Why Cell Phones Should Be Banned In School Essay

Wednesday, December 01, 2021 4:56:28 PM

Why Cell Phones Should Be Banned In School Essay

Students need to get an education and History of rock and roll essay more about school work. Kids that young are easily distracted and those having a phone will make it worse. Another reason for prohibiting cell phones in classes is an increased temptation for students to communicate with friends instead Argumentative essays on school uniforms focusing on study Creative writing graduate programs in england. The policy came into effect during the beginning of the school year and impacts students How are atoms in a compound held together? kindergarten through the 9th grade. Your email address will not be published.

Persuasive Speech: Why Cell Phones Should Be Prohibited from the Classroom

The school should let the teachers pick if students are allowed to have phones or not. Students in high school are a little more responsible. The students know what is wrong and right. If they really need to use their phones, they will go out into the hallways. For example if they needed to call their parents or any relative, for some reason. Most students are good about not using their phones during tests. Some classes do have some days where they need to look things up and that is where the smart phones come in handy. For example, if you are taking a foreign language class and need to look it up, you have the phone to look it up.

That is if the teacher is busy and you can find it in the book. Cell phones should be very limited in high school but not as strict as middle school. For example, they should be allowed during passing period and lunch but not classes. Phones should be turned in when they are taking a test or quiz. Students are allowed to get it after everyone is done. If they have their phones out the students can take a picture of it and send it to other students as well as looking up answers. Students could also not pay attention to something that they need to know for college or their career path. The students are old enough not to use phones in class. Nevertheless, there are certain times during class that it is appropriate time to use a phone. If a teacher has a more than 30 students, it is hard to see who has a phone or not.

Students who are in a class that is not allowed to use a cell phone, may still try to sink using their phone. Many people can be split on phones in class in college. Ages in college, especially at Metro vary. Students who are older may have kids and need to be in contact with their kids. As you go up in education the more it will change.

Plus, the more you have to be responsible for yourself and your actions. Anyone having a cell phone can make you want and not want to do things that you normally do or not do. Students are more likely to use their phones during school than outside of school. Cellphone Usage In Schools Do you feel that students spend too much time on cellphones during the instructional day in high schools? Whether cellphones should be banned in schools will forever be a continuous dispute. Modern technology has created many wonderful advances in our society; however it has also taken away from some valuable aspects of our world. Cellphones are not appropriate in an educational setting because they are taking away from the social and physical experience of learning, they increase bullying among peers and they decrease academic mental engagement.

In today 's society, cellphones are slowly being accepted as learning instruments in schools. It amazes me how kids can still pass a class without paying attention and not learning the material they should be. In the end, students are only hurting their education because they are not paying attention to what they should be and focusing on their cell phones. Unfortunately, some students being bullied feel no way out it but to end their life. The new technology advances has honestly ruined our generation. Technology can be used for good things, but young students are not using technology the right way. Using technology the wrong way could harm students. Teachers cannot control what their students do on their phone, but teachers can have a rule of no cell phones being used at any time during school hours.

If cell phones are banned in school it takes away the protection a parent has over a child. During school cell phones should be turned off in your pocket or locker. Each school should develop its own policy which may require that cell phones are turned off in class but should allow their use before and after school and in case of emergency.

The UFT United Federation of Teachers supports that cell phones should be permitted on school grounds as long as they are shut off. Are cell phones just another thing to distract kids or is it a learning tool. Schools should not ban cell phones from the school but cell phone use should be ban from classrooms unless it is being used in a productive way and with teachers permission. NEHS should not have a ban because a ban will not stop all kids from bringing their phones to school, cell phones can be a helpful tool, and it is a great way to insure that the child is safe. Even though a ban on cell phones does dicrease the percentage of kids that use their cell phones during class a complete ban on cell phones will not stop all kids from bringing their cell phones to class or the school.

Also, mobile phones provide a large temptation to cheat in tests. They can communicate to almost anywhere and anyone in the world. Because they are small, students can quietly and discreetly send a text and it can go unnoticed. You got to school to learn, not to waste time playing games or cheating in tests. Research has proven that frequent use of a mobile phone can put the owner at risk of long term health damage. Mobile phones have radiation in them which they send out which can destroy or damage cells. Thus a student who uses a mobile phone regularly is at risk of health damage. With the increase in ownership of mobiles, there is increased usage and so the students are putting themselves at risk more and more of health damage.

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