What Is The Importance Of Education To Youths?

Monday, December 13, 2021 3:38:33 AM

What Is The Importance Of Education To Youths?

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Importance of quality education in advancing climate justice and youth leadership

A youth can also be defined in accordance with religion. According to the Christian religion, a youth is classified as a male or female who is not legally married to any man or woman. The starting age is 15 and 18 in other churches. The male or female may be above forty years and yet be categorized as a youth. The person is expected to participate in the youth organization meeting. To be a youth is good but empowering the youth is better.

Empowerment can be defined as the means of encouraging or assisting somebody. What is youth empowerment? In a nutshell, youth empowerment is the means through which the youths of any country are assisted to succeed in life. It is not right that when youth empowerment is mentioned, people think that it is only the function of the government to empower them. This is not so as you, as an individual, can empower young people around you. Youth empowerment is of good importance to both nations and the empowered. With youth empowerment, the future prosperity of nations is secured because these are the people that are, and will take care of many offices and functions in the country. I meant that there are youths who are running many managerial functions in many institutes.

The importance of youth empowerment is so many that all of them cannot be detailed out in this write-up. When the young are empowered, the society becomes a good place for all to live. They will assist in the economic activities of the society where they find themselves. And in turn, both families and the entire nation benefit. In fact, the futures of cities are intrinsically tied to the economic success of young people". That is to say that these young men and women will contribute more if properly empowered.

Students in Cotonou, Benin. The students received educational empowerment. Empowering the youths is like saving in a bank that thieves of any kind cannot break into. It is a nice thing to do. The good outcome of the investment cannot all be consumed in totality. Note that there are types of youth empowerment. The importance of youth empowerment is discussed below:. Youth empowerment can help reduce the poverty standard of any nation.

The question may be how? When any youth is empowered financially, he uses the profit he makes from the business he does to sustain himself and his household. He may start-up businesses for his relations who were poor before and if this continues to grow to some extent, poverty will be eradicated from that vicinity. Empowering the youths with skills can go a long way in reducing poverty percentage of many societies. When a youth learns skills, he can use the skills learned to feed, assist others, and even invest for future use. One kind of long lasting empowerment is skilled empowerment. The skill one learned can assist him till the end of his life. A youth who is empowered on how to repair automobiles can earn from it till he dies.

Many youths would have remained poor if not that someone empowered them orally. Oral empowerment for the youths can come in the form of motivation through words of mouth. There are many young men and women who were swimming in poverty before. Then, they took poverty as normal thing and way of life and felt they could not do anything about it. With the help of motivation through words of mouth, their ways of thinking changed and today are no longer poor.

One of the problems that many nations are facing in their education sector is because the youths are not empowered. But when the youths are empowered, they will support the education sector of their nations. The empowered youths can donate educational facilities to primary, secondary and even to tertiary institutions. The challenges many tertiary institutions in Africa are having today is the lack of practical background.

The machines and other equipment needed for this practical can be provided by youths who were empowerment by the government. They do this in appreciation to what the government did for them. Empowering the youths academically accelerates the spirit of patriotism in the education sector. The empowered youths know the importance of education. This is why many individuals issue scholarships to the students because they understand the value of education due to the empowerment which was given to them academically. Education exposes people to know what they did not know before.

It also makes the learner think far and fast. A fast thinker can create ideas that will be of help to the society. The inventor of the world giant social media site, Zuckerberg, was in the university before he started thinking about the site. He learnt some coding skills already from the university. Today, his product have employed many people. Good governance is attainable with youth empowerment. An empowered youth stands to empower the masses. Any youth who was empowered in his time of hardship will lead his people through the right path. He does anything possible to see that he meets up with the demand of the society.

Again, youths who were empowered on leadership skill will do well in leadership positions. This is because he has been trained on how to lead people. He applies what he learned and makes his governance acceptable to the citizens. With youth empowerment on leadership, embezzlement of public fund by top governing officers becomes a history. Through empowering the youths on leadership skills, they understand the danger of fund embezzlement. Crime is an offensive act against individuals or states. Many people indulge in 'dirty' businesses because they lack empowerment when they were youths.

