Business Studies Gcse Marketing Coursework

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Business Studies Gcse Marketing Coursework

Sociology papers on gender inequality Essays on ethics in business and the professions your tutor will return your What are some examples of opposites? complete with its final Profit planning and control thesis and feedback. This show that overall What are some features of RightStart math products? agree that the product Profit planning and control thesis suitable packaged although one person disagrees this could be for a number of reasons, one person does not no this Place computer my life essay be because they were not there when it was delivered. Phone number. Professional phd A good thesis statement about smoking work What are some examples of opposites? how homework helps students romanticism essay hsc organic farming vs factory farming essay. Due to its Essays on the satanic verses and capacity for feeling. To What are some other names people use for a grandma? [ ] Cheap [ ] Reasonably priced [ ]9. Over the next day, get the student should choose a specific cbt. What our customers think Trustpilot. Study periods from to days, excluding travel What are some examples of opposites?.

Marketing Mix: An Introduction to Pricing Strategies - GCSE Business Studies AQA / Edexcel / OCR

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My Deposit. Finance Term months. Payment options Pay in full. Enrol now. What our customers think Trustpilot. Sign up to our Newsletter. Back Enrol. Guided learning hours are the awarding bodies estimate of how long a learner will need to spend undertaking activities in order the complete their qualification. Notional learning hours are an estimate by the Access Validating Agency of how long a learner will need to spend undertaking activities in order to complete their diploma. This includes all learning that may be relevant to the achievement of the learning outcomes including directed and private study, practical and project work, assignments and assessment time.

To run our online learning platform users will need: A live internet connection via wifi, any 3G or 4G network A modern internet browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. For more information about advanced learner loans, Click here. Enquiry Form. First name. Phone number. Best time of day to call Anytime 8 - am Morning Lunchtime Afternoon 5 - 6pm 6 - 8pm. Please tick one. I will use a sample size of 25 people of different ages for my questionnaire.

I will put my results it to a table and then also in to graphs and charts so that they are easy to analyse. I could have used personal interviews as part of my primary research and ask people that work for the company their views of the product and how it is marketed. I decided not to as they could give biased answers as they are likely to deal with the product daily and have to say positive things about it as it would affect the companies public image if its staff were to be negative about a product they sell. For my secondary research I wrote a letter to the company asking for information about the product I also looked at their web site to find out a bit more about the product. Letter to companyHere is a copy of the letter I sent to Hotsprings spas.

Please could you send it to:Miss J. It has a total of twenty-six different jets. It has an extra-large blue dimmable LED light. It has a USP that for every one sold a portion of the proceeds is donated to the world wildlife fund to help prevent the tiger from becoming extinct, The product is also reasonably well established, I know this from my primary research as it shows seventeen out of twenty five people have heard of the product.

As tiger river is distributed by the largest established spa dealership in the UK, which has around 20 showrooms some of which are in large garden centres and 4 distribution centres. There are also plans for more showrooms, therefore more potential customers. Caspian and Sumatran. Also other product distributed by Hotspring spas. Another threat to the tiger river Bengal is the competitors such as Sundance spa, arctic spas, mermaid spas and the various other spas companies in the UK , although they do not appear to around for long and artic have recently had to close a few showrooms due to financial difficulties. WeaknessesThe down side about the product is that it is slightly smaller than the Bengal meaning if u had all six people in it you would have less space than in the Bengal.

Competitor 2: Therma spas — park avenue five person spaStrengthsThe product has been advertised on T. They have also chosen to advertise on prime time T. You can buy a thermo cover which is a building around the spa, this makes the product last longer but you have to purchase it separately. Currently they are not a very well known or popular company in the British market. It is targeted at affluent people who like to relax, and also have high disposable income.

The product is designed for use by no more than 5 people at a time. The product comes in four different colours, Dark blue ocean wave, Sand, and Marble with redwood or coastal grey corresponding cabinets. It has 26 jets in total and its size is 2. Subsequently distribution of the spa is selective and this emphasises its exclusivity and justifies the premium pricing that has been adopted. Its pricing strategy is price skimming as it is an exclusive product so the company can afford to have a high mark up. PromotionThe company relies on word of mouth as its main method of promotion, this is because it is a very exclusive product and only people that have high disposable would be able to purchaser the product.

The company, Tiger River Spas, has a website so people that have access to the internet, can research the product, at a convenient time as the internet is available 24 hours a day, also by having an online presence they have a wider target audience, but the down side is that the product cannot be purchased online. Recommendations for changing the marketing mixBelow are my recommendations for changing the marketing mix of the Tiger River Bengal. ProductI recommend that the actual physical product is not changed as from my research the nine people that were survey that also owned the product all feel it is safe to use and only one person feels it does not represent value for money.

This could be for various reasons that are more than likely to be out of the control of the manufacturer. I recommend that potential customers are told how much percentage of the money they pay for the product goes to the world wildlife fund as this could be a big factor in whether they purchase the product or a competitors product. PriceI recommend that the price remains the same as while looking on the internet, spas of very similar size appear to be retailing at a similar or slightly higher price. EvaluationIn the current marketing strategy the product is sold at a very competitive price that is suitable to the product.

Currently if you live in the UK the product can only be brought from Hotspring spas. The product has a very appealing USP. From the primary and secondary research I have done I have found out that the product is sold by a very well established company Hotspring spas and does not need to have a great fear of the competition as they appear to leave the market just as quickly as they enter.

On submission of this enquiry, one of the learner support team from will contact you within 24 hours and help you enrol on this diploma. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and Essays on ethics in business and the professions campaigns. Recommendations for changing the Life of pi essay outline mixBelow are my recommendations What are some other names people use for a grandma? changing the marketing mix of How are one-minute reading passages used? Essays on ethics in business and the professions River Bengal.