What Is An Example Of Case Law?

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What Is An Example Of Case Law?

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Understanding Case Law

In civil cases, a plaintiff is responsible for providing sufficient evidence that a defendant is guilty of wrongdoing. Plaintiffs may seek monetary compensation to cover expenses related to the complaint, such as attorney fees, property repair, lost income and medical bills. When necessary, the court may order a defendant to fulfill obligations owed to the plaintiff. In cases where defendants are deemed accountable for some form of needlessly harmful or malicious conduct, courts may also reward punitive damages to the plaintiff. In contrast, a criminal case involves an alleged violation of public codes, such as robbery or murder, and the complaint is filed by a government entity.

For instance, a defendant may face criminal charges filed by the local government for drunken driving and be involved in separate civil cases for injuring plaintiffs or destroying their vehicles. For instance, a ruling in a California appellate court would not usually be used in deciding a case in Oklahoma. While there is no prohibition against referring to case law from a state other than the state in which the case is being heard, it holds little sway.

Still, if there is no precedent in the home state, relevant case law from another state may be considered by the court. Rulings made by federal appellate courts, and the U. Supreme Court, however, are binding on state courts. Just a few years ago, searching for case precedent was a difficult and time consuming task, requiring people to search through print copies of case law, or to pay for access to commercial online databases. Today, the internet has opened up a host of case law search possibilities, and many sources offer free access to case law. Doing a case law search may be as easy as entering specific keywords or citation into a search engine. There are, however, certain websites that facilitate case law searches, including:. In addition, the Law Library of Congress offers a great deal of information on statutes, case law, and other legal issues.

This includes a Guide to Law Online. Finding a relevant case law ruling, and inserting a reference to that case into a current legal pleading , is not enough to direct the court to the specific issue. In many instances, court rulings in the U. For legal professionals, there are specific rules regarding case citation, which vary depending on the court and jurisdiction hearing the case. Proper case law citation in a state court may not be appropriate, or even accepted, at the U. Supreme Court.

Generally speaking, proper case citation includes the names of the parties to the original case, the court in which the case was heard, the date it was decided, and the book in which it is recorded. Different citation requirements may include italicized or underlined text, and certain specific abbreviations. In the United States, people are not required to hire an attorney to represent them in either civil or criminal matters. Laypeople navigating the legal system on their own can remember one rule of thumb when it comes to referring to case law or precedent in court documents: be as specific as possible, leading the court, not only to the case, but to the section and paragraph containing the pertinent information.

The Cornell Law School website offers a variety of information on legal topics, including citation of case law, and even provides a video tutorial on case citation. The boy was placed in an emergency foster home, and was later shifted around within the foster care system. In , the boy was placed into the home of John and Jane Roe as a foster child.

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