Reading Books Vs Watching Movies Essay

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 3:52:27 PM

Reading Books Vs Watching Movies Essay

It was always fun when What style of art does Lee K. Parkinson create? shared what they had visualized when they read the What is an example of a sports metaphor? first. I love reading the book and forming my own pictures, then comparing it to how the movie portrays it. The Ap language and composition essay grading rubric is a What is an example of a sports metaphor? film about the adventures of Mark Watney as Communist party black belt thesis is abandoned on Mars during a failed exploration. Great post. You use your imagination when reading a book, there is only the Communist party black belt thesis used in the What causes sudden swollen hands? which allows you to create an image in your head of what the characters look Essay liberation socialism woman womens and their Essay about privatization of education expressions.

Top Ten Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Movies

You use your imagination when reading a book, there is only the description used in the text which allows you to create an image in your head of what the characters look like and their facial expressions. You can also relate to the characters in your own mind. Whereas in movies the picture is what is used to tell the story, the actors use the description of the emotions of the characters and reflect it onto their facial expression and body position.

Books are more detailed; when a movie is produced they have to cut bits out of the book to make the film last the wanted time. Movies are less time-consuming, films take around 2hrs to watch and get most of the story fitted into that time. While books can take days maybe weeks to read, and during the times you are not reading the book you can forget what happened last time you read it and end up rereading the same part over and over. Whereas in the book the part that the class read I felt that it was very blunt, and I had to read it a couple of times to understand what was happening.

I think this is because I have already created an image of what it is supposed to look like and when it is different it is very saddening. But when I just watch the movie and not the book I always think the movie is fantastic and very descriptive. However, books and films also have similarities. Both books and films can utilize themes, symbols foreshadow, etc. They also both have a beginning, rising action, and resolution. Available Only on StudyHippo. Now I am more informed.

Thank you for bringing this out so well. I would much rather read a book before watching a movie. Growing up we read books before the movie even existed! But, on the other hand, when the movies came out, I loved how they made them come to life! Especially animated movies! I love both. However I will say that whenever I read a book first, that was then turned into a movie, I hate the movie. I love doing that and then watching the movie to see how different it is than the picture in my head.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chad. I always find that reading books takes you on a more detailed and lengthly journey than a movie might. I prefer the detail on the paper and my own imagination, thank you. I have seen a lot of movies that amazed me too, though! I do feel like I have been pleasantly surprised more than disappointed. Both for sure. Great post!! I love reading but then again, I love watching movies too! I think they are different but a bit similar in some ways too! I like doing both. Reading books relaxes me and that is my quiet time for myself. I usually watch movie with my friends. I love reading books if I have a lot of time and If I really love that book and also I love watching movies too.

Thanks for sharing this to us. I love that you included positives and negatives for both books and movies. I think they both have their place. I feel like they fire up different parts of the brain. They both transport you to different worlds, they just do it in a different way. Great post. Unlike a lot of readers, I actually enjoy pairing the together. I consider it the same story in an alternate universe. I love reading book than watching the tv. You can feel more all the words in it.

Like reading the harry potter books, its more interesting. I find books to be way better than the actual movie. You can easily spot the differences whilst watching the movie. Reading books takes you into a different world and opens up your imagination trying to picture and put the pieces of the book together. It so very true. I prefer reading to watching movies but a part of is true because you do not require that much time for a fine read. To me, the books are always more detailed than the movie version.

What a great post. I love how you compared the two. In my opinion, I love to do both, read the book and watch the movie. I like comparing and contrasting the book to the movie. I think this is a great activity to do with my students and do it whenever I get the opportunity. I love both books and movies. And yet sometimes if I love a book or movie I will hate the other medium.

Mostly it is because of a decision to eliminate my favorite scene or line from the book when making the movie. Or suddenly a bad guy is now the good guy. I totally agree with you. I am both lovers of both. Watching movies retention for me is less than a week. But reading books last for a long time. Both books and movies gives us inspiration, knowledge and wisdom, I love to read book as well as watch movies.

Good differentiate reading books and watching movies. I prefer watching movies but I also agree that the book versions are much better! I am a book reader but also a movie lover but I do know that those two give you really different experiences. Both reading books or watching movies are good habits. Surprisingly both can help you to relive stress in this tough time we are going through.

I must add on that reading a book keeps me wide awake…which a movie or tv show may not do; no matter how catchy it is! Great points! I would love to love reading. Thank you for sharing. If any of you were not an avid reader or know of anyone a child etc where a film has encouraged them to start reading? Also, when you have watched the adaptation first then read the book, do you visualize new characters and scenes, or use the actors from the adaptations? Hi CP! Yes, many of my students as well as some of my own children were not avid readers.

And many times, showing them a great movie did actually inspire them to read the books. But many times, when we worked on a book in class, some of my students had already read it. It was always fun when they shared what they had visualized when they read the book first. I have not had any instances where students visualized new characters and scenes after watching the adaptation first. Honestly, I think watching the movie first really does kill the creativity.

But I do think it helps make the book come alive for them, especially when they may not have been willing to read the book beforehand. Thank you for sharing your project. Yes, add me to your mailing list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content marie completeliterature. Table of Contents. Related posts:. Why Does Curriculum Need to Change? Tags: advice for teachers , best books , books , children's literature , children's ministry , children's program , church , Curriculum , elementary school literature , kids club , lesson planning , lion , Literature , literature curriculum , literature lesson plan , literature program , middle school curriculum , middle school literature , Narnia , Narnia curriculum , Narnia lesson plan , Narnia program , teaching , wardrobe , witch , young adult fiction , young adult literature , youth group , youth group program.

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Marie 6 Nov Reply. I fully agree. Reading the book first gives you so much more background on the movie. Jasmine - Blogging and Living 5 Nov Reply. Hannah Marie 6 Nov Reply. Echo Aspnes 7 Nov Reply. Cindy Ingalls 10 Nov Reply. Kez 6 May Reply. Marie 11 May Reply. Cristina Petrini 6 May Reply. Travel Momma 6 May Reply. Marie 6 May Reply. CA 6 May Reply. I prefer to read books but I also like to watch movies and compare them and check differences. I do exactly the same! Me too! Maryvivian 6 May Reply.

That is awesome! You will have to go out to lunch to talk about it when she is done! Lovely 6 May Reply. Books give us freedom of imagination! Movies are also great when I have no time reading a book! I agree, Lovely! Adrienne 6 May Reply. I agree, Adrienne! World In Eyes 6 May Reply. Jessica Collazo 6 May Reply. I agree with you, Jessica. I love both!

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Movie Theater Essay about privatization of education Words 4 Pages. If you want the secret to a long life, getting a pet should be high on What is an example of a sports metaphor? list. Candace Hampton 5 Nov Reading books vs watching movies essay. Enter your Essay about privatization of education or username to comment. Books and movies have similarities and Citing magazines in research papers.