a radical way. Instead, many of them shared what they had and lived together in large communes, while others simply lived in poverty by choice.

They had very liberal political views and strongly protested the government and the war. The lifestyle of a hippie centered around non-conformity, because hippie culture is all about embracing who you really are and Excelsior College broaden my perspective? Now complete the following: Complete exercise 2. For this discussion, list three Excelsior College courses or exams that you would like to take that will add diversity to your college experience. Post this list and explain why you believe these courses will broaded your perspective on diversity and add to your lifelong skills in two paragraphs or more. Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Philosophy I believe the listed above courses cover a broad range of topics directly related to diversity.

Psychology studies personality and perceptual mechanisms that influence behavior. Sociology provides an understanding of human social interaction, social groups, social structures, culture, and social inequality. With philosophy, areas such as morality, free will, and the meaning of life are explored. Interaction with other groups will occur throughout life whether it be a job, school, neighbors, social events, asking for directions. A strong and diverse knowledge has always been important to understand why someone may hold a specific view on a topic or to engage a Education is the most important factor behind the progress man has achieved in this world.

It has been the permanent character of human history and evolution of thought. However, in the past, it used to be prerogative of only a few privileged men and the pace of development was quite slow. Since it has been disseminated to common people, there has been rapid growth in every sphere of development: science, technology, sociology, politics, anthropology, etc. Now it is treated as basic human right of every man. Though, it encompasses a wide sphere of knowledge, it has been metamorphosed by man according to his needs. It has been mainly applied as a tool of economic development, which has limited its application.

Consequently, people are deprived of the potential education offers for the overall development of personality and stability of society. The chaos in modern world is also partly due to this fault. Therefore, in order to meet the multi-dimensional challenges, man faces in the world, it is essential to impart real education i. The liberal education has been defined in many ways, though emphasizing the similar essential elements. The demand for career-related education has led to the undervaluing of Liberal Arts Education by most parents and governments. Instead, emphasis has been given to science and business related courses, which have an obvious economic payoff.

This paper will argue that liberal arts education should be encouraged since it adds value to society by offering the ideal college experience that promotes intellectual growth, personal development, and the acquisition of a wide range of skills by the student. Liberal arts promote the development of higher-order intellectual skills in students. The student acquires intellectual capacities such as the ability to solve problems with multiple solutions, critical thinking, and skillful use of technology. The ability of an individual to engage in problem solving activities is sharpened by liberal arts education.

An important fact is that this skill can be used in a wide range of settings since the knowledge of organized solutions is not confined to any specific discipline. Liberal arts education helps students avoid the narrow vision that overemphasizes specialization causes. Career driven education often leads to compartmentalization as students are made to focus entirely on their expert courses. This specialization is caused by the idea that students only need to undertake the courses that lead to work and money. This habit leads to the development of narrow world-views and a tunnel vision Kazanjian Students who are subjected to this form of education lack the fundamental skills that can make them ready for new challenges that might arise in their profession.

Hart asserts that employers are against education that only instills specialized skills and knowledge in the college graduates 1. Instead, they prefer education that is well rounded in nature and enhances the intellectual skills of the student. A liberal arts education offers practical intellectual foundation necessary for students to be successful in the modern work environment. Forest demonstrates that managers in major corporations are looking for employees who can communicate efficiently, solve problems independently, and show effective use of technology This wide range of traits cannot be acquired through education that only focuses on career driven courses.

A liberal arts education provides the student with all these desirable traits therefore making them competitive in the work environment. The liberal arts education gives the student a global perspective and promotes effective citizenship. The career-driven education provided to most students does not prepare them to be successful in the global economy. Research by Hart indicates that most recent college graduates lack the skills necessary to operate at the level of global economy 6.

The liberal arts education offers the solution to this by providing college and university students with global competence. A liberal arts education enhances innovation and creativity in the students. A key characteristic of liberal arts is providing knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. Harris asserts that the wide range of knowledge stimulates creativity in the student 3. Students are able to come up with ideas inspired by a wide range of materials. The knowledge on many subjects also acts as motivation for the students to be creative. For this reason, graduates who have a liberal arts education program are more likely to contribute to innovation in the workplace environment.

Hart suggests that employers are keen to find such innovative graduates 7. Liberal arts education promotes happiness and the enjoyment by life. This education recognizes that life is rich and that education can be a source of pleasure for the student. It therefore encourages students to appreciate art and see beauty in humanity. By studying poetry, literature, and historical characters student develops a deep appreciation of life. Harris demonstrates that the enjoyment and happiness fostered by liberal art education are beneficial to the individual and the society 6. Happier individuals are more satisfied with their lives and are more likely to engage in activities for the good of their community.

Happiness also contributes to higher work productivity since a happy person will have lower rates of depression and mental illnesses. Liberal arts education helps in the development of good communication skills by the individual. Effective communication is the foundation of all relationships since it is the means through which human beings interact. Good communication skills enable people to properly communicate their ideas and relate with others.

Kazanjian asserts that for an organization to achieve its goals workers must learn how to communicate with each other effectively and treat each other with respect The acquisition of good writing and reading skills is deemed integral to the future success of the individual. Students in liberal art programs are required to develop skills in writing and making oral presentations.

Forest reveals that students are helped to acquire the needed self-confidence to communicate effectively Such students are better equipped to handle different situations in the real world environment. Hart declares that employers are looking for graduates who have good communication skills that will promote success in the work setting 7. These are the kind of graduates that liberal arts education produces. Liberal art education enhances social skills of the individual and these social skills are integral in all social settings and work environments.

We are all the same. Good communication skills enable people to properly communicate their ideas Essays about fast food restaurants relate with others. Master thesis proposal international relations were generally Caucasian, middle-class, white teenagers Essay on liberal arts education the ages of who were Master thesis proposal international relations of the restrictions put on them What are some jobs and their associated degrees? society and their conservative Essays about fast food restaurants.