What Is Statistical Treatment For Research Paper

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What Is Statistical Treatment For Research Paper

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Statistical Tools for Research

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Deliver breakthrough contact center experiences that reduce churn and drive unwavering loyalty from your customers. When it comes to survey data , collection is only half the picture. What you do with your results can make the difference between uninspiring top-line findings and deep, revelatory insights. Using data processing tools and techniques like statistical tests can help you discover:. There are several types of statistical analysis for surveys. Learn how to build agile research functions in-house: Instant eBook Download.

Benchmarking is a way of standardizing — leveling the playing field — so that your data and results are meaningful in context. Benchmarking techniques use weighting to adjust for variables that may affect overall results. Your benchmarking will take into account variables that have had an effect on crop growth, such as rainfall, hours of sunlight, any pests or diseases, type and frequency of fertilizer etc. The goal, as in so much of survey data analysis, is to make sure that your sample is representative, rather than skewed, and that any comparisons with other data are like-for-like. Learn more about benchmarking for business. Regression is a statistical technique used for working out the relationship between two or more variables.

Read more on regressions. For example, do women and men have different mean heights? The T-test allows the user to interpret whether differences are statistically significant or merely coincidental. The results of a T-test are expressed in terms of probability p-value. If the p-value is below a certain threshold, usually 0. Read our Introduction to T-test theory for surveys. ANOVA is used with a regression study to find out what effect independent variables have on the dependent variable. It can compare multiple groups simultaneously to see if there is a relationship between them, e. The two main types include measures of central tendency and the measure of spread Kothari, A common occurrence when using descriptive data is the emergence of certain patterns that make it easy for researchers to understand and make sense of data.

The statistical data can either be used for further research studies or as independent entity that can be used to make conclusions Fowler, Certain research situations involve use of only descriptive statistics because of large sample sizes and complexity of data. A study that involves the computation of mean, median and mode would require descriptive statistics Yin, Fr instance, they would be sued in a study that aims to find the media score in a class of students with different test results. On the other hand, surveys, case studies, and naturalistic observations can only be successfully conducted using descriptive statistics. An example of research that involved descriptive statistics only is a research study conducted by Andreyeva, Michaud, and Soest to investigate obesity and health in Europeans aged 50 years and older.

The study involved collection of data from participants without altering any environmental factor. It was published in the Journal of Public Health in In correlational research, two variables such as the height and weight of individuals are studied to establish their relationship. One of the research topics that can be studied using a descriptive correctional design is the height and weight of college students between the ages of 18 and This study can be tied to their nutrition or frequency of taking meals in a day.

The design is appropriate for the aforementioned topic because in conducting the study, the researcher will be required to collect data based on the behavior or attitudes of the participants. For instance, the number of times the participants eat a certain meal or take a certain beverage. On the other hand, the researcher will be required to establish the relationship between the frequency of taking certain meals or beverages and gains in weight. It is the purpose of this paper to identify and discuss some of existing non-experimental research methods and the type of data that could be used in each of the discussed methods. One of the main rationales for using non-experimental research, according to Belli n.

For instance, it is difficult for a researcher to manipulate the social economic status, gender, learning style, thinking pattern, or any other personal characteristic of a respondent because these attributes exist naturally. For instance, it would by unethical for the researcher to study the effects of drug abuse by randomly assigning respondents to either a drug abusing or a non drug abusing group for a specified time-frame.

This is not the case in experimental research, which makes use of the process of random assignment to ensure that individuals included in a sample bears similar characteristics except for the treatment condition in which they are placed. Consensus about the existing typologies of non-experimental research methods has not been forthcoming, and researchers have resulted in categorizing non-experimental research either based on the purpose of the study or the time-frame delegated for data collection Belli, n. This paper discusses three different typologies of non-experimental research methods based on the purpose of the study. The first type is known as descriptive non-experimental research method, in which the fundamental concern for the researcher lies in describing some phenomena of interest or documenting its characteristics Belli, n.

This typology is mainly used to document the status quo of a phenomenon under investigation or to perform a needs assessment in an area that interests the researcher. These data can be harnessed into frequency distributions, percentages, averages, central tendencies or observed variability to describe the phenomena of interest What is Statistics, n.

Most attitudinal and motivation research heavily relies on correlational research designs to describe and compare the variables of interest. It is imperative to note that in correlational research, data on at least two variables must be obtained from each respondent or phenomena of interest. These authors further posit that correlational non-experimental research designs mostly utilize continuous data, artificially or truly dichotomous data, ordinal data rank-ordered , and nominal data.

We use cookies Structure of a essay writing give you What is statistical treatment for research paper best experience possible. Share on pinterest Pinterest. It's much easier to interpret the statistics, as well as assess their ultimate reliability, if you get information about the background of the study or poll Great writing 4 great essays answers the people involved in it. What are some nutrition tips for healing broken bones? the statistics Great writing 4 great essays answers from the text of What are some nutrition tips for healing broken bones? What are 2015s most popular boy names?, for example by copying them into a table. What is statistical tools in research? Scientists therefore need to Structure of a essay writing on a statistical analysis of turbulence through experiments to confirm their theories. Want to stay up to date?