How Do You Find The Meaning Of Names For Girls?

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 7:49:09 AM

How Do You Find The Meaning Of Names For Girls?

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35 Christian Baby Girl Names - Biblical Baby Girl Names with Meaning -Ep: 122

Jenna Jessie Josie Kai Kairi Kaitlyn Kaiya Kali Kaliyah Kallie Kate Katelyn Katie Kaya Kaylani Kayleigh Kaylie Kelsey Kenzie Kinley Kinslee Kora Kyla Kylee Kyleigh Kynlee Kyra Lea Leanna Leia Lena Lexi Lexie Leyla Lilah Lillie Lilyana Lina Liv Maci Macie Macy Maggie Maia Maisie Marlee Marley Matilda Melina Miah Miley Millie Mina Mira Molly Myla Mylaha Myra Nala Nalani Nayeli Nellie Nia Noa Nola Nylah Phoebe Remi Remy Rhea Rivka Rory Rosie Rylan Rylie Shelby Siena Skye Skyler Stevie Sunny Tessa Tori You may have decided that you want a baby name that is modern and different, or simply put, cool. Addilyn Adelynn Aila Ainsley Aitana Alana Alaya Alessia Alexis Alma Alondra Amaia Amani Amara Amaris Amayah Amora Anais Anastasia Ansley Arden Ariadne Ariya Ariyah Athena Averi Averie Aviana Aylin Azariah Beatrix Belen Bexley Blair Blaire Blake Blakely Braelyn Braelynn Braylee Brianna Briella Brinley Brynn Cali Cameron Carmela Carter Chandler Chanel Cleo Collins Dalary Daleyza Davina Dayana Delaney Demi Dior Dulce Elliana Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellison Elodie Emani Emerson Fallon Fatima Finley Freya Freyja Galilea Giovanna Giuliana Guadalupe Hadassah Harlow Harmoni Hayden Henley Iliana Imani Indie Itzayana Itzel Jaelyn Julissa Kaia Kailani Kaisley Kamari Kamilah Kamiyah Karter Kataleya Keilani Keira Kendall Kenia Kenna Kensley Khaleesi Kori Kristin Lana Landry Leighton Lennon Lennox Lilith Logan Lola Luciana Luz Lyanna Lylah Mackenzie Malani Malaya Malayah Maliah Maren Mariah Mariam Maryse Mckinley Micah Milana Milani Monroe Morgan Noor Novah Novalee Palmer Parker Payton Presley Raegan Raelyn Raina Rayna Rayne Reagan Reina Reyna Rosalee Rowan Ryleigh Samara Saoirse Sariah Sariyah Sasha Sawyer Shiloh Simone Sloan Sloane Sutton Sylvie Talia Taliyah Tatiana Tatum Teagan Tenley Thalia Thea Tiana Tinley Tinsley Vada Valeria Veda Wanda Waverly Whitley Ximena Xiomara Yara Yareli Yaretzi Yaritza Zahra Zainab Zaniyah Zara Zaria Zariah Zariyah Zaylee Zelda Zendaya Zola Zora Your special little daughter deserves a unique girl name.

Adalyn Adalynn Addilynn Addisyn Addyson Adelyn Aileen Ainhoa Alaina Alannah Alayna Alisson Alivia Allyson Alyson Ashlyn Ashlynn Aubree Aubrie Austyn Ayleen Bailee Baylee Brooklynn Brylee Brynlee Camryn Charlee Charleigh Charley Charli Destinee Eastyn Emersyn Emilee Erika Hadleigh Izabella Jazmin Jazmine Jenesis Jordyn Journee Journi Kailey Kamryn Karla Karsyn Kassidy Kathryn I just found out that I'm baruch hashem expecting a girl. I never expected to find such a great list of female Jewish names. I liked a lot of names here. It has opened a whole different name-picking vista for my husband and I. I was glad to see that MY name was on it, but my eldest daughter's name wasn't on it.

Bluma, also spelled Blumah, means blooming and blossoming in Yiddish. I was surprised that you had MY name but not my two-year old daughter's. You might want to add it to the list. Godmother , July 8, PM. Anonymous , July 8, PM. I've always been in love with the names Beulah, Hadassah and Shoshana. This has brought the meaning of more beautiful names to my knowledge. My grandmother born in Burma but of Iranian origin was named Khuznah. I note that one of the few remaining Jews in Burma has named one of his daughters Khaznah. Does anyone know the origin of this Jewish girl's name?

Incidentally Ghita happens to be an Indian name as well. Anonymous , March 19, PM. Anonymous , June 10, PM. My name was after my daddy since I was the last of three children my parents had planned on, but they had three girls, no sons. My daddy was a Jr. His dad was called "Frank" and daddy was called Bill by others, but family and close friends called him Buddy. They wanted a name that was like my dad since I would have probably been a Third if I had been a boy.

