Essay On Conservation On Wildlife

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Essay On Conservation On Wildlife

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Essay - Conservation of Wildlife - Wildlife conservation - Class 10 - HSLC 2021 - You can learn

The lion is the king of the jungle Tame tigers and lions are shown in a circus. There is a very good sanctuary for wild birds near Madras. There is also a wonderful water-bird sanctuary in Ahmedabad many visitors come from other countries to see the wildlife in our sanctuaries. In short, we should study the ways and habits of animals and birds: There is a very good book on Indian wildlife with beautiful photographs. We should rather grow more and more trees. Secondly, the killing of wild animals and birds should stop under the law. The question arises why we should be so particular in preserving wild animals and birds when they destroy our crops, eat up our pets and domestic animals grazing in the meadows and forests.

The answer is that wildlife should be protected for three reasons : its cultural, scientific and economic value. From the cultural point of view animals and birds have always been an inseparable part of our mythology, art and literature. If the bull is the ride of Lord Shiva, the Garuda is that of Lord Vishnu, the lion is the ride of the goddess Durga and the elephant is that of god Indra. The Swan is the ride of Saraswati.

These wild animals and birds are worshipped by the Indians in their daily life. From the scientific point of view, too, the animals and birds are very important. They maintain the biological balance in Nature: Birds eat up small insects which destroy our crops and vegetables and fruit. Ants vultures, kites etc. Mostly, there is the economic side of the problem: Birds and animals are our natural wealth. Zoological gardens and museums will be unattractive without them. Sometimes, these wild animals fetch fancy prices. Even the export of monkeys is adding much to our revenue and foreign exchange.

Another economic aspect of preserving wildlife is the tourist trade. Our elephants, lions, tigers, Chitals, Nilgais are a source of great attraction to foreign tourists. In addition to this, wildlife is a source of many valuable things. For example, we human beings depend on various animals and plants for our clothes, shelter and food.

Other species also do the same and depend on a variety of other species to sustain them and provide them with the basics. Biodiversity and its beautiful richness ensure that the earth is fit enough for the survival of each and every one of the organism living on the earth. However, the ever increasing pollution is negatively affecting biodiversity. Quite a lot of animals and plants have gone into extinction as a result of this pollution and a lot more are going to become extinct if proper care is not taken and the pollution of the environment continues to exponentially and this would cause a sharp decline in the biodiversity.

We human beings have to understand how important the maintenance of the immensely rich biodiversity is. Smokes from vehicles causes a high rate of air pollution and this causes harm to a lot of species. The level of pollution in the atmosphere has to be put under control. Water bodies like seas, oceans and rivers are polluted by the release of industrial wastes into the. These wastes are very harmful to the marine organism and life in the water bodies. There is therefore a need to try as much as possible to dispose industrial wastes through other means and methods that do not harm the environment. The industrial wastes can be primarily treated before being disposed into the water properly and safely. When you are a biology student biodiversity is one of the most important words you can learn.

Not only that but it also becomes your lives calling to maintain it. This term refers to the many different life forms that inhabit the earth at this moment, this includes bacteria, plants, animals and humans and it also refers to their shared environment. Life has manifested itself in many different forms we do not know why exactly but we are certain that they all exist and depend on each other for survival.

The answer to this question is more important than just simply stating what biodiversity is. My personal experience as a student has thought me that I learn best when I have an example so I will give you an example of the importance of biodiversity. The famous Yellowstone Park is a natural reserve and national park but before it was declared as such it was just another forest that man wanted to hunt in. The geographical region had many wolfs inhabiting its plains, for generations they were hunted until they became extinct in the region.

After a while, the coyotes began to reproduce as they hade more space and they started hunting the small mammals, which lead to a decrease in the population of eagles in the area but the most significant change came because of the deer. After fifty years of no wolfs in the park the number of roe deer rose and since they had no natural predators, they no longer feared open grasslands. The river began to take away a lot of soil and to deposit it in other places flooding certain areas while at the same time causing droughts to happen in other places.

