Gender Discrimination In Education Essay

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Gender Discrimination In Education Essay

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CSS ESSAY: Gender Equality is A Myth

In a study conducted by Chisamya et al. The study showed a bias against girls -- throughout the society and the school — in terms of the attitudes towards the learning capabilities, the quality of the learning experience, and the support for learning Chisamya et al. The study further showed that the political, social, and economic structures in society did not provide equal opportunities for educated women compared to educated men Chisamya et al.

In Malawi, particularly, male teachers were also found to regularly sexualize their interactions with their students Chisamya et al. Similarly, there is some danger among young boys who consider football as a means of legitimating and perpetuating their masculinity Keddle, Moreover, the imperative of heterosexuality, where homophobia and sexual harassment are endorsed, becomes a common theme among these young boys. In particular, Keddle asserts that these boys should be able to understand the destructive and potent nature of their dominant storylines. As well, Keddle recommends that schools hold conscious-raising activities that challenge stereotypes and homophobia. These can include having lesbian or homosexual guest speakers or positively recognizing famous people who are either gays or lesbians.

Moreover, she Keddle, suggests that the implementation of a social justice framework in the childhood context can be done by adding anti-homophobic or anti-sexist rules in the class constitution, which are along the lines of the prohibition for using put-downs or name calling. This allows children to develop empathy, acceptance, and openness about alternative ways of being. In turn, this allows homophobia and heterosexism to be deconstructed and rewritten within the themes of discrimination, marginality, and social justice.

In another study, Renold found that one way through which boys defined their heterosexuality was through shaming, policing, anti-gay behaviors, hetero sexual harassment, misogyny, sexual fantasy, sex talk, and other non-homogenic masculinities. In response, the British government, for example, advised schools to create age-appropriate programs and for teachers to avoid answering questions on topics that may be inappropriate for the child or that may be beyond their capability to understand. However, despite such policies, the guidance provided by the government still promotes heterosexuality, examples of which are familial discourses such as babies and marriage where educating children about marriage and family life are encouraged. Moreover, non-heterosexualities — such as lesbians or gays -- are often discussed in negative contexts, which imply homophobic harassment or bullying.

Contrary to traditional belief that this age group is protected by innocence, Renold , p. Moreover, Renold asserts that children have their own way of making sense of the imagined, invisible, and visible sexual behavior of the adults and children around them. On the other hand, Burns asserts that equality can no longer be achieved through policies where the states are held responsible for social injustices.

Instead, Burns suggests that it can be achieved through the implementation of practices and policies where the state is defined as the great equalizer of economic opportunities. In the field of education, this can be achieved through the implementation of more rigid and standardized models of teaching, learning, and assessment, which have the capability of reforming school values where the focus would be to provide young people with the training that will enable them to become self-managing individuals who will be capable of ensuring a progressive economic future for themselves. With this new model, girls are found to be performing better than the boys based on test scores Burns, Likewise, the number of girls who do well in courses that are traditionally male have increased, and it also seems that girls are doing better when it comes to employment opportunities.

With these girls becoming self-managing, achieving certain skills, and becoming economically self-sustainable, they become more capable of participating in and contributing to the society. On quite a different note, another area in education where there is a gender gap is the lack of male teachers. For example, in Ontario, there is only 1 out of 10 primary-junior teachers who are aged under 30 Jamieson, Moreover, the few men in these faculties are within retiring age, which means that the current number of male teachers can decrease further.

As reported by Jamieson , this shortage of male teachers is caused by a perception that the salaries of teachers are low, which implies a reduced public image. It is obvious that a gender gap exists in the education system, whether among developing or developed countries, where such gender gap is outlined by prejudice and discrimination. Among developing countries, girls are discriminated as being of less worth and having lesser capacities than boys; and thus, are either not entitled to an education or are provided with a different quality of education compared to boys. In developed courtiers, despite the higher level of independence and freedom that the female students are entitled to, they are still subjected to prejudice and discrimination in that they are pressured --from what they see in the media -- to maintain a certain physical image and to subject themselves to diets, the latest fashion, and the like.

