What Are Some Class Reunion Centerpiece Ideas?

Sunday, January 23, 2022 5:19:08 PM

What Are Some Class Reunion Centerpiece Ideas?

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Adding yearbook photos to the nametags at your reunion is not only a fun personalization, but it also lets your former classmates instantly see how their old friends used to look in high school. Let your former classmates create new memories by providing a photo booth or photo backdrop at your high school reunion. While you can certainly spring for an actual photo booth rental if your budget allows, many event organizers opt to create their own DIY photo backdrops instead. Fun props might include old letter jackets from your high school, cheerleading pom-poms and megaphones, backpacks, oversized pencils, and other school-themed items. We love the custom props below available from the Big Dot of Happiness Etsy store. To add a pop of color to your reunion, create a vibrant graduation year display using foamboard and bright tissue paper.

You can even use tissue paper in your school colors in the spirit of the reunion. Check out the full tutorial over on the Sugar Bee Crafts blog. Remember voting for homecoming king and queen in high school? Relive those memories by asking reunion guests to cast their votes for awards that will be given out at the end of the evening. For example:. At a class reunion, you can encourage mingling with some simple class reunion games designed to get people talking.

To encourage participation, offer desirable prizes like Starbucks gift cards, bottles of wine or liquor, fancy chocolate, or tasty baked goods. Create a bingo sheet where each bingo square contains a description of a person likely to be attending the reunion. Challenge attendees to find people who meet the description for each square. Graduation Graduation Gifts. Set out a sign with your party hashtag to easily look at everyone's photos later. Thanksgiving Crafts. Holiday Crafts. Thanksgiving Wedding. Thanksgiving Holiday. Holiday Ideas. Decorating For Thanksgiving. Diy Christmas. Hosting Thanksgiving. Beach Christmas. Fall Wedding Decorations.

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School Days. Picture Centerpieces. Family Reunion Decorations. Family Reunion Themes. Family Reunion Quotes. Family Sayings. Banquet Decorations. Memorial table pt2. Best addition. Those who's passing has made us stronger. An amazing way to pay respects. Meeting Agenda Template. It's a good idea to include a RSVP. It will save you time chasing down responses later. Include a space on the RSVP to collect email addresses. Class reunions are a great time to do it big!

My high school reunion does a whole weekend event at a yacht club, or fancy hotel, while my grade school reunion does one night at a bar or restaurant. Both are a great time! Contact your old school, sometimes they allow reunions to take place in the old gym. What a great way to bring back memories! One thing you should always have is a welcoming table. Have a central location where people can sign in. Have them fill out a registration form to gather information for a class directory or the next reunion. If it's a one-day event like a picnic, just set up a table. If you are spending a weekend at a resort or a hotel the concierge will be glad to help you. We like to give out name tags or even school photo name tags for everyone and a party favor like a lei, personalized candy wrapper, or mint tin, or something else to remember the occasion with.

My kids are always amazed at how cute I was just 25 years ago. Reunion menu and table decorations If your class is like mine the best times were around the lunch table! Go to a restaurant. This is the easiest way to go, and if the reunion is going to last more than one day you should go out to eat at least once. Formal or informal depends on the group and the budget. Make sure to pick a restaurant that is used to handling large parties. Having your own party room is always the best way to go but not always economically feasible.

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