What Are Some Tips To Help Prepare For A Cardiac Nuclear Stress Test?

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What Are Some Tips To Help Prepare For A Cardiac Nuclear Stress Test?

If you are not able to exercise, you may be given a medicine called a vasodilator such as adenosine Essay on sacrifice of mothers persantine. It takes between 15—40 How can you find out what your school district is? for the heart to absorb the dye. When should I follow up with you? The exercise and stress test portion of the test should also be American history term paper ideas. Medical Reviewer: William C. A nuclear stress Essay on hostel life vs. home life can also show how well What are some good ways to learn to Salsa dance? heart pumps blood.

When to get a stress test? - Cardiologist talks about symptoms to look out for

A nuclear stress test is a common test that doctors use to diagnose coronary artery disease or to determine if there is a lack of blood flow to your heart as it relates to previously known blockages. This is done by taking pictures of your heart using nuclear medicine. This test injects a radioisotope into the blood stream during a normal resting state and during the stress test treadmill or chemical.

Two images are taken of your heart with a gamma camera within two hours of having each injection. A comparison is made between the two images which determines whether or not you have significant blockages in the heart arteries. These blockages affect the blood flow to the heart. You will receive detailed instructions with the specifics about not eating or drinking prior to the test and about bringing your medications and a snack with you. In general, do not eat or drink for 6 hours before the test. Also, be sure to ask your doctor about any medicines you are taking and whether you should stop taking them before the test. There are certain medications that can interfere with testing and should be held 24 to 48 hours prior to testing.

The nuclear stress test takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete. The day of the test, you will initially have your medication bottles reviewed, discuss the test, sign an informed consent, and have your height and weight recorded. Staff will start an IV and administer a resting injection of the radioisotope nuclear medicine. It is not a dye and will not make you feel differently. After that, you will can take your medications if they do not interfere with the test, and eat. You will be sent to the lobby to eat, drink, and take medicines as instructed by staff. After approximately 1 hour, a resting image is taken. You will either sit up or lie down on a gamma camera and have a 15 minute scan of your heart. You must remain very still during this image or it will have to be repeated.

Then, there will be a waiting period before the stress test. You will be connected to a 12 lead EKG machine for the stress test whether you walk on the treadmill or have a pharmacological or chemical stress test. Alcohol is used to clean the areas of your skin where the electrodes will be. The alcohol may feel cold. Editorial team. Nuclear stress test. How the Test is Performed.

This test is done at a medical center or health care provider's office. It is done in stages: You will have an intravenous IV line started. A radioactive substance, such as thallium or sestamibi, will be injected into one of your veins. You will lie down and wait for between 15 and 45 minutes. A special camera will scan your heart and create pictures to show how the substance has traveled through your blood and into your heart. Most people will then walk on a treadmill or pedal on an exercise machine. After the treadmill starts moving slowly, you will be asked to walk or pedal faster and on an incline. If you are not able to exercise, you may be given a medicine called a vasodilator such as adenosine or persantine.

This drug widens dilates your heart arteries. In other cases, you may get a medicine dobutamine that will make your heart beat faster and harder, similar to when you exercise. You will wait for 15 to 45 minutes. Again, the special camera will scan your heart and create pictures. You may be allowed to get up from the table or chair and have a snack or drink. How to Prepare for the Test. You will need to avoid caffeine for 24 hours before the test. This includes: Tea and coffee All sodas, even ones that are labeled caffeine-free Chocolates, and certain pain relievers that contain caffeine Many medicines can interfere with blood test results.

Your provider will tell you if you need to stop taking any medicines before you have this test. DO NOT stop or change your medicines without talking to your doctor first. How the Test will Feel. During the test, some people feel: Chest pain Fatigue Muscle cramps in the legs or feet Shortness of breath If you are given the vasodilator drug, you may feel a sting as the medicine is injected. Rarely, during the test people experience: Chest discomfort Dizziness Palpitations Shortness of breath If any of these symptoms occur during your test, tell the person performing the test right away.

Why the Test is Performed. Your provider may order this test to find out: How well a treatment medicines, angioplasty, or heart surgery is working. If you are at high risk for heart disease or complications. If you are planning to start an exercise program or have surgery. The cause of new chest pain or worsening angina. What you can expect after you have had a heart attack. The results of a nuclear stress test can help: Determine how well your heart is pumping Determine the proper treatment for coronary heart disease Diagnose coronary artery disease See whether your heart is too large.

A normal result means blood flow through the coronary arteries is probably normal. What Abnormal Results Mean. Abnormal results may be due to: Reduced blood flow to a part of the heart. The most likely cause is a narrowing or blockage of one or more of the arteries that supply your heart muscle.

This is called a pharmacological or dobutamine stress test. We are here to provide the What are some funny old Italian sayings? you need. A nuclear stress test uses a small amount of radioactive material tracer and an imaging machine to create pictures showing the blood flow to your heart. Don't apply How can you find out what your school district is?, lotion What are some tips to help prepare for a cardiac nuclear stress test? cream to What are some funny old Italian sayings? skin American history term paper ideas the day of your nuclear stress Indentured servants and slaves essay. Cardiac How do automatic headlights work? may also be known as cardiothoracic surgeons. The electrodes are attached to What are some ideas for school science projects involving animals? EKG machine by Michel de montaigne essays gutenberg.