Study In Another Country Essay

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Study In Another Country Essay

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Another example is food, dining, and how people eat. Back in France eating is social act. You talk and socialize with people. Here it is just a necessity to literally survive. We definitely have different approaches and understanding of everything. You have to abandon your whole life. Your family, your friends, your habits, and as I said before, you have to get out of your comfort zone. That can be stressing at some point, honestly. If you get in trouble here, nobody is going to be here to help you to handle the situation. Additionally, you can feel homesick, and have problems with fitting in.

However, even if studying abroad is not the most perfect thing ever, I think it is actually good thing. Indeed, it brings me a lot of independence. When you are by yourself in a new country, you have to handle your problems on your own without someone telling you how to do it. You also have to make your own decisions without being guided by your family and close ones. For all this reasons I have made the choice to come and study here. It was not a true desire, but it cannot be bad for me. I saw the downsides during my first week here, but before I wrote this essay I did not see the advantages, and I am now understanding a bit more why I am here, and what I will learn from this amazing experience.

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Get an expert to write you the one you need! Get your paper now. Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided. They can discover different lifestyles and social norms, which in turn broaden their perspective. In addition, with the proper cultural context, students can learn a second language accurately and quickly. This by consequence offers a competitive edge over their counterparts. For example, my elder brother is doing a job in a transnational company based in Spain.

The company has selected him due to his foreign degree and better skills in the Spanish language. It is usually considered that the employee with a foreign degree is motivated to embrace any challenge and able to adapt to diverse cultures. To conclude, students learn better in a foreign university and develop faster as a professional and an individual. Despite some drawbacks, studying overseas offers a myriad of benefits and it is expected that renowned universities will attract more foreign students in the coming days. Nowadays, more students choose to study abroad than ever before. While there are good benefits in studying in a foreign country, I believe that the drawbacks outweigh the positive impacts this trend has.

On the one hand, there are many benefits of studying abroad. Firstly, overseas students become more independent by living alone in a foreign country. For instance, they are responsible for cleaning, cooking, and paying bills. They get exposed to different cultures and customs and gain knowledge about them. Also, overseas students learn foreign languages to cope with the new culture they are involved in. Finally, foreign institutions offer better courses for students. The qualification gained open the door to get better job opportunities with high salaries. Deciding whether to complete it in the home country or in a more prestigious university in a foreign country can be tricky.

I personally believe that the overall picture of moving to a different country to complete higher education is troublesome. To begin with, it is a common thought that someone with a foreign degree is more adept and can get lucrative job offers. On top of that, many students spend a great deal of their family money to complete their university education in a first-world country and wish to settle there. However, reality hits harder than expected. More than 90 percent of those students have to return to their home countries and start a career they cannot enjoy. Two of my cousins, to cite an example, have completed their graduation and post-graduation in Australia and returned home only to find that their local counterparts are already in higher positions in companies they are planning to apply to.

Many students who study in a foreign university either become illegal residents at a time or do works that are inappropriate to their profile. Moreover, pupils who move to other countries to achieve higher degrees often face financial hardship and get involved in ordinary part-time jobs. At a time they find themselves in a situation when completing the university is not possible.

The percentage of such students is on the hike and no doubt it is a regrettable outcome. In a foreign land, they face cultural differences, communication problem,s and challenges that they could have easily avoided and concentrated on their studies in their home countries. To conclude, the promise of having a foreign degree is quite lucrative but the challenges are even greater.

It is true that the number of students who choose to study overseas has increased rapidly in the past few years. Studying in a foreign country has its own positive and negative sides, but I personally believe that it has more benefits for the students themselves. On the one hand, some believe that the choice of studying abroad has some disadvantages. One of the reasons is that studying overseas will cost more than studying in the home country. It is necessary for parents to spend more money on airplane tickets, accommodations, food, and clothes, besides tuition fees and uniforms.

Another reason is that students might be unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the culture, environment, and language of the new country. As a consequence, it might have a negative effect on their mental condition and academic performance. Adopting a new environment often hampers the natural flow of study for many students and some students do not continue their studies to earn money when they are abroad. On the other hand, another group of people thinks that studying in another country brings so many positive aspects for the students themselves. Firstly, by studying in a new country, students will have a chance to learn new languages and new cultures. Secondly, students will learn about how to live independently, like cleaning their own rooms or doing the laundry by themselves.

Thirdly, they could make new friends with people from other countries and get familiar with multicultural environments. Lastly, it is a fact that in certain countries, an international graduate certificate gives additional value when the students search for jobs. In conclusion, it is undeniable that the preference of studying in a foreign country has its own benefits and drawbacks. Despite all the disadvantages, I believe that it has more advantages for the students themselves, therefore young people should be encouraged to study in a new country. Although some of them might have difficulties with the fees, many international scholarships are offered these days.

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