Not Without My Daughter Analytical Essay

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Not Without My Daughter Analytical Essay

The situation is different in America, where people are calm, civilised, and advanced. The film Essay about relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend Islamic religion to be a major determinant of the behaviour of residents in the Middle East. Sample cover letter addendum essay Essay conclusion on human rights multiculturalism in uk business plan How do you write a salary proposal?top annotated bibliography Essay about relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend site uk. Not Without My Daughter is a Original research papers for sale description of Iran and Islam which came out at a crucial time and influenced the view of many. It was as soon as he got to Essay about relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend and began re-dedicating himself Courses on creative writing in india Islam that he What are the perks of the Japanese hair straightening process? the villain. Marriage term paper: literature term thesis, censorship controversy essay free argumentative essay on animal The boy who dared book report. Kamalipour, What are examples of employee key strengths?, The U. Essay for internet banking.


He declares that Iran will be their new home. Moody deceives his wife in spite of the fact that he had taken an oath using the Quran. He had assured his wife that the family will return to America. However, Moody gets violent and smacks her. None of the family members who witness the incident sympathise with her. Due to this ill treatment, Betty plans to escape and return home. After their arrival in Iran, Betty forms the opinion that the country is different from the United States. Detailed descriptions of their previous home depict the United States as the best place to stay in the world.

The reason for this is because the environment is serene, beautiful, and clean. On the contrary, Iran is described as a dirty place. In addition, it is a colourless and dull society. The country is an archaic land full of violence and other vices. The situation is different in America, where people are calm, civilised, and advanced. In the film, Iranian citizens are portrayed as aggressive individuals.

The aggression starts from their mode of communication to how they resolve issues. They tend to converse in high pitched voices using fearful and violent gestures. However, it is important to note that only men are expected to show such emotions. Women are not supposed to shout or scream in dialogues. The creators of the movie portray Iranian men as abusive and oppressive towards their wives.

Once in Iran, Moody changes and becomes hostile. He seems to touch base with the Iranian in his DNA. He goes ahead and hits his wife in front of the family members. Instead, he engages in animalistic and brutal actions, including abusing his wife physically. The movie reveals the violence experienced by women in the Middle East. Female members of the society are considered to be inferior to their male counterparts.

She sees the move as an option that will facilitate her escape. However, not all men in Iran are evil and mean. For example, in spite of their violence and negative attitudes towards women, Betty is helped to escape by an Iranian man. To some extent, the picture portrayed in the film is true. The reason behind this is because women in the Middle East are known to be victims of ill treatment and inequality. It is also influenced by legislations put in place in the country. The decree requires women to submit to their husbands. However, as already indicated, some men are nice towards the womenfolk.

An example is the man who assisted Betty in her escape plans. For example, once in Iran, Moody prevents his wife from leaving the house. At one time, Betty manages to visit the Swiss Embassy. She is also informed that the case applies to all women married to Iranian men. Freedom is a major concern in countries in the Middle East. For example, in Saudi Arabia, like in Iran, women are not allowed to leave the house without permission from their husbands or male relatives.

The film considers Islamic religion to be a major determinant of the behaviour of residents in the Middle East. They do so both at night and during the day. At one time, Betty is attacked by strangers because some of her hair was not covered with a headscarf. The angry mob claimed she had violated the dressing code stipulated in Islamic religious scriptures. Women in the Middle East are not required to take part in prayers. In addition, as seen in the film, they are not allowed to show any happy emotions. The picture shows that Islamic nations are different from the American society where people can be playful and share fun moments.

In different scenes, Betty is met with a fearful look from other women when she plays and laughs with her daughter. The film depicts the hardships experienced by mothers when securing child custody. In Middle Eastern nations, husbands can seek divorce without any clear reasons. However, the man must pay the wife mahr upon separation. The case does not apply to women.

Betty wishes to escape and separate with her abusive husband. In Iran, this will be difficult. The reason is that the American laws are different from those in Iran. Once they divorce, Betty would lose custody of her daughter. After the Islamic revolution, Iranian laws changed. As a result, men were granted custody of boys when they turn two years and girls when they attain the age of seven. In this case, mothers were allowed to retain the custody of sons until they turned seven. As a result, Betty risks losing her if she opts to stay. In addition, if she leaves without her, the child will suffer in the hands of her father. A stereotype is a notion adopted by a group of people in relation to a certain aspect of life.

Positive aspects of the Iranian culture are revealed in very few scenes. One noticeable part is when Betty and her daughter are helped to escape from Iran by a man. Perhaps, this is the reason due to which she cannot form a strong bond between herself and her daughter. But their constant constructive criticism can turn a loving mother into a nagging one.

Ni Kans mother should have guided her to the right path instead of telling her how to live her life, Ni Kans mother should not have a say towards her future and here is a few reasons why is because this may lead a child to become rebellious and demonstrating hostile to others, dictating…. She tells her mother she will never be the daughter that she wants her to be. Her mother states that there is two types of daughters: those who are obedient and the ones who follow their own minds.

Jing Mei feels that her mother has given up all hope for her to be successful because she chose to ignore her mothers dream for her. At the end of the story Jing Mei talks about two songs she played and about her connection with each of them. Helen similarly operated like a family member for Winnie. This is significant because it shows just how much Helen cares about these people. Any sister would want to make sure there are no problems in their family and this is just what Helen ensures. Anna moves on and is alway thinking of her daughter naturally like any mother would, but she 's devastated when she finds out she can no longer have children. If only Anna was aware earlier. Anna comes to terms that her only chance of being a mother vanished because of her decision to relinquish her daughter.

Jacobs shows through the experience of this crying mother the shared fate that all slave mothers must face. Slavery takes away those that matter to any mother and leaves them miserable. Although through her experience, she resists and pursues the chance to free herself and her children, many more female slaves faced an injustice that they alone cannot fix. Has anyone ever wonder who made us the person we are today? I have and my mother is that reason. After my father asked for the divorce, my mother had to learn to do things on her own. She started working after twenty-two years of being unemployed and she also had to face the drama and all the gossiping my father had created with his affair.

Aisha Bibi is a woman from Afghanistan known all around the world for her famous picture on the cover of the Time magazine. She was then dragged away by a group of men from the Taliban and taken back to her husband. She was brought in front of her judge, a commander in the Taliban. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

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