Since being a girl, my first name "Billie" for William and second name, "Francine" for Franklin. Since my mothers only sister had an unusual name of "Nelcine", so my second name was a part of her name. So, the "Fran" from Franklin and the "cine" from Nelcine. I have always gone by my second name. The best translation is that the name was French and meant "free one" or "freedom"???? I never have known for sure. Anyway, I can not find a Hebrew translation. Would it still be whatever the Hebrew word is for "free"? I have Jewish on my maternal side, but was raised Christian, but have always felt a deep connection to the Jewish people and Israel.

I am married to a Jewish man. I saw a word that inspired me and I fell in love with the feel of it when I read the meaning of it. It is from the Tehillim. The word "zimrach" for song that is from the word "zimyrach" meaning to prune the dead limbs from a tree to bring life back to the tree. There is a part of the Sidur that is read on shabbat, the D'Zimrah. Since I am a singer and I have always loved the idea of the eitz chaim and have always loved the beauty and strength of trees, as well as music, so I chose to use the name "Zimrah" for my Hebrew one, but never knew if the name was correct. Should it be "Zimyrah" or just "Zimrah" I have been told both ways.

Which is correct? And, is there a Hebrew word for my given name, "Francine"? If you could assist me, I would be so appreciative! Also, is the name "Hallel a feminine name or is it strictly a masculine name. Anonymous , October 29, PM. T , July 18, PM. Hebrew names, just so you know, do not have to "match" with English ones - they don't have to sound the same or mean the same thing. The Hebrew word for "freedom" or "liberty" is "chofesh" - to the best of my knowledge, there is no name, male or female, that stems from that word. You will find debate among various communities about "Jewish names" - does the fact that a name is in Hebrew or Yiddish make it Jewish?

There are traditional names - those that are Biblical in origin, or have been used for millenia dating before a certain time period again, you will find different opinions as to where Yiddish names fit in to all of this; many Yiddish names are translations from Hebrew ones that were used in the common vernacular in the European communities, like Masha-Miriam, or Pesya-Basya, etc. It's actually funny, because I remember discussing the possibility of naming a girl Zimra with someone. It's a beautiful choice. The name Hallel is a more modern one Ironically, I know one person named Hallel, and he is not a girl! Hello,my name is Celia ,I go by Cely , I was named after my grandmother who came from Syria ,her name was Selja I wish to know if I have a Jewish name ,because now that my daughter BH is expecting a baby,if it's a girl it should de named after me.

After reading your wonderful articles I really want to know. Thank you very much. Rachel , December 13, AM. Your Jewish name is whatever your parents named you at a Torah reading in synagogue. If you weren't named, then speak to a rabbi about it and you can pick your own Jewish name :. My mother is having twins and I do not know any names. Bubby wants the babies to have diffrent names from everybodyelse!

Sheva , July 22, PM. Anonymous , July 18, PM. Rav Gifter's daughter, Rebbitzen Eisenberg, is named Shlomis. She told me she was named after WWII, in commemoration of the war's end. There are several other daughters of gedolim with that name. Basya , September 13, AM. OK, I am commenting a few years later; I don't know if you'll see this So Fruma might be pronounced "Freema". For example, when making a blessing, someone with this accent would say "bureech" instead of "boruch" I am only guessing though Rav Chaim Kanievsky does not feel that woman should be named "shlomit" after extensive research and many questions to gedolim someone I personally know changed their name to "Shulamit".

Not to detract in any way from Rav Chaim Kanievsky, just putting this on here for the benefit of those who aren't sure of themselves. That said, there are many great Torah personalities - for example, Rav Shteinman, ztz"l - who did NOT hold the same way about names in general, and the names that Rav Chaim holds strongly about, in particular Shira, for example. So ask your Rav before you decide!! Rav Chaim is a huge tzaddik, Torah sage, and leader of the generation.

Elisheva , January 11, AM. I have always thought my Hebrew name was Judith. I don't see it on the list. Is there another way of saying it? Tori , April 12, AM. The name Judith is listed as "Yehudit". It also says Judith in brackets after the entry. Anonymous , September 27, PM. My mother's name is Occie-many in her family spelled Ossie. My grandmother said that it was a different spelling of a word meaning peaceful.

I cannot find this name or word; can you help me? My given name is Chasha Chana, I know that I was named for two relatives with these names. Please help, thanks. Luba , February 20, AM. I enjoyed this article. I was born with a Yiddish name, Mindle Fraid. Fraid is not Fraida my mother did not like the a at the end it means joy. I do not know what Mindle means. How do you find out the meaning, and where do you find a pusik for Fraid? Kelley , January 10, AM. Also see what part of the world your name is most popular. Gender Preference Think Charlie k is a pretty masculine baby name? Traditionally, it has been. However, in recent years, there are almost as many baby girls named Charlie as baby boys!

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