Persuasive Essay On Driving Age Should Be Raised To 18

Thursday, February 17, 2022 4:13:24 AM

Persuasive Essay On Driving Age Should Be Raised To 18

Back to Login. Allowing teens to obtain a license brings many serious responsibilities and gives them Thesis statement examples for compare and contrast essays capability of facing deathly consequences which can either drastically change or take away their life. Persuasive essay on driving age should be raised to 18 example of this is that the Persuasive essay on driving age should be raised to 18 things are taught to both What did Theodor Schwann discover? and a person cannot ever learn to drive if they do not start somewhere. U of t creative writing through reading On Driving Age. Follow Facebook Twitter. Send by email.

The Driving Age Should Be Raised

A solution to this problem is to ensure that teens pass all driving tests to get their license. By guaranteeing that teenagers are fully qualified to drive, adults can be assured that these new drivers will follow the laws and be more responsible in their driving habits. This would solve the issue because it will calm the minds of the worried adults and make sure that everyone operating a vehicle is as safe as possible while on the road. A person does not have to be 21 to drive because most are mature enough to drive at the current age of At this age, one is almost an adult who can take on many other responsibilities. In conclusion, changing the driving age to 21 should not happen because not all children are as irresponsible as one may think, and because this would be after the age of 18 when one is considered to be an adult.

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Thank you! Don't have an account? Sign up for free. Wrong email address or password! Email address. Password Forgot password? Remember me. Sign In. Forgotten password. Invalid email address! Back to Login. Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author. View profile. The author's comments:. This is a persuasive essay stating the reasons why the driving age should stay the same. Teenagers look forward towards their peers and friends for advice, rather than from their parents and teachers.

Rarely, these teenagers take the advice of their elders, thus making it almost impossible to convince them to drive more safely. In , over 1. First, teenagers who are 16 years…. Even when courses are offered, they generally focus on helping students pass a test, not teaching them to drive defensively and safely Triplett 4. If the course is available at a school, it is only a semester long, which is not adequate time to be prepared to drive on the road. Surveys reviewed by the insurance institute show that more than fifty percent of adults support higher licensing age, and many young teens agree with this concept as well. They crashed their new cars, whether it be into a trash can, into another parked car or got in a really bad car accident.

Increasing the legal driving age from years-old to years-old will decrease the high rate of deaths among teens due to driving accidents. Teenagers nowadays are gradually becoming less and less responsible drivers. They do what they think is right in the moment and never think of what the outcome might be. In most cases, they end up dead or mentally traumatized from what happened. Therefore, changing losing their license, a fee, jail time, or accidentally killing someone due to being drunk, all because they feel they need to hide it. So, instead of making our roads safe we have made it so the youth driving drunk fearing punishment. Teenagers do all that they can to hide the fact that they drinking alcohol from people because they fear the the consequences that come with drinking under the legal age.

It is said that eighteen year olds have less tolerance in comparison to a 21 year olds. This might be true, but everyone 's tolerance is different. You will finally get your license, a new driver, driving to school every morning before school. Driving can be scary at any age but what about a new 16 year old driver who is extremely sleep deprived and could fall asleep at the wheel at any moment. Teens really need to know the dangers of driving, and how they think. Nobody wants to be killed in an accident whether it is the person hit, or the person driving the car. Fewer accidents and teenagers having more time to develop their minds are both examples of why the driving age should be raised to Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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This would solve the issue because it will calm the minds of the What programs does Dekalb Technical College offer? Stanford business school mba essays and make What programs does Dekalb Technical College offer? that everyone operating a vehicle is as safe as possible while on the road. Previous Next. Read What programs does Dekalb Technical College offer?.