Essay On Child Labour In Pakistan

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Essay On Child Labour In Pakistan

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Report: Child Labour in Pakistan

The concept of child Labour got much attention during the s when European countries announced a ban on the goods of the less-developed countries because of child Labour. UNICEF Child Labour is an important and a serious global issue through which all and sundry countries of the world are directly or indirectly affected, but, it is very common in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Child Labour in Pakistan 2 February Children are the flowers of heaven. Hire verified writer. Child Labour in Pakistan Essay Example. Related Essays. Determined and a risk taker. Those are a couple words that describe a Teen activist.

A teen activists is a teen who stands up for something that will make the world a better place. Malala Yousafzai stood up for the right of an education and got shot in the head, survived and still kept going, Iqbal Masih was a slave, but he escaped, he went around Pakistan and even visited the U. Last but not least Alex Lin, he read an article about e-waste which changed his life, he tried to pass a law on no more dumping e-waste, he failed too, but he tried again and the second time the results were in his favor and the law was passed In , a well-known German TV reporter broadcasted an ongoing investigation report naming a main supplier of Ikea used child labor in their work place.

Although this supplier claimed to recently sign an agreement in their IKEA contract forbidding the use of child labor or else termination, recent video and still-photographs have proved otherwise. In a whirl-wind of events, Barner was forced to look into alternatives to help save the reputation and image of IKEA as well as maintaining a profit. Three of these alternatives that Barner juggled that were stated within the case included: 1.

Sign up to an industry wide response to growing concerns of child labor in India — monitoring manufacturers, importers, and retailers to use the new label of RUGMARK: a label on carpets that states they were made without the use of child labor. Their only real competitor is Reebok since In the past, Nike has had legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibilities that have an effect on the management planning.

With the legal issues, Nike had a problem with their Asia Corporation where they were using child labor to create soccer balls. In the United States, constitution states that child labor is an illegal and inhumane practice. In , Nike characterized of making its equipments in countries, such as Asia, that are in the developing phase, having very cheap labor, authoritarian government and lack of human rights appeal and union movement. Their balls are printed that say hand-made; however they do not say who hands that they were made from. The article's lead photograph showed year-old Tariq hunkered over the hexagonal pieces of a Nike soccer ball which he would spend most of a day stitching together Facing the crisis directly rather than escaping the problem is a smart way to solve the crisis.

She should use this broadcast to transfer anti child labor message to the public for IKEA and defeat the accusing from the German media face to face. Especially after inspecting India, Nepal and Pakistan, Barner grabbed first hand information to reveal how deep this socioeconomic problem embeds in these countries. She also should announce all the efforts IKEA makes on this issue, such as an anti child labor clause in the supply contract, a third party monitor system to child labor practices at the suppliers in India and Pakistan, and an action of joining the Regmark to deal with the child labor problem on products from India.

Barner should stop the business with Rangan Exports according to the anti child labor clause in the contract. It will help IKEA win trusts from the public. A positive social image is the foundation of companies dealing with B2C business. On the other hand, stopping contract with Rangan Exports is also a serious example to educate the other suppliers in India or other countries to focus on the issue of child labor and anti child labor clause After expanding their suppliers globally, IKEA created a general procurement principle that that stated IKEA should develop close ties by supporting its suppliers with a long-term relationship.

By the mids IKEA worked with 2, suppliers in 70 countries. IKEA has 24 trading service offices in 19 countries that monitor production, test new product ideas, negotiate prices, and check quality. Marianne Barner is the Business area manager for rugs and Rangan Exports is the Indian rug supplier that signed a contract forbidding the use of child labor. New reports have surfaced that Rangan Exports are using child labor in their factories. IKEA has to make a decision, whether they should sign up to a Production and labor cost are indeed a lot cheaper outside of the United States.

Nike had factories located in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico due to the cheap cost of labor in those countries. In the s Nike was criticized for child labor in Cambodia and Pakistan. The accusations claimed that children were being used to do the stitching on football balls. Other accusations regarding Nike was about the terrible working conditions in Malaysia regarding their employees.

The perspective of childhood and responsibilities varies across countries, ethnic groups, and cultures. An example would be for instance, in poor areas like Mexico or Pakistan, there is nothing wrong with children working in order to help their families with the household expenses. In fact, some of the middle class were part of the problem! Another reason why the working class could not better their lives was because they spent most of their days working, they could not go to school. Another problem is the fact that many people foster children or teenagers only for the money. They have no intention of actually helping or providing a healthy home for them. To counter this argument roughly , kids are adopted annually in America.

The Agriculture Industry has more child labourers involved than any other industry in the world. Seventy one percent of child labour is in the Agricultural Industry and it is considered to be very hazardous because it includes dangerous chemicals and large machinery that should require special training before handling or operating. Roughly sixty eight percent of child labour in agriculture is an unpaid family member.

Many children in agriculture dont realize they are a part of child labour as they have been working on the farm for most of their lives with no pay and do not remember any other way of life. In some countries there are no labour inspectors and in other countries there are very little inspectors in rural areas making it one of the easiest child labour acts go conduct without being fined or charged. It was my mom who was working all day and all night to support us and she wasn 't even being paid the same amount a manager would have been paid.

This is instilled into us at such a young age and is becoming normal for this…. All of those answers are correct! The main reason for child labor in India is because of poverty. Without child workers, it would not be as productive. Child labor is caused in India by the obvious points: lack of education, poor families, or parents are not making enough money. Shilpa Kannan from BBC News expresses that the government is helpless and that they are not working on any case to find a solution.

However child labor is an ethical Business week mba admissions essays. Fuzzy logic power system stabilizer thesis School corporal punishment. Archived from the original on 28 Fuzzy logic power system stabilizer thesis A MIT professor was brought in to assess Nikes audit data and Essay on child labour in pakistan results were disappointing.