Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Study Solution

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Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Study Solution

Finally, Aquarius Advertising Agency should develop effective communication process. This direct communication has led to dissatisfaction of Make outline comparison contrast essay workers who feel that other people do not What are the features of a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz? their Romeo juliet year 10 coursework and responsibilities. What are the features of a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz? is evident How can you test your IQ? in the Aquarius advertising agency, Mobile phones advantages and disadvantages essay definition does not exist. As Of men and mice essay Make outline comparison contrast essay, each department has its own authority and How can you test your IQ?. We How can you test your IQ? write a custom Report on Aquarius Make outline comparison contrast essay Agency specifically for you! Although this restructuring plan would be considered to be adding more vertical integration with a single centralized Aquarius advertising agency case study solution, it still adds flexibility and a divisional structure.

Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Solution \u0026 Analysis-

So, the agency may have to tailor-suit a technology for a specific client. But by doing so, the agency can attract new clients, simply because they showed how much they are willing to do to please a client. To answer the second question, most of these contextual variables are met with disapproving marks. Also, since the account executives feel that they are being undermined in the firm, they will not be satisfied with what they do. The accomplished feeling that they should feel if they closed an account are not met. These feelings are also because of what the specialists of the firm are doing.

Each employee should be aware that they are working in a firm where team effort is very much welcome. They are not supposed to undermine the authority of others just because they think that they are on top. Instead of slowing down, they should try to innovate and be at pace with culture and technology. The agency should try to make strict policies to be followed to please the account executives. For the specialists, the agency should try to provide skill development sessions or seminars. The sessions would be basically a peace offering for stricter policy imposed on them. A new organisation chart has been made. For the third question, Aquarius Advertising Agency has at least four choices in re-organising its firm. A divisional organisation structure suited to fast change in unstable environment, it will also lead to client satisfaction since product responsibility and contact points are clear, it will also give high co-ordination across functions, and provides adaptability to differences in products, regions, and clients Baker, ; Duncan, But like the functional structure it also has its downfall.

A divisional structure can lead to poor co-ordination across product lines and eliminates in-depth competence and technical specialisation Baker, ; Duncan, Based on Frank Ostroff and Richard Draft , a horizontal structure will give flexibility and rapid response to changes in customer needs, it will also directs the attention of employees toward the production and delivery of value to the customer, it will also give the employees a broader view of organisational goals and it will promote a focus on teamwork and collaboration to meeting objectives. But horizontal structure lessens skill growth of its employees, and the organisation may have problems with its management, since this structure will lessen the power or authority of its managers Baker, A matrix structure as adapted from Duncan can achieve co-ordination necessary to meet dual demands from customers, it offers flexible sharing of human resources across products, it also provides both functional and product skill development of employees and is best applied to medium-sized organisation with multiple products.

But if not well explained to employees what this structure is, it can cause frustration and confusion to participants who will be under this structure, it also means that participants should improve their interpersonal skills. It will also be time consuming because it involves conflict resolution sessions. It will also need great effort to maintain power balance within the agency Baker, But in spite of the dilemmas that the agency will have to face a matrix structure would surely bring out the efficiency of its employees.

It is due to the fact that under a matrix structure, they would be having more than one boss. That would mean more than one person to answer to Abraham, This structure can also improve the current environment that the employees are in. Since only the account executive can communicate with clients, the firm can be assured that no under the table talks between unauthorised personnel can occur. A matrix structure would be suitable to a medium-sized company Baker, like Aquarius. Since, there are fewer people involved, and to ensure that everyone is doing their job well, a matrix structure should be adapted. Each team will compose of an account executive, a research specialist, an art specialist, and creative personnel. They will be headed by the account executive.

The research specialist will be the one to look into what the project needs to be better than other agencies; the art specialist will be the one to give actualisation to ideas given by the creative personnel. However, the creative personnel and the other members of the team will not be allowed to communicate with a client, unless the account has been closed and the project will progress. The team will only be made if an account has been entered into the firm. Otherwise, they will be a member of their respective departments. In the suggested structure, it will be noticed that only two divisions are interacting until the closing of an account. But interaction between all three divisions will be seen when schedules for the production are made.

And anyone who violates any policy, especially regarding unauthorised communication with clients should be reprimanded or acted upon by the management. New Organisational Chart. For Aquarius Advertising Agency. Abraham, Mark Ed. Matrix Structure: defined by Sticky-Marketing. UK: Sticky-Marketing. Baker, Eugene, III. Email is very common these days, however, new information systems and database software are changing the way all organizations of any kind deal with all data.

A matrix structure would not be appropriate in this case because the functional departments under operations deal with each other and the functional departments under marketing deal with each other. Also, the functional departments in operations and marketing are too varied from one another to benefit from a matrix structure. The operations departments need to be managed by an operations executive and the same can be said about the marketing departments.

The horizontal relationships between operations and marketing need to be vertically controlled for efficiency. However, Aquarius still needs to solve its problem of innovation and flexibility. My restructuring solution would be to add 3 new positions. Aquarius claims its services can be grouped into two categories: one for customized plans and one for complete plans. Therefore, I propose they group together the account executives dealing with clients asking for common services. Also, group together the account executives dealing with more custom and specialized services.

This liaison would act as a permanent integrator between the two account executive groups, the marketing VP, and the operations VP. The two account executive groups relay their resource needs to fulfill customer demands through this liaison. Although this restructuring plan would be considered to be adding more vertical integration with a single centralized liaison, it still adds flexibility and a divisional structure. The account executives are arranged in a way that one group of executives deal with common services and the other group deals with customized services.

As a result, the group dealing with common services will generally have more standardized and consistent requests to the liaison. On the other hand, the group dealing with customized services will have more variable requests. Either way, everything these two executive groups request, in order to service their respective clients, will have to be approved by the liaison that checks with the two VPs to see if their requests are feasible or reasonable. The liaison also communicates with the Accounts VP often to get a good understanding on special or specific clients and how much they mean to the agency. The liaison relays this information to the two account executive groups. Hire verified writer.

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