Best Things In Life Essay

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Best Things In Life Essay

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The Most Important Thing in Life

When we are born on this Earth, the almighty blesses us with a full — fledged family. This family consisting of our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings is a blessing showered by the almighty on each and every individual. However rich an individual might grow, he cannot buy these relations. This is a universal fact known to one and all. Another important fact is that one cannot buy happiness. Happiness comes as a result of appreciating smaller things in life instead of crying for bigger things in order to gain happiness. An individual who is alone in his 10, square feet mansion can never be as happy as an individual who stays with his family and kids in a square feet home. A BMW is useless if you have no one beside you whereas you can stay happy travelling in a public transport if you are with the people you love.

What is the use of money which does not even permits you to spend quality time with the people you love. When you will be left alone, the money will not sooth your heart, it is your family, your friends; the people you love who will prove to be instrumental in bringing out the happiness from your inside. Its Facebook presence includes a custom app called Ask Gary, where people can ask questions about wine. And the company keeps a regular video blog, Wine Library TV. It was shouting: brochures, white papers, advertisements. It makes a small business look very sophisticated. A company can launch a targeted marketing campaign across numerous social networks.

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