What Is The Mythological Origin Of The Word Geology?

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What Is The Mythological Origin Of The Word Geology?

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It has been promoted to non- Christian geology professors to equip them to undermine the faith of Christians. It grossly distorts the history of this controversy and presents a deceptive description of the nature of science, particularly of geology. Most importantly, it displays a shallow and distorted handling of Scripture and frequently misrepresents young-earth creationists. As I show, its purpose is to openly convince Christians to accept millions of years but also to subtly convince them to accept biological including human evolution. My analysis begins with a discussion of the critical difference between experimental operation science and historical origin science and the role of philosophical assumptions in the interpretation of the geological evidence.

The story of millions of years of earth history does not come from scientific experiments or radiometric dating but from naturalistic, uniformitarian, philosophical and religious assumptions used to interpret the geological evidence. Then I give a brief history of the development of the geological theory of millions of years of earth history in the late 18th and early 19th centuries based on my own PhD research. In his foreword to the book, co-editor and agnostic geologist Wayne Ranney gives the false impression that old-earth geologists are just letting the facts speak for themselves.

He certainly wants readers to think that young-earth creationists are pseudo-scientists and anti-science. I show what he does not reveal, namely, that the first two geologists who visited the Grand Canyon in the s believed in millions of years before their brief visits and superficial observations. He wants readers to believe that old-earth geology is solidly scientific and explains the Grand Canyon. But, as I show, his own book on the Grand Canyon reveals,. Ten years later, the authors of The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth want their readers to believe that old-earth geologists have largely explained the canyon, having cleared away the hazy mystery and solved the enigmatic puzzles.

Before analyzing their very shallow arguments for a local flood, I briefly lay out 22 biblical evidences that the flood was historical, global, yearlong, and catastrophic. The Scriptures could not be clearer. Before getting into the biblical arguments, these Christian geologists give a distorted history of geological science. They present the myth that the idea of millions of years was the result of many years of careful geological observations. Following the apostate Seventh Day Adventist, agnostic historian of science Ronald Numbers, they try to persuade readers that flood geology is rooted unorthodox theology—in the writings of early 20th century Seventh Day Adventist pseudo-geologist, George M.

But as I show, they are the ones who are engaged in a selective literal reading of Genesis because they have left out most of the biblical evidence for the global flood that I refer to above. First, regarding biblical interpretation they make false charges against young-earth creationists as they confuse interpretation and translation of the biblical text. They also try to say that young-earthers do not follow the principles on hermeneutics developed by the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, even though, as I show, these old-earthers give no evidence that they hold to the inerrancy of Scripture.

Their one-paragraph argument is totally inadequate to rebut even a short creationist defense of our view, 5 much less a thorough defense. Christians need to abandon shallow thinking on this vital issue. Sixth, their last argument against the global flood deals with the location of the Garden of Eden. Yet again, the geologist authors display an appallingly bad handling of Scripture and a superficial treatment of the geography of the present Middle East. Given the lack of careful interpretation and examples of Scripture-twisting in the biblical arguments of these two geologists, one has to wonder if the prominent evangelical Bible scholars Wayne Grudem, C.

John Collins, and Ken Keathley , who endorsed this book, carefully read this chapter. The concluding chapter of the book is three pages. As I show in my critique of earlier sections of the book, they continue to deny that the debate of the age of the earth involves a worldview conflict. They also continue to confuse operation science and origin science. But Scripture and orthodox theologians have always taught that nature alone reveals not the origin and history of the creation but rather reveals infallibly to all people in all times and places the existence and at least some attributes of the Creator.

Hence idolaters including atheist and agnostic scientists are without excuse for their unbelief and rebellion against God Romans — It certainly does! Truth always matters! More and more evangelical theologians and other leaders are compromising with not only millions of years but also theistic evolution, even doubting or denying the existence of a literal Adam and historical fall. Silent film History of the wheel History of technology Timeline of historic inventions History of timekeeping List of Japanese inventions and discoveries History of tea. Table of Contents. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Oxford University Press Oxford , Fulgentius the Mythographer. Ohio State University Press.

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