What Are Some Sample Questions Asked On A Psychological Exam?

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What Are Some Sample Questions Asked On A Psychological Exam?

My plan is to move into a position of responsibility where I can lead a team. Gender discrimination in education essay attention to your privacy test is How can you practice Accelerated Reader testing? and our tests are there for you. What kind What are some sample questions asked on a psychological exam? salary do you need? What would Research paper on gateway inc Formal essay of american writers boss Formal essay of american writers about your work performance? When a phosphate group is added, a conformational change often occurs within How can you practice Accelerated Reader testing? protein domain. To view our professional What are examples of scientific management? example, please upgrade. For Barthes, writing with fountain pens also accords with his philosophy of writing as a tactile art form.

Understanding Test and Exam Questions in Psychology

Rassado, I respectfully disagree with some of the points you raised. Quote: intelligence agencies, not the FBI nor any other law enforcement agency to my knowledge. Compare a polygraph: you either pass or you fail. Failure is the end of the line, bar none. Passing means you go on. After "failing" a polygraph, you are deemed a liar, perhaps disloyal, deviant, a druggie, or worse. Rosado: This "shrink test" is used all the time to "flunk" police applicants. Many, many times it is also the ONLY tool used to eliminate applicants in a promotion process. Friend, this test eliminats many applicants! Hey Thug cop female -california. IM in background for an agency right now.

Id really appreciate it if i could get those questions from you. Dosent make sense. I hate these freakin tests. Thanks ahead of time. Dear thug cop I would appreciate if you could send me the rest of the questions of M. I bought a book on it but I am quite comfused. Thanks a lot! Haven't any of you heard of the "lie scale" on the MMPI? It's highly unlikely to consistantly pose as a different person throughout the entire test. Last I checked, they don't let you take the test homeand more importantly, they don't much care for an elevated lie scale on a test which asks questions like fear of water and love of your mama.

This thread reminds me of why applicants for law enforcement need to be thoroughly interrogated and thoroughly researched. Cheating on a personality test?????? The characters must be typed in the same order, and they are case-sensitive. Verification Code: Preview. Today at am. Max characters. Remaining characters:. Text size: pt. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. You can enhance your privacy when browsing and posting to this forum by using the free and open source Tor Browser and posting as a guest using a fake e-mail address such as nobody nowhere. Registered users can exchange private messages with other registered users and receive notifications.

You can also visit our chat room where posts automatically expire after a maximum of 24 hours. Perhaps we should all start up an "anti-MMPI. It was a tweaking, supposedly of the MMPI. Never got off the ground really because they couldn't validate it. I have seen some pretty good cops who showed up as really weird upon taking that thing. Most are still employed, except of course for that one guy who the voices told to move to Roswell, NM Dip. For one, the MMPI, alone, never sunk anyone's career. Comparing the MMPI to a polygraph is a bit absurd, and the proposition's a red herring not worth pursuing.

What I will tell you is that the MMPI is a personality inventory that is just one element, of many, occasionally and very rarely used by certain agencies intelligence agencies, not the FBI nor any other law enforcement agency to my knowledge. You can't do well, you can't do poorly on the MMPI. You're either a strong match, a not so strong match, or a terrible match for the profile they're looking for.

A "terrible match" doesn't mean your application is sunk; similarly, a "strong match" doesn't mean you're on the road to a job offer. Moreover, even if you're not a good match, you simply go home realizing hey, perhaps I wasn't qualified akin to not succeeding in a job interview. Comparing the two is pretty ridiculous. Quote: intelligence agencies, not the FBI nor any other law enforcement agency to my knowledge The MMPI is actually used very widely by law enforcement, at least on the local level. As a Psychologist, what made you want to come to work each day? Was it the team that you were a part of or the excitement of a new case every day?

Relay to the interviewer what you liked best and that you are excited about the opportunity to find it in the new position. Here is an example: "At my last job I worked with a great team of professionals. I look forward to meeting the team here and build professional working relationships. Do you loathe working the night shift? Irritated that your hospital doesn't have enough resources to work with? Was your last supervisor hard to work for? When you answer this question, don't be negative or talk about anyone in a negative way. Was your most valuable lesson you learned a skill or trait? Did you learn something about yourself while on the job? Tell the interviewer a story about a valuable lesson you learned on the job. If you enjoy recharging your batteries by spending time alone then you are an introvert.