Biologists came to the park with a wish to restore its wolf population and after a decade of planning and working they restored one pack to the park. But above all the grazing on the river edge stopped and after a few years, the Yellowstone river returned to its natural flow. This story is completely true and I love to use it as an example of the importance of maintaining biodiversity. There are many regions in the world that have similar problems and if we do not do our best to conserve biodiversity, we could be looking at similar or even worst natural catastrophes. People tend to mass produce and they do this with most things. They will destroy a forest of many thousands of life forms to make a plantation with one single plant, the same is true of animal farming.

With our need to be productive all the time we lose sight of the small things that make the system function as whole. Even though an insignificant thing as a bug or a wolf pack might seem the least important for our daily lives once we take them out of the picture, we see that the balance and wealth biodiversity gives to the planet is not something that can be easily compensated. The genetic, species and ecosystem variability of flora and fauna on earth are known as Biodiversity. For painting what exactly is Biodiversity, we need a large canvas beyond imagination. Such is the volume of the subject. But, the actual meaning and terms are still not clear. The first word is Bio, and the other one is Diversity. Bio means the forms of life and Diversity means mixture or variety.

Insects have a different counting, and their species are in millions. Plants are also a part of this biological system, and hence there are more than 20, species of plants. Even after so many species of plants, animals and insects have specified there are still over millions of species which are not known by anyone. The actual picture says that earth is home to almost 50 million species or even more than that. These facts do not conclude the point because one or the other day there may be many new species evolving. Biodiversity is essential for survival. The importance of Biodiversity not only related to plants, animals and natural habitat.

But it also provides us so many natural products such as fibre and timber and the fresh water to carry out our daily lives. Therefore we need to understand the importance of Biodiversity. In the happiness of living our lives, we often forget that Biodiversity is a part of nature. We should protect it no matter whatever be the limitations. Mother Nature has provided us with enough resources which are the Biological Resources. These include wood, medicines, food, etc. Herbs and plants play a vital role in producing medicines.

They may get their final touch from the pharmaceutical companies, but the original source is plants which are again a part of Biodiversity. It is important to know that wool, jute, palms, etc. So, if biodiversity does not persist how people will have access to these fibres? Flax plants use for the production of linen, which is extensively using for making clothes.

Similarly, Corchorus plants and Agave plants are using for the production of Jute and sisal respectively. These fibres are no doubt essential for the cloth industry. Therefore it becomes our duty to maintain the Biodiversity. People may not be aware of the importance, but there are many spiritual benefits of biodiversity. Our folk dances, mythology, and history have a deep link with the Biodiversity in one or the other way.

Everyone enjoys or experience the Biodiversity in a different format. Biological diversity also contributes to attracting tourists, especially flora and fauna, which is a rare phenomenon in cities. Therefore it is our ethical duty to preserve Biodiversity. There are different ways in which we can preserve our Biological environment.

Biodiversity should be protected by following these ways. People should stop the process of hunting and poaching the animals. They are a part of Biodiversity. The explosive growth of population is a threat to Biodiversity. So, to maintain the biological balance, we need to have the population growth under control. Otherwise, people will be exploiting natural resources unethically for survival. All steps must be taken to protect biodiversity. Things may seem difficult in the initial stages but practicing them will lead to genuine results.

Creating awareness on environmental issues and the negative impact of the loss of biodiversity will let people understand the inevitable need for biodiversity conservation. It is our responsibility to protect the endangered species of plant and animals. If one wants to reach their destination, then it is imperative to take the first step. Without taking a step forward, things will never change on their own. To make a better tomorrow, we need to take steps for preserving our very own Biodiversity. Biodiversity is a term used to refer the different forms of life on the Earth.

