Visit To An Hill Station Essay

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Visit To An Hill Station Essay

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Airplanes fly frequently between Bagdogra and Kolkata. In every sense, Darjeeling is a very well-connected city which in turn smoothly facilitates tourism and that too, in the most affordable of ways. This system runs from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. The train runs on a narrow-gauge railway and was built way back in the nineteenth century approximately between the years and This line of toy trains is also classified as mountain railways and such railways are a rare occurrence not only in this country, but over the entire world.

The successful survival of this railway proves how efficient the DHR administration is, and adds on conveniently to the attraction that this hill station is. While taking this train, one passes through a picturesque landscape, painted complete by clouds, hills, and the occasional appearance of the magnificent snow-clad peaks. The tunnels add on to the enigma of the journey. Such journeys really refresh one to their core as such sceneries are a pleasant change to the monotonous daily routines which bind us to our lifestyle. Darjeeling is a unique land of mountains, momos and pagodas- and this sentence does very little justice to the true diverse beauty this city really is. Some places of attraction at Darjeeling are the Tiger hill, the mall, the peace pagoda, and obviously, the snow peaks of Kanchenjunga you cannot obviously visit them though.

The town is also adorned by splendid waterfalls, horseback rides, cable cars, and numerous other things you possibly cannot find in any other spot of tourist attraction. The mall is a unique place of scenic beauty and local gathering which is also a noteworthy British contribution. The View of the trees. But we had to leave. The descent was uneven, but not without its joys. Slowly the mountains started to fade from view. Though we left the hill station, a glorious place, the memory of it was fresh in my mind. I never want to forget the beauty of nature.

Recreation trips are a part of life. They increase our knowledge and experience. They provide us with fun and joy. They refresh our mind. It was a pleasant day of summer. We decided to visit Murree Hills. We hired a bus and left for Murree at nightfall. The bus was new. At about 8 am, we reached Murree. We got a few rooms in a hotel. First of all, we had a hot bath, enjoyed lunch and took a rest for sometime. In the evening, we went out. It was really a lovely weather. Suddenly it began drizzling. The cool breeze was fanning our faces.

It was nearly getting dark when we returned. The next day we visited Patriata. We sat in the cable car. It was so wonderful to look down sitting in the cable car. The view below simply seemed to be a fairyland. At last, we reached Patriata Hills. We stayed there till 5 pm. On our way back to Murree, we stayed for some time in Wonderland Park. We reached Murree at night.

We could see the beauty of Nature and hills; we could also see the lower portion of Shimla from there. We arranged a servant there. He swept the house and prepared tea for us. We had everything for cooking with us. We stayed at Shimla for ten days. We took a guide. After taking breakfast, we used to set out on sight-seeing. We came back at 2 p. The servant was a good cook. The pure air and greenery of the hills made us fresh. We had heard that rainy days of Shimla are more enjoyable. Hence we took pleasure of showers when it rained one day or two.

It made us feel sensations of deeper joy. We enjoyed getting drenched. We came back, changed our clothes and took coffee. Shimla attracts a number of tourists due to its natural beauty. The Mall Road of Shimla and Jhaku hills are always full of throngs during summer season. Mall Road is also found full of activity in the evenings. With unforgettable memory we came back to Delhi. The visit is still fresh in my mind. It has been a memorable visit, because it was a pleasure trip for me. Our return journey by bus was accompanied by our old and new experience of this visit.

It was no less thrilling. We were charmed by the night beauty of the city. The enchanting music of tall trees and far-stretching hills were inviting us to visit this place again and again. The whirling zig-zag road gave us a chance to see the nature with different angles to feel it in full length.

Shimla attracts a number of tourists due to its natural 50 essays table of contents. I never want to What are some tips on checking the engine light on a Honda Accord? the beauty of nature. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for Visit to an hill station essay next What is the meaning of delimitation in research? I comment. India is a hot country. The breadth What are some good morning quotes? the waterfall was over feet.