How Do You Register A Garmin Product Online?

Thursday, January 27, 2022 5:38:49 PM

How Do You Register A Garmin Product Online?

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How to Update a Garmin Echomap with your PHONE, WIFI \u0026 ActiveCaptain App!

If the LM is working for you don't try to register the unit. The LM is worth a lot more than having the unit registered to you. GarminMapUpdater does not need a login to update the Maps. I wonder what would happen if the previous owner were to de-register the unit, Would LM still work? The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein.

Originally Posted by tom It works great, looks new and has a 1 year warranty. I called Garmin before I bought it because it was from "Factory Outlet Store" and I had read some complaints about them although there were many good reviews too. So they said it was covered for a year. I don't miss the glass or the HD Traffic but I would've liked that magnetic mount. Anyway, happy with it. The thing with used is there's little or no warranty. Going refurbished is better than going used. You get everything you would have gotten if you had bought new, except for the packaging, which is often a white box. With used, you have to deal with getting a hold of the original owner, asking him to unregister his device so you can reregister it, plus you risk defective components with no warranty to cover it.

Was this refurbished by Garmin? There seems to be quite a bit of 'folk-law' regarding registration, de-registration and re-registration of Garmin units particularly in regard to LM. Regardless of the Garmin account holding the registration, if you have bought a second-hand unit from it's legitimate owner you may continue to update it, Lifetime map update included, without problem. A friend of theirs had opened a Garmin account for them and registered it. They gave me the account login details because they didn't want the account anyway. However I wasn't able to get the correct password so the unit remained registered to that account.

I asked them to contact Garmin but nothing happened for almost a year when the account was finally closed by their friend in the States. I had no problem updating the maps using both GarminExpress and MapUpdater during that time anyway. There will only be a hitch if you try to register it in your Garmin account without the previous owner de-registering it.

If actual registration matters to you, ask the previous owner to remove it from his Garmin account and then you can register it. If you've bought a stolen unit you'll definitely have a problem if the rightful owner has reported the theft of their registered unit to Garmin. The map update with be refused: ' No map updates are available for this product. Please contact Garmin support ' or some similar message with be given. I'm not sure of Garmin's 'further action' policy if somebody tries to register a stolen unit on their Garmin account. Perhaps it varies depending on the Country, perhaps they do nothing, but maybe they'll quietly pass over to your local police the account info connected to the unsuccessful registration attempt. Of course then if the unit is recovered it will be returned to it's lawful owner without compensation to you.

Buying from eBay using PayPal gives you some protection at least. I can't say for elsewhere, but here licensed 2nd hand dealers must guarantee the title of the goods they sell so buying from them is relatively safe. I've personally known of one instance where the dealer had registered the unit but then forgot to remove it from their Garmin account after the sale. Copious 'sorry sorry sorry' resulted and the unit removed post-haste.

Garmin here will even actively assist you by attempting to contact the previous owner [if it's registered already] regardless of their stated policy of LM subs not being transferable as i said in Post 3. It would be interesting to hear what users have experienced elsewhere in the world as to if and how Garmin's local policies and procedures differ. I think it was sealed but don't remember. I'm not sure I made myself clear before but it was Garmin that said they would honor the 1-year warranty. I was nervous about that because when I asked Factory Outlet Store about it, this is while it was on its way to me, they said if Garmin doesn't honor it, then they will.

Beth Givens, the founder and executive director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a consumer rights organization based in San Francisco, said that registration cards are a slick way for manufacturers to build up their marketing databases. Chris Hoofnagle, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, told the Times that customers who fill out warranty and registration cards are just giving away information.

That said, one positive use of registration cards is that they allow manufacturers to get in touch with you in the event of a product recall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says in an online fact sheet that personal information on such products cannot be used for marketing. Rather, it is the most direct way that manufacturers can contact consumers if there is an issue with a product, and it puts the onus on companies, where it belongs, instead of watchdog organizations. So what about extended warranties? Is the peace of mind you get worth the extra coin you fork over to retailers? Never, ever on appliances or electronics. Should you register your new products? Craig Johnson. Why companies want you to register your electronics Some manufacturers will even tuck carrots inside the fine print, vowing to upgrade warranties to lifetime status if consumers register within the first 30 days.

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