It also includes the variety of species in the ecosystem. There is an uneven distribution of the biodiversity on the Earth due to the extreme variation of temperatures in different regions. For instance, it is more in regions near the equator due to warm climatic conditions. However, near the pole, the extreme cold and unfavourable weather conditions do not support a majority of life forms. Additionally, changes in climatic conditions on the Earth over a period of time have also led to the extinction of a number of species. Biodiversity is often defined at different levels depending upon the category of species. For example, taxonomic diversity is used to measure the species diversity level of different forms of life on the Earth.

Ecological diversity is a broader term used for the ecosystem diversity. Similarly, functional diversity is a type used to measure diversity based on their feeding mechanisms along with other functions of species within a population. There is an uneven distribution of biodiversity on the Earth. In fact, it increases from pole to equator. The climatic conditions of a region decide the presence of different species in an area.

Not all species can survive in all weather conditions. Moreover, lower altitudes have a high concentration of species as compared to higher altitudes. The importance of biodiversity does not only lie in the survival of various species of the earth. There is social, cultural as well as the economic importance of it as well. Biodiversity is of extreme importance to maintain the balance of nature. It is vital to maintaining the food chain as well. One species may be the food for another species and various species are linked to each other through this food chain. Apart from this, there is scientific importance of the biodiversity as well. The research and breeding programmes involve the variety of species.

If these species cease to exist then such programmes shall not be possible. Also, most of the drugs and medicine which are vital for the cure of many diseases are also made from many plants and animals. For instance, penicillin is a fungus through which the penicillin antibiotic is extracted. Another important importance of biodiversity is that it provides food to all including human beings.

All the food we consume is either derived from plants or animals such as fishes and other marine animals. They are also the source of new crops, pesticides and source material for agricultural practices. Biodiversity is also important for industrial use. We get many products such as fur, honey, leather and pearls from animals. Moreover, we get timber for plants which are the basis of the paper we use in our everyday life. Tea, coffee and other drinks along with dry fruits and our regular fruits and vegetables, all are obtained from the various plants. There is cultural and religious importance of many species as well. Many plants and animals are worshipped in different cultures and religions such as Ocitnum sanctum Tulsi which is a plant worshipped by Hindus.

India ranks among the top 12 nations which have a rich heritage of biodiversity. There are about different species of mammals along with different species of birds which are found in India. Additionally, there are around species of insects which have their habitat in our country. There are a wide variety of domestic animals such as cows and buffaloes along with marine life which is found in India. Not all species which existed in the ancient times exist today as well. For example, dinosaurs used to exist on our planet in older times.

But they were not able to adapt to the changing environmental conditions which led to their extinction from the Earth. Similarly, there are many other species which are on the verge of extinction due to the urbanisation and modernisation of the world. With the increase in population, there has been a constant need to reduce the forest areas and make way for new cities. This has led to the reduction in forests which are the natural habitat for many wild animals and plants. Due to this many wild plants have become extinct and there has been an increase in the man-animal conflict as well. Hence there has been a need to conserve the biodiversity so as to maintain the balance of nature. There have been initiatives by the governments all over the world to conserve the existing biodiversity on the earth.

For example, there are dedicated national parks which earmark the area for wild animals and plants and reduce human intervention in their lives. There are various wildlife conservation programmes in place to protect the vulnerable and endangered species. For example, Project Tiger is one such measure in place to increase the population of tigers in our country. There are also many laws in place which make the hunting of endangered and vulnerable animals a punishable offence. It is not possible for the human to live all alone on the Earth. Various other life forms are equally important and play their roles in the mutual survival of the various species on the Earth.

A particular food may be edible for a particular species What are some well-known short love sayings? it may be non-edible for others. Hire this Writer. Application letter for car insurance claim species that are sole representative of their What are some ideas for a student council campaign poster? or Application letter for car insurance claim should receive special attention. For example, herbivores become instinct towards Sap crm case study with solution food while carnivores towards non-vegetarian food. Apart from this, pisciculture may also be developed in ponds of the villages to get Structure of an essay yahoo revenue.