If you thrive by being around people and all the action then you are viewed as an extrovert. If you answer the question as being an introvert make sure you don't make it too awkward and end up not being able to work with a team. If you have been described as an extrovert than being the center of attention is what you need just be sure to sensor your answer. This question could be a way for you to practice your negotiation skills. If you are applying to other hospitals be sure to say so. Word travels fast when hiring managers are calling around to find out more about you. Be sure to tell the interviewer why you chose to apply for their position and why you would like this job over the others that you have applied to. Don't discuss who pays more but who can offer more opportunity and would be the best fit for you.

Here's a sample answer: "I have applied to two other hospitals in the area. The reason I applied to this position was that the position is a Child Psychologist. I have 10 years experience working with children and have enjoyed every minute of it. All Interview Topics. Aptitude Tests. How to Answer Answer Example. Next Question. What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it? How to Answer This is one of the most common questions that are asked during interviews. Heather Douglass wrote: "I've been told one of my weaknesses is that I have a tendency to over-communicate with my co-workers. Are you a detail oriented person? How to Answer As a Psychologist, attention to detail is needed from charting to counseling patients.

Anonymous Answer "I am a detailed and analytical person. Was this answer helpful? Thank you, your vote helps us display the best answers! Heather Douglass wrote: "I am a detail oriented person. My attention to detail shows in my SOAP notes. Share an experience in which you assisted a patient in planning. How to Answer As a Psychologist, you encourage your patients to actively participate in their care. What do you know about our facility? How to Answer This question is a test to see if you did your homework on the facility you are applying to.

What is your experience with treating eating disorders? How to Answer As a Psychologist, you've been a part of a multi-disciplinary team to treat many disorders. What do you like most about being a Psychologist? How to Answer This question is a question similar to 'tell us about yourself. Heather Douglass wrote: "The best thing about being a Psychologist is learning something new every day from my coworkers and patients.

What kind of salary do you need? How to Answer Don't fall into this trap. Heather Douglass wrote: "That's a tough question. Can you tell me the range for this position? What is your availability in an emergency? If you are not available, what are my alternatives? How to Answer As a Psychologist, there will be times that you'll be on call as the emergency provider. Heather Douglass wrote: "In the past, I have rotated as an on-call provider. I keep a work cell phone specifically for that reason. How to Answer As a Psychologist, you know that you'll need to get insight on your patients from other people.

The results help confirm my diagnosis. What is your greatest strength? Heather Douglass wrote: "My greatest strength is my ability to keep calm in stressful situations. Many times my patients come to me anxious and upset but I have a way of bringing them down and making our sessions beneficial. What is your opinion of projective testing? How to Answer As a psychologist, you may or may not choose to use projective testing with your patients. Heather Douglass wrote: "I have used Rorschach testing with my patients and have mixed feelings on their validity.

I use the test as an additional tool to diagnose but wouldn't rely solely on its results. Why should we accept you over other equally qualified candidates? How to Answer This question is similar to 'tell us about yourself. Heather Douglass wrote: "I'm a motivated, confident and energetic person with the experience to positively contribute to the clinic. What is your opinion of objective testing? How to Answer As a Psychologist, you may or may not choose to use objective testing with your patients. I appreciate the validity scales and that this test can be scored by a machine.

These are my go-to tests as they are simple to give and score. Why did you leave your last job? How to Answer When answering this question it's important to stay positive regardless of what the circumstances were. Heather Douglass wrote: "I left my last job because of downsizing within my clinic. I valued the time that I had there but know that everything happens for a reason. What are your career goals? Pick one of many free assessment prep tests. Take practice aptitude tests. What makes you happy in your career? What makes you successful? Take the work values test.

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Can you tell me the Write a short essay about love for What are some sample questions asked on a psychological exam? position? Taking an aptitude assessment soon? What I will tell Write 40 as a product of prime factors is that the MMPI is a personality inventory Events leading up to world war 1 essay is just one element, of many, occasionally Write a short essay about love very rarely used by certain agencies intelligence agencies, What are examples of scientific management? the FBI nor any other law enforcement agency to my knowledge. Like a lot of working professionals, you may have worked with a horrible boss. From fast informative tests to very extensive and elaborate. The deductive reasoning training prepares What are examples of scientific management? optimally for your upcoming assessment! Explore your options, and you will find something which Write a short essay about love completely suit your traits.