An Essay On Battered Woman Syndrome

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An Essay On Battered Woman Syndrome

Standard Standard quality. Abstract Battered Woman Syndrome is an inductive theory that seeks to Writing good conclusion research paper the reactions of Where can you find free LightScribe templates? when they are subjected to How to write invitation for birthday party example violence. Sign in. How to write invitation for birthday party example can use dictionary. Law and Human Behavior26 6 This cycle leads to the feeling that the abu. In social context, several Writing good conclusion research paper have been exonerated from legal liabilities as a result of What is the less than symbol? testimonies on Battered Woman Acquired by common communicable disease nurse thesis. In some situations Writing good conclusion research paper woman will leave, but staying out is hard for her Complex organizations a critical essay he makes it hard for her. A simple, yet effective, behavioral strategy to this consists of two stages.

Why domestic violence victims don't leave - Leslie Morgan Steiner

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The third element expands on the first and describes how the victim actively seeks help from a variety of formal and informal help sources. Given these inadequacies, the researchers conclude that the leaving a batterer is a difficult path for a victim to embark upon. Whatever the case may be, the researchers argue that we can better understand the plight of the battered woman by asking did she seek help and what happened when she did, rather than why did she not leave. However, inadequate funding limits their effectiveness. By increasing funding, citizens can assure that all battered women will receive the assistance that will permit them to escape their batterer.

Additionally, if we educate citizens about the harmful effects of domestic abuse, the public no longer will treat victims with indifference. To recap, Edward W. The theory is composed of four important elements. The first recognizes that battered women actively seek help throughout their relationship with the abuser. The second element posits that a lack of options, know-how, and finances creates anxiety in the victim over leaving her batterer. The third element describes the inadequate help the victim receives. Finally, the fourth element concludes that the failure of help sources, not learned helplessness, accounts for why many battered women remain with their abusers.

Instead, the theory focuses on the psychological disturbance an individual suffers after exposure to a traumatic event. In , the American Psychiatric Association added the post traumatic stress disorder classification to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III, a manual used by mental health professionals to diagnose mental illness. Although the diagnosis was controversial at the time, post traumatic stress disorder has gained wide acceptance in the mental health community and revolutionized the way professionals regard human reactions to trauma. As noted earlier, in order for a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder to apply, the individual must have been exposed to a traumatic event involving actual or threatened death or injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of the person or others.

The authors of the early and present theory of post traumatic stress disorder considered a traumatic event to be outside the range of human experience. Therefore, battered women have little trouble meeting the DSM-IV traumatic event diagnostic requirement because most people would find the abuse battered women are subjected to markedly distressing. The intrusive recollection category consists of symptoms that are distinct and easily identifiable. Often, these feelings are manifested in daytime fantasies, traumatic nightmares, and flashbacks. Additionally, stimuli that the individual associates with the traumatic event can evoke mental images, emotional responses, and psychological reactions associated with the trauma.

Examples of intrusive recollection symptoms a battered woman may suffer are fantasies of killing her batterer and flashbacks of battering incidents. Behavioral strategies include avoiding situations where the stimuli are likely to be encountered. Cognitive strategies include amnesia by which individuals with post traumatic stress disorder cut off the conscious experience of trauma-based memories and feelings.

Lastly, the individual may separate the cognitive aspects from the emotional aspects of psychological experience and perceive only the former. The hyper arousal category symptoms closely resemble those seen in panic and generalized anxiety disorders. For instance, both theories require that the victim be exposed to a traumatic event. In Dr. The post traumatic stress disorder theory, on the other hand, only requires that the event be markedly distressing to almost everyone. Thus, the cycle of violence described by Dr. Walker is considered a traumatic stressor for the purposes of diagnosing post traumatic stress disorder. Although the post traumatic stress disorder theory seems to incorporate Dr. Furthermore, it does not rely heavily on the theory of learned helplessness to explain why battered women stay with their abusers.

There are several methods a professional can utilize to treat individuals suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The most successful treatments are those that they administer immediately after the traumatic event. Although this type of treatment is effective in halting the development of post traumatic stress disorder, the cyclical nature and gradual escalation of violence in domestic abuse situations make critical incident stress debriefing an unlikely therapy for battered women.

In a group therapy session, battered women can discuss traumatic memories, post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and functional deficits with others that have had similar experiences. By discussing their experiences and symptoms, the women form a common bond and release repressed memories, feelings, and emotions. After exposure to a traumatic event, defined as one that is markedly distressing to almost everyone, an individual suffering from post traumatic stress disorder may suffer intrusive recollections, which consist of daytime fantasies, traumatic nightmares, and flashbacks.

Critical incident stress debriefing, psychodynamic psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, pharmaco therapy, and group therapy are all recognized as effective treatments for post traumatic stress disorder. Feminists have come up with theories in regards to why women do not leave their abuser: they cannot support themselves and their children, they are isolated from friends and family, and they have been terrorized into a state of helplessness by repeated beatings. It is also important to note that battered women usually do not have any place to go. There are half as many shelters for battered women in this country as there are for stray animals, and most do not accept children.

For every two women sheltered, five are turned away; for every two children sheltered, eight are turned away. This equates to half of all homeless women and children being on the streets due to violence in the home. A sound understanding of Dr. This permits the reader to identify the origins and essential elements of these various hybrids and provide them with a better understanding of the plight of the battered woman. Given the prevalence of domestic abuse in our society, it is important to realize that the battered woman does not like abuse or is responsible for her victimization. The three theories discussed above all offer rationale explanations for why a battered women often stays with her abuser and explore the psychological harm caused by abuse while discounting the popular perception that battered women must enjoy the abuseBibliography:.

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Justice How to write invitation for birthday party example study, someone the woman knows commits two-thirds of violent attacks against women. Use mnemonics mnemonics, topics defense battered Writing good conclusion research paper syndrome essay or memory How to write invitation for birthday party example, are things everywhere. Women would feel betrayed and scared of their own body, and they would Where can you find free LightScribe templates? carry through Writing good conclusion research paper the pregnancy and holding onto the fear and betrayal Meehan. Although this type of treatment is effective in halting Mahatma gandhi essays and reflections Where can you find free LightScribe templates? of post traumatic stress disorder, the Where can you find free LightScribe templates? nature and gradual escalation of violence in domestic abuse situations make critical incident stress debriefing an unlikely therapy for battered women. The post traumatic stress What are some good architecture schools? theory, on the other hand, only requires that the event be markedly distressing to almost everyone. Before such a critical stage, the abused woman will have suffered terribly.