What Are Some Popular Female German Names?

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What Are Some Popular Female German Names?

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German girl names: The most popular German names for baby girls - German girl names pronunciation

I do not share this view. Starting from fewer boys were called Horst from year to year. By the way, Nordic first names — contrary to widespread prejudices — are not typical Nazi first names. On the contrary, they were expressly not wanted. Besides the unwanted ones, there were also directories with first names desired by the Nazis, especially those of German or Germanic origin. The large number of Turkish immigrants to Germany accounts for the frequency of Turkish surnames. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Retrieved 29 October Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 2 May Dayana Delaney Demi Dior Dulce Elliana Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellison Elodie Emani Emerson Fallon Fatima Finley Freya Freyja Galilea Giovanna Giuliana Guadalupe Hadassah Harlow Harmoni Hayden Henley Iliana Imani Indie Itzayana Itzel Jaelyn Julissa Kaia Kailani Kaisley Kamari Kamilah Kamiyah Karter Kataleya Keilani Keira Kendall Kenia Kenna Kensley Khaleesi Kori Kristin Lana Landry Leighton Lennon Lennox Lilith Logan Lola Luciana Luz Lyanna Lylah Mackenzie Malani Malaya Malayah Maliah Maren Mariah Mariam Maryse Mckinley Micah Milana Milani Monroe Morgan Noor Novah Novalee Palmer Parker Payton Presley Raegan Raelyn Raina Rayna Rayne Reagan Reina Reyna Rosalee Rowan Ryleigh Samara Saoirse Sariah Sariyah Sasha Sawyer Shiloh Simone Sloan Sloane Sutton Sylvie Talia Taliyah Tatiana Tatum Teagan Tenley Thalia Thea Tiana Tinley Tinsley Vada Valeria Veda Wanda Waverly Whitley Ximena Xiomara Yara Yareli Yaretzi Yaritza Zahra Zainab Zaniyah Zara Zaria Zariah Zariyah Zaylee Zelda Zendaya Zola Zora Your special little daughter deserves a unique girl name.

Adalyn Adalynn Addilynn Addisyn Addyson Adelyn Aileen Ainhoa Alaina Alannah Alayna Alisson Alivia Allyson Alyson Ashlyn Ashlynn Aubree Aubrie Austyn Ayleen Bailee Baylee Brooklynn Brylee Brynlee Camryn Charlee Charleigh Charley Charli Destinee Eastyn Emersyn Emilee Erika Hadleigh Izabella Jazmin Jazmine Jenesis Jordyn Journee Journi Kailey Kamryn Karla Karsyn Kassidy Kathryn Kaydence Kaylin Kehlani Kennedi Khloe Krystin Lauryn Londyn Madalyn Madalynn Maddison Madelynn Madilyn Madilynn Madisyn Makayla Makenna Makenzie Maleah Maliyah Maryam Mckenna Mckenzie Meilani Melany Meryl Mikaela Mikayla Myah Nataly Noemi Paislee Paisleigh Paityn Raelynn Rebekah Ryann Rylee Saige Savanna Saylor Scarlette Selene Sevyn Valery Vivienne Wynter Yasmin If you want your little one to be down to earth or connected to nature in some way, you might consider choosing one of these nature-inspired names for your baby girl:.

Amber April August Azalea Briar Clementine Crystal Dahlia Daisy Emerald Flora Holly Iris Jasmine Jewel June Juniper Laurel Magnolia Meadow Oaklee Oakleigh Oakley Oaklyn Oaklynn Olive Opal Pearl Poppy Raven River Robin Rose Rosemary Sage Sky Summer Winter Angel Blessing Cadence Calliope Destiny Dream Ember Faith Felicity Halo Harmony Haven Heaven Heavenly Hunter Ivory Journey Joy Justice Legacy Liberty Lyric Melody Mercy Miracle Navy Phoenix Princess Promise Queen Reign Remington Royal Royalty Sienna Taylor Treasure You may like the trend of naming your baby girl after the city, town, or location where she was conceived, or of naming your baby after a special place for you or your family.

Alexandria Aspen Berkeley Bristol Chelsea Cheyenne Dakota Dallas Denver Egypt Florence Holland India Jordan

Ivory Leia Camilla