This paper also discussed how not only female students can become victims of gender discrimination and prejudice, but how even boys can become victims, although in a different way. In particular, boys who participate in football or in heterosexual relationships may develop a sense of superiority where they see girls and other boys who are different from them as inferior. Without being corrected, such beliefs and perceptions can lead to these boys developing negative behaviors, which can include homophobia and sexual harassment. As such, researchers propose that young boys be taught to deconstruct their discourse and be able to find other ways of empowering themselves. As well, schools should initiate activities that promote gender equality and consciousness about the other ways of being.

Clearly, gender issues affect the educational system in so many areas and in so many ways. While it is good that the governments of various countries are trying to develop policies that would promote gender equality, in the end what will really make the most difference is a total change in the current school values and mindsets. Chisamya, G. Gender and education for all:. Jamieson, B. Where have all the male teachers gone? Attracting men to teaching]. Education Today, 17 1 , Keddle, A. Boys investments in football culture: Challenging gendered and homophobic understandings.

National gender equity and schooling policy in Australia: Struggles. Renold, E. Journal of Sociology of Education, 27 4 , Men and Masculinities, 9, Robinson, K. We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it. Just fill out the removal request form with all necessary details, such as page location and some verification of you being a true owner. Please note that we cannot guarantee that unsubstantiated claims will be satisfied.

Note: this sample is kindly provided by a student like you, use it only as a guidance. ID Password recovery email has been sent to email email. Type of Paper. Essay Topics. Educational Tools. Gender Discrimination and Prejudice in Education Introduction Gender discrimination and prejudice is a prevailing problem in our society in general and in our education system in particular. According to Keddle , p.

Conclusion It is obvious that a gender gap exists in the education system, whether among developing or developed countries, where such gender gap is outlined by prejudice and discrimination. References Burns, K. Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 29 3 , Men and women are expected to perform their gender to the point that it is naturalized, and thus, their status depends on their performance. Women who desire to start their own businesses also face obstacles resulting from the gender stereotypes and biases in our society. The major barrier encountered by these aspiring entrepreneurs is lack of access to bank loans, which they often need in order to get their businesses off the ground.

In Jamaica, as in many other Caribbean countries, women applying for loans will need more documentation than men and are often viewed as credit risks by bank officials even when they are as qualified as men who are granted loans Paulin, Even Caribbean religions give evidence of gender inequality. In the Palo Monte and Santeria religions of Cuba, for example, it is very unusual to find women occupying the highest positions. It is more common and permissible for women to participate in, rather than lead the ceremonies, to cook food and act as personal helpers to the religious leaders Taylor, Intersectionality suggests that various biological, social and cultural categories, including gender, race, class and ethnicity, interact and contribute towards systematic social inequality.

In light of this theory, the oppression and marginalization of women is thus shaped not only by gender, but by other factors such as race and class. She also mentions the following structural impediments for women:. Ultimately, the debate needs to bear in mind that despite challenges made to existing gender systems, increased opportunities for women must be viewed against the backdrop of the resilience of patriarchal systems, which continue to serve traditional interest and motive and which combine to maintain the status quo and ensure that the gains of men are not significantly disrupted. Unfortunately, this system works not only against women, but is also inimical to many men. The phenomenon of differential performance has to be assessed in relation to ways in which macro-level structures and systems privilege some and subordinate others, regardless of sex, with the intention of transcending traditional gender norms, and contributing to the building of a new type of society that is based on principles of full participation for males and females as equal partners in both the private and public spheres.

Gender inequality is a very real and ubiquitous problem in Caribbean society. It is reflected in virtually every sphere of Caribbean life and continues to be a hindrance to the total development of the region. Recognizing that gender inequality is a problem, however, is only the first step in eradicating it. Only by acting on this knowledge and broadening our minds as individuals will our dream of a fair, just and egalitarian society ever become a reality.

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