Essay About What Is Multiculturalism

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Essay About What Is Multiculturalism

Water Essay about what is multiculturalism Essays. This forced the minorities to remain minorities in every province and not become a majority Essay about what is multiculturalism that they were not able What are some examples of Bogo free coupons? present themselves politically. Weber, Eugen n. Powered by CiteTotal, best referencing machine. Thus, having created a favourable political and Apa format generator for paper environment for ethnic minorities, the government provides Speech on moral values in modern society living standards and The red badge of courage essay perspectives. It Speech on moral values in modern society becomes important to understand what stereotypes others may have that could be affecting their…. The red badge of courage essay York City had 85, Jews byThe red badge of courage essay of which had German roots. Diversity Rhetorical analysis essay thesis statement a Apa format generator for paper or society is considered as The red badge of courage essay good Speech on moral values in modern society in order to learn different cultures, Apa format generator for paper and diversified environment in the society. Is it really that difficult to understand others that are different from us?

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Thus, the cultures have mixed that created additional reasons to worry for Native Americans who begin to lose their country. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Multiculturalism in the USA. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Learn More. This essay on Multiculturalism in the USA was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. Removal Request. If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda.

Cite This paper. Copy to Clipboard Copied! The government has to set out policies which let the society as a whole, work towards the prosperity of the entire nation. In setting out policies the government should also keep in mind the needs and demands of the various cultures which inhibit the place. Not being able to set out just policies for the multicultural diverse nation state will result in differences among these ethnic groups and will disturb the peace of the country. As mentioned before that these debates are more philosophical in nature and that these have to be constructed empirically and logically. Without this approach the answer of the multiculturalism problem cannot be related from one nation state to another Wieviorka, The response of government in the name of policies adapting more to the culturally diverse nation states has been mainly due to the accelerated process of globalization.

This globalization has also ignited the human rights issue which was usually not discussed so much during the past half century Soysal ; Jacobson After the World War II, the changes brought by human rights regimes have directly affected various policies and laws made by the government. Prior to World war II, any policies or laws made in any democratic state, did not acknowledge the existence of culturally diverse societies. One reason for this could be the fact that I was after the Second World War that the phenomenon of globalization began to take hold. Moreover, the existence of multicultural societies was minimal. With the advancements in technology, communications and transportation, people in every corner of the World have been able to identify opportunities beyond the geographical borders of their nation state.

As people began to migrate more, proper immigration policies were set in order to accommodate the minorities. Today, proper policies have been set, laws have been made and articles define the promotion of identity of the minorities. Democratic governments all over the World take proactive measures in order to accommodate cultural, religious and ethnic minority rights. Previously United Nations had specifically avoided the topic of discrimination against the minorities. None of the articles of UN had specifically mentioned their rights or the fact that multicultural diverse nation states should promote their minorities and give them equal rights.

However, as the human rights debate picked up heat, the issue of minority rights also became important. The United Nations now clearly defines that the identity of minorities should be identified, promoted and protected Symonides The United Nations adopted this change in an article in the s. The article of United Nations, mentioned above clearly defines the rights which the minorities can exercise. However, formerly this article was not stated specifically and had mentioned the minority rights in a rather ambiguous way. It depends on the ability of that cultural group itself. However the local government can only ensure that the minorities of that place are able to exercise their beliefs as any other non-minority culture Article 27, UNHRC.

Apart from ethnic diversity, another important type of diversity is linguistic diversity. Most multicultural countries adopt the language of he majority community as their official language. Whereby, the languages of the minority communities is usually not allowed to be used in any publication are cannot be the basis of any political party formation. Moreover, as language is a very important element of any culture, therefore he government has very strong rules and regulations set out in order to protect the language of the majority, such as in France Weber, n. Nowadays, with increased awareness about the rights of minorities there has been lot of movements which highlight that these communities are against the imposition of the language of the majority community.

There has been revival of the languages of these communities and many of them have started using and strengthening their language as there is a new found pride in preservation of culture. Many governments of pluralistic nations have tried to resolve these seething dissents by declaring the states to have different official languages depending on the concentration of minorities present in that state.

In a multicultural diverse community there has always been a politics of language. It is a commonly observed phenomenon that whichever community is in power, the language of that community gains eminence. The language of the majority community is used in education, official paperwork, employment and it becomes a signifier of elitism. This is evident in the case of English which despite being used by minority of the educated masses world wide is considered to be a symbol of privileged class. So, therefore we see that in most of the underdeveloped countries we see a trend of using English in its educational curriculums.

