Lord Of The Flies Essay Hook

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Lord Of The Flies Essay Hook

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Writing an Essay about 'Lord of the Flies'

They spot a boar. Ralph hits it with a rock, but the animal escapes. In the heat of the hunt, one of the boys, Robert, starts to imitate the pig and everybody else plays the hunters. They circle around Robert and scream:. After the massive and violent ritual, Ralph, Roger, and Jack go up the mountain in the middle of the night. They notice the corpse of the dead pilot stuck in the tree branches with his evacuation parachute:. Due to their impassioned emotions, they convince themselves that the dead man is the beast and the three of them flee as fast as they can back to their camp.

Day after day, Jack tries to attract other boys to join his clan by promising them feasts with delicious pig meat. Eventually, Bill, Roger, and Maurice join the hunters. They believe that as long as they leave something for the beast to kill and eat, they will be safe. During one of their hunts, they kill a pretty big pig. Jack mounts its head on a stick:. Simon watches the hunters from a quiet place he found for himself in the middle of the woods. The Lord of the Flies tells Simon that the beast is inside each of the boys and that his life is in danger. Hearing that, Simon faints. A big storm begins to brew over the island. Simon decides to go up the mountain to confront the beast himself. He sees the dead parachutist and gets the straps off of the corpse.

Realizing that there is no beast, the boy rushes back to tell everybody the good news. In response, Jack, whose face is painted with clay, starts a ritual dance while singing his favorite song:. The boys, scared of the storm, are also scared to be hungry and hunted by the imaginary beast — so they join Jack in his savage dance:. Unfortunately, Simon enters the camp in the moment of their total madness. Once the madness subsides, everyone realizes that Simon is dead. The body of the parachutist is blown away from the island during the storm.

But Ralph realized that the boys have crossed a line and there is no turning back. One night Jack sneaks into their shelters and steals the glasses used to start the fire. The hunters now live in a rock cave that kind of resembles a castle, therefore they call it Castle Rock. The boys prepare for a fight as much as they can — they take spears with them, tie their hair back, and take the conch shell. A fight breaks out. Roger starts throwing stones from the top of the mountain. Jack stabs Ralph with a spear. And Ralph tries to appeal to the hunters to be reasonable and invest common effort into getting the fire going:.

The hunters surround the twins, take their spears away, and tie them up. Ralph loses his temper and calls out to Jack:. He realizes that Jack will not leave him alone now. During a secret meeting, Samneric warn Ralph that the next day hunters will begin to look for him around the entire island. When Ralph almost gets caught by the hunters, he suddenly stumbles into a man on the beach. This man is a naval officer who is very surprised to see all of the boys painted in clay and running around with spears. The sky over the island turns black as a result of the fire started by the hunters.

The officer thinks the boys are playing fun games about war. Piggy's Glasses are a symbol of civilization. The boys use them to make their first fire. This is a symbol of the beginning of the uncivilized era on the island. An attempt to recover his stolen Glasses gets Piggy killed. The Conch Shell was used to call the first meeting in Chapter 1. During the following meeting in Chapter 2, Ralph realizes the need to keep the group organized. So the kids agree that whoever is given the conch can speak at the meeting:. It is a symbol of raw instincts, priority of basic needs over spiritual needs, and reason. The War Paint is a way for the boys to camouflage their actions.

The hunters use clay to paint their faces. It represents the distinction between them on the island from the way they were back home in Britain. Uncontrolled Fire is present in a couple of chapters in the book. Finally, the boys set the whole island on fire trying to smoke Ralph out. It vividly demonstrates how easy it is to ruin the things that grow and develop over time. He demonstrates that despite centuries of evolution, men are still susceptible to degradation once the pressures of civilization have been eased off. The boys quickly abandon their civil masks, follow their wild temperaments, and begin their journeys into the course of being a primitive tribal community.

Youth and loss of innocence. At first, after the plane crash, the boys are excited to be free from adults ruling their lives and enjoy their unexpected freedom. However, the circumstances of living on a wild island and the need to survive quickly force the youth to grow up. Very quickly the boys turn from gentlemen into cavemen. Eventually fear becomes their guiding instinct on the island. The main lesson delivered by the text is that evil lives inside of us and nobody but us can help make peace with it.

Power and religion. Towards the end of the book, power is in the hands of those who can demonstrate physical force, are able to provide food on the table, and are able to protect their followers from real and imaginary dangers. Force becomes their only religion, and rage becomes their only true emotion. Its plot is rich in meaning, while the text itself is quite easy to read. Just send us your write my essay request, and we will help you figure out how to ace that homework you have to submit. Had to ask for a revision and I got a revision back in a timely manner as well with no issues. Great work. She followed all the instructions, and she even finished 5 days before the due date.

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Essay Writing. Literature Reviews. Formatting Styles. Other Articles. Written by. Title Page. What Is Symbolism? Now, I would like to compare and contrast the movie and novel of Lord of the Flies. There are many differences between novel and movie of Lord of the Flies. First, there are big differences between the opening storyline of the novel. But in the movie, the plane simply crashes into the ocean.

Also, in the novel, all boys were scattered around and the story begins just with Ralph, then meeting Piggy and other boys. Whereas, in the movie, all the boys start the journey altogether with firstly found drown in the ocean. Another significant contrast was the reaction of boys against beast or the thing. In the movie, the beast was regarded as scary and strong thing that is threatening boys. However, in the book, the beast was shown as a snake like thing that eventually running away by itself. So, in the book, the beast was regarded as a strong being but not as much as an beast in the book.

Whereas, in the movie, Ralph was voted in as chief with the conch no matter Jack was chapter chorister. There are differentiation in small part, such as, Ralph first sees the conch in novel while Piggy was in the movie. Before the discord within boys, in the novel, Ralph and Simon are the only ones working on the shelter, whereas all of the boys devoted to build shelters in the movie. In the movie, Ralph had the idea. In the book, Jack is depicted as red headed and freckled, while in the movie, he is blonde. Also, Jack was mad when he is not elected chief while in the movie Jack was calm when he is not elected.

They notice the Essay on why standardized testing is bad of the dead What are some common facts in world history textbooks? stuck in the tree branches with his evacuation parachute:. The officer thinks the boys are playing Essay about the importance of communication in technical training games about war. The Oxford Dictionary defines What types of crafts use Styrofoam sheets? as the condition of being primitive or uncivilized.