Essay About Fashion Among Students

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Essay About Fashion Among Students

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It is because that some wear odd clothes in the name of fashion. In Indian society, especially in villages and small towns, girls with short pants or tight clothes, are not welcomed. However, there is nothing wrong with this type of dress in big cities. Now it has become a fashion with girls to smoke and drink, to visit night clubs and expose their bodies on the stage. In this respect, women are greater slaves to fashion than men. Men also do not want to lag behind in fashion. Their hairstyles, their jeans, and their shirts keep on changing with the new fashions. They also visit beauty parlors to look beautiful. Fashions are not totally bad or condemnable. Now, even elderly people want to remain neat and clean.

They have started wearing clothes of new trends. Fashionable clothes make a person feel active and smart. He feels cheerful at heart throughout the day. He wants to talk smartly, walk smartly and do everything smartly. Thus, the craze of fashions is not a bad thing if moderately indulged in. We should become fashionable but not a slave to fashions. A fashion may be defined as a mode or way or manner in which a thing is done or made. Broadly speaking, it means a slight departure from the usual. In common talk, it means to remain up-to-date in clothes, in hairstyle, and even in speaking and walking.

Fashions rule the modern world. The modern youth has become fashion crazy. In the olden days, man lived in caves and jungles. He was uncivilized and covered his body with leaves of trees. Dress came into being when man advanced, and became civilized and cultured. For that man, dress meant to cover his body with clothes. Now fashions change every other day. According to Oscar Wilde, "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. A man's status is judged by his dress. In every department, public or private, the officer has to wear an impressive dress. We can find most of the people moving about with a tailored personality.

As said above, everybody is fashion-conscious. Everybody wants to look beautiful and stylish. But fashion does not lie in the style of clothes or the hair-cut. It also includes habits, manners, and etiquette. Physical beauty is only skin deep. The real beauty is the inner beauty, the beauty of the soul. However, fashions are very short-lived. Change is the law of nature. So, they change like seasons. Tennyson has rightly said, "The old order changeth, yielding place to new. To-day fashion designing has become a full-fledged profession. Some universities have made it a course. Thousands of people are working as fashion designers after getting a diploma or degree from a university. Fashion parades and shows are held to propagate the latest trends. Both fashions and modeling have attracted the youth greatly.

They have become health conscious and visit gyms regularly. The major cities of every state have become fashion-centers. You can get dresses to suit every occasion or festival. There are also specially designed outfits for athletics, swimming, and other sports. Films and T. The media also plays an important role in this sphere. Heroes and heroines of Bollywood and Hollywood are gods and goddesses of fashion for modern boys and girls. Young boys and girls want to wear clothes of the latest design.

They copy their favourite film stars. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make out whether a particular youth is a boy or a girl. Once long hair was considered a sign of beauty. Now the girls prefer a boy-cut hairstyle. They wear jeans or short pants. Some of the youngsters imitate the way of life , lifestyle, speech, manners, and actions of the fill stars.

They spend a lot of leisure time and money on their dresses, footwear, and cosmetics. Most of the youngsters regard smoking and drinking as a fashion. They visit clubs and rave parties. They make friends with persons of the opposite sex. They dance together and freely hug each other. They wear big goggles and mini clothes. Some of them even go to the extent of taking intoxicating drugs. Instead of feeling ashamed of their action, they consider all this a status symbol. The opinion of the orthodox people has always been against fashion. Take, for example, the fashion of wearing jeans. Most people do not know the origin of jeans.

It has become years old. Its credit goes to Levi Strauss, a young Jew. He was in search of strong, rough, and tough cloth for the laborers' pants. He found such a cloth and later on the same cloth came to be called Denom. This cloth is used for making jeans. Levi's jeans have become a famous brand name. Now right from a laborer to India's P. So, there is no harm if our young boys and girls wear it as a fashion. Jeans-wearing does not interfere with our principle of 'simple living and high thinking'. There is every logic in talking against such fashions like bare bellies, semi-bare bosoms, bare waists, and backs, painted faces, and trimmed eyelids and eye-brows.

Excess of everything is bad. So, we must say that our young boys and girls should not cross the limits. Our youth is following the West in the field of fashion. They have forgotten their own culture, traditions, and moral values. There is nothing bad in trying to look smart and beautiful. People of all groups like to do so. But there should be some limit to become fashionable. According to Shakespeare, "Variety is the spice of life. No doubt, fashion keeps on changing. But it is not necessary that we should adopt every trend of fashion. Poor parents have to suffer a lot in fulfilling the demands of their children. We should remain within limits. To be fashionable does not mean to do or wear those things which can be called obscene.

Some prefer to keep long and deep moustaches; some keep a well-trimmed narrow row of them just above their upper lip. Most of their fashions are an imitation of the film stars. Girls do not lag behind in the world of fashions. Some of them come in salwar and shirt with the apron on their breasts in V-shape while some others put the apron around their necks exposing their breasts. Some girls put on tight jean trousers and shirts to show off themselves best. The hairstyle also varies from one girl to another.

Some tuck their hair behind them; some let it hang loose on their shoulders while some others do it up into single or double braids suspending on the breast. They apply cosmetics of rich perfume and lipstick of the latest colour to look themselves attractive. The modern youth spend a lot of their time on the toilet and makeup. Each tries to excel others in dress and styles. They make every effort to catch others' attention. Envious glances are cast on students who come in fashionable dresses and attractive make-ups.

Nowadays students are so much interested in style and fashion that they hardly pay their attention to class teaching. They are rather engrossed in talking about the latest fashions. Most of them think that going to school or college and attending classes are simply a part of their normal routine, but showing themselves at their best is a for them. They probably follow the principle of less load and more comfort, and simply carry with them to the class a short note-book and a ball-pen. Fashions are prevalent more in towns and cities than in rural areas. They get bred up, come into vogue and spread like wildfire all over the city.

Besides hairstyle, fashionable dress and makeup, it becomes the fashion among the college students to visit movies frequently, dine at the hostel and restaurants, visit coffee bars and loiter about marketplaces and squares. The style and fashion of film stars have an impact on them, Smoking has become a very common fashion with boys, and even with some girls, The fashion-shows on dress and style on TV and cinema screens have their influence on the young students. Fashions have their adverse effect on the youth. They make students indifferent to studies and turn them easy-goers. Some students go astray because of fashions and prove themselves to be a failure in their life. This does not mean that fashions are altogether harmful, It is the students who are responsible for their failure.

Fashions have their good side too. They keep the young students smart and active and make them courageous. They help the girls come out of their shells and compete with boys in every field. Fashions are considered to be a source of enlightenment. They fill our youngsters with confidence. The modern world is the world of fashions, and one can not go without them. But an excessive craze for fashions may prove harmful. Decent and reasonable fashions will add to one's personality; and unnecessary fashions, on the other hand, may marone's life and character.

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