How Can You Master The English Vocabulary?

Sunday, February 20, 2022 2:07:41 AM

How Can You Master The English Vocabulary?

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Master 400 Vocabulary Words in 2 Hours

P Prepare a list. Do you have some favorite words and phrases you often use in your native language? Take some time and think about this question throughout your day. It might help to write these words and phrases down in a notebook, and translate them into English. You can start small. Continue to use more of the "new vocabulary" as your ESL skills increase by reviewing your notebook each day. At the same time, add more words, phrases, and eventually sentences to your list when you think of them or when you are ready to expand your English vocabulary.

You will be amazed at how your list is growing and how much English you actually know! This success will encourage you to keep learning and the positive cycle of English language learning will repeat over and over. All of this will happen Do you know what your voice sounds like in English? Record yourself on your computer or another taping device, play back the recording and pay close attention to what you hear. Listen closely to your pronunciation and tone of speech.

Are there areas you could improve? Write these down and continue to work on them. The importance of reading aloud from a magazine, newspaper or book in English each day helps develop your mouth muscles for speaking a new language. It also helps with acquiring more English skills. Read for about minutes a day and you will see how your fluency improves. Although idioms and slang expressions are common in the English language, they are not important to use until you have a firm grasp with the English language. Your first priority is to concentrate on listening and learning to speak English. Then you will understand more of these informal words and phrases that are so prevalent in the English language.

Listening will bring understanding of what these words actually mean and in what situations they are best used. Eventually, you can practice where and when to say these idioms and slang. So don't use them until you are ready. Then you can begin to incorporate some of these new words and sayings into your everyday speech. Just turn your back on them, hang in there, and deal with idioms and slang at a later date. Everyone has an accent of some sort. It is the manner of how you pronounce words and sentences with the loudness of pitch, length you hold a certain sound or a combination of these two things. You will probably bring some of your native accent into the English words. To avoid this as much as possible and to have close-sounding English words, observe how people speaking English move their mouths to say the sounds and words.

Try to imitate this. Often it is helpful to speak simultaneously with a speaker on a tape. This could be anything you have taped from the television or radio, or a story read by a native speaker. Repeat sections of the tape over and over again until you have reached success. Then you can add longer sections. Remember that all accents change over time. They are not fixed especially when we move to a new place, mix with different people or develop new aspirations. Another suggestion is to record your voice from time to time so you can listen for that accent and work on those precise sounds and words.

Attack one area at a time and you will soon be speaking like a pro. You probably talk much faster in your native tongue than you do in English. When speaking in English, feel free to slow down. There is no need to hurry. The most important part of speaking is communicating and having the listener know what you are saying. So just talk slowly. Speed will come in time when you have acquired more English skills. And when others understand what you have to say, this alone will help increase your confidence in speaking even more English. And the more you are comfortable speaking, the faster you inevitably will speak. I Interact after listening to others and listen to audio books. If you think of how anyone learns a language, you will credit the value in listening.

Next, you need to practice a few tongue twisters as that will help you impress others. These tongue twisters are not easy even for those who are Native English speakers. So, you will need to repeat them and of course in the process you may even lose a lot of saliva. There are more than six hundred tongue twisters that you can try mastering. The best way to learn vocabulary and rhythm as well as intonation is by tuning into some English music stations. If you already love songs sung in English, this should prove to be a good way to listen to the music so that you can improve your vocabulary and it also allows you to practice English intonation.

However, you do not need to memorize the words to the songs. Instead, you need to take your favorite song and try translating it into your mother tongue. The best way to pronounce English words properly is by learning about rhythm and knowing where to place stress. This is best achieved by practicing reading poetry. Alternatively, you can also ask a friend to help you as you read poetry. Also, translating poems is a good way to improve your English as too is writing poetry in the English language. When mastering the English language, you also need to be good at reading.

If you want to improve your comprehension of the English language, then you need to read some fairy tales. This allows you to learn vocabulary as well as rhythm as well as the art of telling a story. A majority of fairy tales have very simple plots and the number of characters in the fairy tales are also limited to a few.

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