The government has spent a lot in the name of fighting crime without understanding that the formula or solution is in youth empowerment. If your nation wants to fight crime, it should start with youth empowerment. Many youths take part in illegal activities because they were not empowered morally, academically as well as financially. Example, when youths are taught well on the danger and punishments behind arm robbery or dealing in drugs, there is every possibility that they will not take part in them. What concerns a young man who does well in his business because he was empowered and carrying a gun, stand on high ways and steal from people? The two has no relationship because the young man's business is booming and expanding.

In summary, youth empowerment reduces social crimes. In the United States of America, many youths cannot do without hard drugs. Many smoke weeds which become harmful to their body system in future. There is a population explosion in the United States, and one of the causes is inadequate moral youth empowerment which is a Class of youth empowerment. They go about impregnating young ladies because the could not control themselves after taking hard drugs.

But with proper youth empowerment, the issue is addressable. According to Biology, growth is the irreversible increase in the body size and weight of organisms. On this topic, growth is the increase and improvement in many areas of the country. It is hard for banks to fold when the workers were empowered in their youthful ages. The financial managements and other 'things' that are needed to be put in place will be well organized. The infrastructures of many nations are built with the tax paid by the citizens. Workers who earn much because they were empowered contribute more of their money through tax payment.

When the taxes are gathered, they are used in national development. The banking, educational, agricultural, and industrial sectors are developed with the money generated from these empowered youths. Top footballers make the names of their nations to be heard. Some who are playing as footballers today is because they were empowered in their youthful ages on how to play well. These footballers help in national development as some clubs that the footballers play, assists the country, may be by building one or two structures for the nation to show their appreciation.

Some of these footballers also promote their nations by establishing organizations. Today, Kanu has many heart treatment hospitals known as Heart-to-Heart in Nigeria in appreciation for the support that the nation gave to him in his football carrier. Igili Onyedika presenting his project in Morocco. He was shortlisted as one of the finalists in the competition held by Tech-I. He titled his own project Waste to Point. The young Nigerian was empowered by the company and he empowers others. The security departments of many nations have the youth as the larger number. This is because the youths are full of energy and ability. Standard security jobs are made for the youths and not the weak. They are always ready to confront challenges. The truth of the matter is that the youths were empowered before they picked security functions.

When the youths are empowered, the spirit of patriotism increase in them and that is the reasons that make them security young men. Think of how the army department of many nations will be without the youths. It is important that the education to youths aims at developing a social awareness in these adults-to-be. It is important that the training given to them consists of environmental education. Values like saving animals, curbing deforestation, controlling pollution should be inculcated in the youths of today.

The education to youths should bring before them the present-day problems faced by the society. The youths might come up with innovative solutions to the problems of today. Education should aim at resolving to foster the good practices into the youth in such a way as a conscious choice rejecting the bad ones. Education to youths should bring forth the critical social issues and encourage the youngsters to resolve them. Education should motivate the youths to come forward to work for society. It should instill in them a feeling that they belong to the society and that it is their responsibility to drive it on the righteous path. Overpopulation is another important social issue we face today.

It is one of the greatest concerns of mankind. Sex education, effects of excessive growth of population and the ways of controlling population need to be taught to the youths of the present times. The education to youths should give them a sense of social awareness, along with their growing sense of self-awareness. The fundamental purpose of education is to create good human beings. Email This BlogThis!

In summary, youth empowerment reduces social crimes. Education should motivate Conclusion of overpopulation in the philippines youths to come forward to Harvard business school success essay for society. Although many educators still resist using new technologies instead of the traditional methods of teaching, it What are some Jeopardy quiz questions? be accepted What is the importance of education to youths? technology has the potential to carry numerous benefits into the classroom.