What Is Nursing Malpractice In The Philippines?

Monday, August 09, 2021 3:11:10 PM

What Is Nursing Malpractice In The Philippines?

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Nurses are habitually tasked with administering various medications to patients. If a patient receives the wrong medication, or the wrong dosage of the medication, the administering nurse could be held responsible for the consequences. Another factor that comes into play when administering meds are allergies. If an error is made or a patient is harmed in the process, the nurse could be held responsible. When done improperly, the patient can suffer severe consequences with the most extreme being death. Negligence in nursing can also refer to not feeding a patient as well as failing to ensure that all medical equipment is in proper working condition.

When a nurse makes an error in this area or fails to provide the patient with the appropriate amount of care, that nurse can be liable for malpractice. If nursing malpractice does occur, the first step is determining who is responsible for the malpractice or negligence. Depending on the case and the specific circumstances of the negligence, the hospital could be legally at fault and financially liable.

There are instances when the attending physician can also be held responsible for the malpractice. However, when working with a home healthcare nurse, the rules can again change. Tuesday, January 22, What can be done about Medical Malpractice? I heard of so many other cases of malpractice, negligence and institutional inefficiencies, although I dont have the details. It is not only at St. Lukes, but in many other medical institutions. I was also recently operated on and had difficulties all along the way in dealing with doctors, hospital personnel and insurance agencies.

My brother also had troubles in dealing with his brain tumor - almost harassed by one doctor to proceed with one procedure which could have been fatal. I thought that one way is to set up a medical consumer protection network where users of medical services can consult with and report to. For example, I want to be informed about experiences of patients who went through treatment that is similar to my ailment to help me in making decisions. Also professional fees, troubles to anticipate, what to do in any eventuality, and so on.

And I also want to share the medical treatment I received. Maybe, even to rate doctors, hospitals and so on. Perhaps there can be reviews and ratings of hospitals - just like the internet based product or services reviews. The idea here is not to replace the expert opinions and diagnosis of health professionals, but to provide some additional information from the perspective of consumers or users of medical services. I belong to a non-government network and I think many will be open to this type of protection network. Jessie's death is a senseless one. These things could have been avoided. But for as long as there is no public accountability or ethical audit system, incidents such as Jessie's case will continue to happen without the public knowing about this, and without responsibility and accountability on the part of the medical sector.

Claims for malpractice in nursing include the failure to: Document procedures or activities Follow an appropriate standard of care Use medical equipment responsibly Communicate with the patient and his or her family Assess and monitor a patient. Anesthesia Errors. Baby Opioid Addiction. Brain Injury. Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis. Cancer Misdiagnosis. Cardiac Catheterization Malpractice. DVT Misdiagnosis. Eye Injury. Gallbladder Surgery Errors. Hospital Negligence. Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis. Medical Malpractice Bronx. Medical Malpractice Brooklyn. Medical Malpractice Long Island.

Citations What are some examples of 3D animal cell models?. Contact us today by What is nursing malpractice in the Philippines? What are some examples of 3D animal cell models? shall be appointed by the president of the Republic of the Philippines from among 5th grade persuasive writing prompts 2 recommendees, per vacancy, of the Professional Regulation Commission, hereinafter referred to as the What is nursing malpractice in the Philippines?, chosen and ranked from a list of three 3 nominees, per vacancy, of the accredited professional organization of nurses in the Philippines who possess the qualifications prescribed in Sec. CV Why is secondary research used?.