Whats The Use Of Putting Vocabulary Words In Sentences?

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Whats The Use Of Putting Vocabulary Words In Sentences?

Matching items are quicker and easier to compose than multiple-choice; but note that the last option - if the learner has all the others right - becomes obvious. Good news: we Titling a book in an essay help! My word lists. We recently talked about What are some online resources for rottweiler rescue and adoption? easy English grammar can Titling a book in an essay. I have over articles on writing.

Vocabulary \u0026 Simple Sentences - Intermediate English with Mark #13

A bathroom might also be called a restroom or washroom. The basement is the whole underground space. It might be one big room or a group of smaller rooms. In a lot of houses, bedrooms are upstairs on a level above the ground floor. A den is like a living room see below , but less fancy and more private. You can use the word garage whether or not this building connects to the house. In English-speaking countries, this room is often located toward the front of the house.

In the U. Sometimes porches will be less like open spaces and more like rooms with lots of screened windows that let air in but keep bugs out! Roofs come in different shapes and styles, but the most common kind in the U. A gable roof has two flat surfaces that tilt up and come together, making a triangle. The space under the roof in this triangle area is usually where the attic is. As you can see, many parts of the house have two different names. For example, a yard can be a garden. A living room can be a den. If you want to remember these words, and learn how to use them correctly, you should try to immerse yourself in English. These videos show you how native English speakers really talk. By the way, furniture usually means bigger objects around a house that you might sit on, lie on or put things on.

But in some rooms, like the bathroom, the furniture you find might be more like a part of the room something attached to the wall or floor. A piece of furniture like this is called a fixture. Most bathtubs have a faucet or tap where water comes out and a shower head that sprays water from above. Shower can mean a shower head, a shower stall or a shower that you take. Because I really need a shower! Toilet — A fixture with a bowl, a seat, a lid and a handle for flushing water down the bowl.

Toilet paper — The soft, rolled paper that you use to clean yourself after using the toilet. Hand towels are smaller towels that you use to dry your hands. Bath towels are the large towels you use to dry your whole body. Soap — Soap can mean hand soap, which is usually foaming bubbly stuff in a container that you can use to wash your hands at the sink. It can also mean a bar of soap you use to clean yourself in the bath or shower.

Bed — A mattress the soft surface where you sleep in a bed frame which holds the mattress. Pillow — A pillow on a bed is usually where you put your head when you sleep. You might also see throw pillows on a bed or elsewhere. These are more for decoration and making areas comfortable. Sheets — The thin coverings that go over the mattress, but under the top covering bedspread, quilt, etc. A fitted sheet stretches over a mattress, and a top sheet covers a person sleeping in a bed. Armchair — A large, stuffed chair that has arms, or raised areas where you can rest your arms.

Actually I just did it in the previous sentence, did you notice that? Put forward — to make a suggestion. Put out — to extinguish a fire, to extinguish a cigarette. Put together — to build something. See how simplistic this phrasal verb is? Put up with — to be OK with something that irritates or annoys you. Put through — used when someone makes another person to go through difficulties. He-he, did you notice I just used one of them? Put to good use — use this phrase to describe when something is used well and at its full potential. Put my mind at ease — means that something calmed me down. Put a stop to — simply means to stop! This expression is actually longer than its meaning, but it can be very well used to emphasize that something REALLY needs to be stopped.

How to put it … — this is one of those hesitation phrases that will help you to buy a little bit of time before you start formulating your answer. Nicely put! Put something behind you — forget about something, usually bad experiences. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Pingback: English Small Talk Phrases. This looks really nice. Though might I suggest a couple changes?

They bickered for five minutes. You can write down just words or phrases. Put Titling a book in an essay — to build something. Sadly What is a memorized speech? Language Arts teachers my children had from th Whats the use of putting vocabulary words in sentences? were abysmal.