Despite the fact that the students face a lot of problems understanding the subject as it is not their mother tongue. This phenomenon clearly illustrates the fact hat since the western ideology and culture is being followed throughout the world. The factors that have aided the prevalence of western culture is the fact that there has been rapid globalization and media has presented a glamorized version of the western society and culture. South Africa is country which has multiple languages and contrary to the fact that the constitution accommodates indigenous languages after apartheid.

There has been a practical imposition of the two languages; English and Afrikaans. In India, Hindi is the official language as Hindus are in majority. Muslims in India are the largest minority and even their language, which is Urdu, has been sidelined. However, the practically it is impossible to use all the languages in official works. Protection and promotion of linguistic rights of an individual is one of the components of human rights. Any amount of international pressure and legal provisions which support the sustenance of an endangered and languages of the minority communities usually lack the power to be reinforced.

Languages develop and are sustained when they are in use. Linguistic tensions are going to exist as the communities are becoming more and more aware of their rights. One more form of diversity is religious diversity. Religious diversity is one of the oldest forms of diversities. Formerly, nations were formed on the basis of religion. Even in Europe which is a modern nation, religion became the backbone of the formation of many nations. Like cultural and linguistic diversity, religious diversity can also take a violent form and disturb the peace of the country.

Many people believe that this religious minority right is just a phenomenon of the east and that it is due to globalization that the west is also now participating in this. Some believe that religious pluralism leads to peace as none of the religion of the world allows their followers to be violent. Politics of religion has taken different forms and has gained importance in many countries Anderson, Ethnic movements One disadvantage associated with multicultural diversity is that if the rights of these minority cultures is not recognized and promoted, it can result in extreme minority rights movements. The challenge which the local government faces is usually more critical in case of territory based minority movements.

If movements are not territory based than they can easily be solved by minor adjustments sometimes even in the policies of the country. However, territory based movements usually demand more than just ethnic recognition. These minorities usually demand secession. There are many studies which emphasize that these movements have grown more in number due to the phenomenon of globalization. Communities now know their rights and where they stand. They not only demand separate identity but sometimes also a separate state. With the advent of internet ad better communications technologies, people are now aware of their rights.

With human rights activities taking hold after the world war, the minority movements have also been increasing. The minorities have strengthened their existence as now they know that they have rights which no one can deprive them of Tsutsui, Not many researches have studied the ethno-national conflicts even though there have been many and had posed serious threat to the peace of the nation state.

Managing multicultural diversity by the local government has been easy and difficult both. Sometimes the demands are such that it is difficult for the government to fulfill them. In such case the local government has to suppress any minority rights movement. If the demands of these minority activists are such that the government can fulfill them then the government grants the activist their demands. These can range from pluralistic policies, cultural autonomy etc Ghai, Management of multicultural diverse nationsThe political institutions throughout the world have been facing the challenges of the demands of the culturally diverse communities that are living within the territorial boundaries of a nation as minorities.

Globalization is one of the primary reasons for the awakening of the concept that the cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic identity be respected and preserved. The increased economic prosperity and media has also played a role in the awakening of a kind of movement that calls for preservation of cultural distinctiveness rather than the homogenization of all the communities. Marginalized communities can in an organized manner persuade the majority communities of their rights if the political system is strong and fair with passage of time. The democratic politics has some problem areas that is that the a just cause can be defeated as the it depends on the public opinion and which at times can be unpredictable and can be swayed by gossips and charged speeches.

The democratic process is being practiced in large part of the world as it is the most viable means to limit the rule of the despotic state of heads. The Aggregative model of democracy interprets democracy as the sum total of the preferences of the majority of its citizens and therefore it is self evident that the minority ethnic religious or linguistic groups preferences will be marginalized as they will always be lesser in numbers. The political parties who aspire Young, the modern political theorist have tried to solve this problem by putting forth the deliberative model of democracy in which the individual parties try and put forth solutions to a problem and the one with the best solution and which can are supported by reason and proofs are endorsed.

In order to ensure that justice is done and the problem is redressed according to the hopes and aspirations of the affected parties it is imperatives that the communities affected by decision must be included. One of the ideals of democracy is that there should be political equality. In a multicultural society all the communities affected by the decision should be included into the decision making process and that to on equal terms.

The movement was started before Rhetorical analysis essay thesis statement XX century and had several crucial effects on the image of a woman in Essay about what is multiculturalism. Pluralistic societies are not Apa format generator for paper phenomena rather it has existed from Essays to kill a mockingbird courage immemorial. Related Topics.