Essay Of Mice And Men Slim

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Essay Of Mice And Men Slim

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Of Mice and Men Final Essay Tutorial

Each of the characters at least once in the book talk about a dream they wish to fulfil; a dream that would enable them to follow their own desires and be forever content with their life. Slim, however, is the only character who never mentions a life he wishes he had, and ignores the illusory promise of dreams he knows will never come true. He accepts the life he leads and strives to do it well, rather than wishing for something better. Through the character of Slim, Steinbeck is trying to tell the reader that dreaming for things that are unrealistic is a waste of time, and you will get more out of life if you are grateful and satisfied with the life you lead. Already, Curley is trying to act authoritative, and he seems to think that making this first impression on George and Lennie will put him in a position of power.

These both have negative connotations, and give the reader the impression that Curley is judgemental and bitter. This implies that Curley was looking down on him, an act people do when trying to coming across as dominant. This is yet another attempt to come across as bigger, tougher, and more powerful than he really is. Steinbeck deliberately uses eye contact to show the development and relationship change between Curley and Lennie from when they first meet and just after their first physical conflict. This is probably because Curley has just lost the fight to Lennie, as Lennie crushed his hand without really trying, neither of them realising the strength Lennie beholds. We are now introduced to the weaker, not-so-tough side of Curley, and here Steinbeck allows the reader to see through this fake image that Curley is aiming to give across to the others.

Therefore, it is clear why having his hand crushed was so humiliating for Curley as this action automatically emasculated him. Having two working hands is also a necessity for working on the farm, and we see another character, Candy, unable to work on the ranch due to the loss of one hand. His fellow ranchers think of him as weak, so the fact that Curley has now also lost the use of one hand automatically makes him appear even more insubstantial to the others. Hands are also used symbolically throughout the novel for the other characters aswell. Another way that Steinbeck presents the characters of Curley and Slim is through animalistic imagery. Terriers are small, agile and aggressive — traits that Curley possesses. Furthermore, terriers were traditionally bred to hunt, and will go to extreme lengths to catch their prey, and perhaps Steinbeck is using this to connote Curley wanting to hunt down Lennie… Terriers also have extremely strong jaws and when they bite something they do not let go of it, which is also demonstrating the fact that Curley will not stop until he gets what he wants.

The image of how fish are caught also reinforces how Curley was completely defenceless until Lennie let go of his hold; there is no release for a fish until the hook is removed. Overall, Steinbeck uses many different techniques to develop these two minor characters and use them to reflect his own attitudes. Through Slim, he shows that you are more likely to succeed and live a fulfilled life if you accept and appreciate your life as it is.

As the narrator, Steinbeck is able to make the reader admire Slim before they have even been introduced to him. Steinbeck subtly uses eye contact and animalistic imagery to show two things; how the characters contrast and how Curley develops throughout the novel, from a seemingly strong, arrogant person to one who is weak and unhappy. It may seem that George is sometimes too tough on Lennie, but this is how he disciplines Lennie to keep him in line and out of trouble.

Lantin remarried a lady who he examined to be thought to be divergent from his dead wife. He misjudged again thinking his next wife would be the one to keep. The next wife was very moody and unsettled for him which made him depressed. The lies that were told in the Lantin marriage were shown daily, but Mr. The theme fits into the interaction so much that George attempts to teach it to Lennie himself through his constant reminder of what could happen if Lennie did not fight his urges to touch soft things. The message is conveyed that innocence is no way to make it through life, even with a maternal figure such as George to help…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

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